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How to Login to Tinder without Facebook Easily?

Login to Tinder without Facebook

Dating is something that will never go out of fashion. People have been using the dating apps for a long time. There was a time when there were no smartphones and only internet. Even at that time there were dating websites. However, with the smartphones have evolved and now we have the great dating apps like Tinder. In fact, Tinder is the most popular dating app around the world. Millions of people use Tinder today.

Tinder has many features that make it easy for you to find a match. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is so popular.

In order to use Tinder and find new people, you need a Facebook login. This means that you must have a Facebook account to use this app. But, many people are not comfortable using their Facebook account. So, what are their options? Let’s take a look.

Tinder without Facebook

First of all, let’s make one thing very clear. You cannot login to Tinder if you do not have a Facebook account. There is no workaround for this. If you wish to login to this application you will need a Facebook ID and matching password.

So, this must mean there is absolutely no way at all to use Tinder without Facebook. Yes, that is true. But there is one thing you can do.

You will need to login with your Facebook account to use Tinder. However, it doesn’t mean that you use your original account for that purpose. For whatever reasons you don’t want to use your Facebook account, you can avoid that now. You simply need to create a new Facebook account with a new email address. It will be like a clone of your original Facebook account. You can upload the same pictures as your original account. You can also have the same name. So, the only thing you will not have on the new Facebook account is your friends in the list.

Login to Tinder without Facebook

Creating a new account doesn’t mean that you impersonate yourself as someone else. Since you are looking to date, you will want to make sure that you are being honest about it. You are simply cloning the account. You are not misleading anyone on Tinder.

Your original account is also fine

We will tell you why it is okay to use Tinder with your original account. Maybe you are concerned that Tinder will use your personal information and there will be a privacy breach. The truth is that Tinder is a reliable and trusted application and it will do no such thing. There are lots of trusted apps that use your Facebook login

If you are concerned that your friends will discover you are using Tinder, again you need not worry. This is because Tinder does not post anything on Facebook on your behalf. Even if any of your friends is using Tinder, they will not be able to see you. Tinder does not show the Tinder users from your friend’s list. So, again, you will remain undiscovered by your friends.

A Comparison of Facebook and Twitter For Social Media Marketing

Who doesnt' have a Facebook or Twitter?

A Comparison of Facebook and Twitter For Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, you'll rarely meet a person who doesn't have these two social media websites. The online presence of these two have an influential reach, that's why a lot of popular brands have jumped in the social media bandwagon since it began. It is truly an effective way to engage with your customers and followers, as it easily gets your messages across and helps build reputation and brand recognition.

Now, what social media platform to use, you might ask. It's advisable to have both Facebook and Twitter for your products and services. But if you want to know which has the most advantage when it comes to social media marketing use, then read on.

1. Images/Links

Posts are easily seen, such as screencaps of links, pictures, and videos.

In Facebook, posting a picture can be easily seen, and users immediately have an idea of what the post is all about. Even if it's with links to other pages, you get an idea of the topic of the article through an image screencap. Making an album is easier through Facebook, and you can easily locate your images through the timeline photo album or a more customized one. Even videos are sorted out into an album.

In Twitter, you can post an image, but you have to click on the image preview so you can see the whole of it. And you can't make an album; instead, you have to go to the "Photos and Videos" part of the Twitter page and click on the link to see the images and videos posted.

When it comes to user-friendly image interface, Facebook wins in this one.

2. Events/Groups/Invitations

Facebook provides a feature wherein you can make groups or events, and can be customized into public or private. If it's a public group or event, anyone can join. If it's set into private, the group or event is through invitation only. Either the user applies to be invited, or another invited member invites another user to join the group or event. When you're invited, you can post on the wall, comment on other posts, and be in the know about the latest about the group's cause.

Twitter doesn't have a feature wherein you can create a public or private group. But one can create a Twitter page about certain causes, products, services, and events, and have people follow you.

Facebook is still the way to go if you want to create a group and gather like-minded people to participate.

3. Hashtags

Twitter pioneered in hashtag use that helps users find a certain topic. Using the hash sign ( # ), a Twitter user will be directed to tweets about the said topic. This is very effective in marketing, because campaigns are started on Twitter through a user-generated hashtag. For example, a cosmetic industry can promote their new line of make-up through a hashtag in order to spread word about their newest products. #BoldRed is an idea if the cosmetic line wants to promote their newest lipstick color. So that's how hashtag marketing works.

Facebook just caught up with the hashtag use, and users can now use hashtags on Facebook. But it still has a long way to go before it can achieve what Twitter has done with hashtag marketing. Some posts in Facebook are private, and therefore, you can't see all posts using a certain hashtag. Twitter wins with hashtag use.

4. Customer Interaction

Facebook is more of reactions, while in Twitter, you can get directly by tweeting a Twitter user. Say, a customer had problems with a certain restaurant and wants to speak up about it through social media. If it's on Facebook, it's more on ranting and posting. There's a chance that even if you tag the said establishment on your public post or go directly to the Facebook page, your post might drown in all the other wall posts. If you decide to take it out on Twitter by tweeting the page for that establishment, it can be seen easily, because of the mention of the page on that tweet. There's a chance that someone might directly reply to your tweet.

It's a mix of timing, word choices, and user interaction if you want to praise a service or complain about it on Twitter or Facebook. So there's no singled-out social media platform for this purpose.

5. Popularity

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular forms of social media platforms. Both are highly recommended for brand promotion and interaction, although you have to tailor your posts and tweets so you will get noticed. What is it that makes your brand different? Make it stand out from the rest. Gaining a lot of followers doesn't happen overnight, and it takes hard work to spread the word about your products and services through these two social media outlets.

These are just comparisons between Twitter and Facebook for social media marketing. It's up to you on how to utilize both websites for marketing purposes. After all, it's not with the platform, but with the presentation, that makes social media marketing effective.

Author Bio: Lauren Todd is a freelancer at uk essay writers. She reads a lot about social media marketing, and it helps her to be in the know about the subject.

January 2014: Exile The Classic Social Media Trends

January 2014: Exile The Classic Social Media Trends

Social media networking has been the dominating avenue for businesses this year. Everyone has gone online and there are so many things at stake when your business is not on the loop. Social media continues to be one of the effective platforms in order to gain more popularity, clients and revenues. That’s why every business must incorporate and excel in effective social media tactics.

Below are the top 7 social media trends that will dominate in 2014:

7. Accessible browsing made possible with mobile

More and more people are shifting to buying smartphones, tablets and other devices where you can connect and browse online. Most of social media users are online through their mobile devices in order to be updated on everything that’s latest on Facebook and Twitter. With this setup, businesses should be able to make mobile-friendly websites, apps and other platforms to be able to engage their prospective and existing clients.

6. Google+ is more than ready to boost you

If you have been trying to boost your website rankings, you’re probably missing a great part of your social media techniques – that is, utilizing Google+. In the recent research, it is said that Google+ continues to be a stronger social platform over Facebook, especially for B2B marketers. This is evident on the immense recognition that you get out of staying online, visible and updated on your Google+ account. It hints a remarkable growth on acquiring new clients and retaining them through clicks and visits.

Google+ is an essential avenue for marketers to delve themselves on social media. Google, as the giant search engine, manoeuvres your website rankings through your social media effort on Google+. Moreover, the Google+ experience continues to provide easy and convenient experience to its users. That being said, Google+ will take charge more this 2014.

5. Say hello to Pinterest and LinkedIn

  • Artists/Creative Professionals
Pinterest is a platform for artists and professionals with creative souls. This platform engages people through powerful photos and texts. This then makes it as a strong competitor as one of the effective social media trends that will dominate 2014. This garnishes various industries to a more positive place for branding. Pinterest is both available through mobile and web browsing. With its catchy yet functional feel, there is no doubt Pinterest will take its full bloom by 2014.

  • Technical and Corporate Professionals
Pros who are up to give their A+ game can rank high with their presence on LinkedIn. Having a complete LinkedIn profile leads to remarkable chances of communicating and establishing connections. These connections serve as a key point to leverage in your specific industry or field. It signifies that you’re well-adapt to score beyond what you aim through constantly knowing these connections that you can utilize as your strength.

4. Facebook to Twitter

Social Media Stats 2013
“There is certainly less drama.” This is the topmost reason why the young population using Facebook shifts to Twitter. Though Facebook will continue to be dominant in 2014, Twitter is said to leverage with this popularity. Bystanders will have the urge to recall more of what they can do while on Twitter. Exploring Twitter is skyrocket high activity for the last quarter of 2013 and sets foot to be more active this 2014. Young users can escape from all the drama that could occur on Facebook. Short yet concise, tweets are direct and easy to understand. Plus, the hashtags that trend and are easily searchable make marketers thrive in their social media marketing through Twitter. Moreover, this social media platform continues to enhance its feel to make it friendlier for users and marketers alike.

3. Introducing Snapchat marketing

Another limelight this 2014 is shared by Snapchat. This is a new app that is loved by users who are very keen when it comes to their privacy. Snapchat lets users post “snaps” such as text, video or photo that they feel like sharing in the spur of the moment. Eventually these snaps auto-destruct between 1 to 10 seconds. Definitely, it is a handy marketing medium to engage people and businesses on what they are currently up to.

2. People like animation

More people are creating their accounts on YouTube and subscribing and unsubscribing are two of the most eminent activities they have while on the site. As more uploaders post videos, YouTube users are interested to get the most entertaining and trending videos online. Another video platform to use as well is Vimeo, which has a great detail on high quality video viewing.

1. Visual content will dominate 2014

People will be more visual this 2014 and this suffices more challenges in creating effective marketing strategies through visuals. Though text is still eminent, eye-grabbing visual contents such as photos and videos will be the main attraction on various social media platforms this 2014.

Hence, social media marketing will continue to play an eminent role in online marketing. Generally, this all boils down to proper ways of effectively engaging your prospects and retain your clients. Businesses and marketers alike can utilize these trends in order to be more active, productive and successful in the upcoming year.

Author Bio: Saitosh Raigen is working at SmithSEO Web Marketing. He is writing this article from his years of experience.

7 Tips for More Effective Social Media Marketing

7 Tips for More Effective Social Media Marketing

The Internet is a vast resource to learn social media marketing strategies for better businesses. Over the Internet you have many options to learn these strategies using videos, tutorials and info-graphics. Using these tutorials you can understand  the basics of social media marketing that will help in getting highest traffic rank of websites and a huge list of customers that link back to the site. It has been observed that many businessmen, who have already established their businesses still make mistakes, when it comes to social media marketing. Here are some tips that can help you find the right ways:

7 Tips of effective social media marketing:

Check below most effective tips of social media marketing that will boost your business if you follow these exactly.

1. Make a plan

Rather than depending on emotions, plan before you enter into social media market. Otherwise things can bring in loss of opportunities. If you are looking for thousands of customers then you cannot just go out there on social media saying stuff. You need a whole strategy to run your business.

2. Communicate

Create separate departments where specialized people take responsibility of your business. A self contained department for the social networking is a good idea.

3. Set up only a few online accounts

If you want customers follow you, then do not create too many accounts on one social media network. Customers will confuse which account to follow and which to not. In IBM, there were hundreds of Twitter accounts that the top managers had opened. People who wanted to research on the company online were confused to follow a right account. All businesses should try to open one account for each social media network to cope with the competing market.

4. Find out the right time to post updates

7 Tips for More Effective Social Media Marketing

Always keep an eye on the social networks, when your customer update them. Update statutes and tweets so they get noticed by your customers. Tweets go unnoticed very fast since Twitter is a very rapidly moving social site. This technique has been used not only for Facebook, but Twitter users are also keeps an eye on their loyal customers to get their tweets noticed at right time. One way is to use Tweriod and  connecting your account to Tweriod will summarize and analyze the busiest hours of the day, and the reports would be available by emails to you. Similarly, Facebook Insights is a tool that finds out when your fans are online.

5. Research about contents from competitors

If a particular content is popular on the web, it should be well researched. Always research what your competitors are updating and then create a customer grabbing content.

6. Use thumbnail tips to increase views on YouTube

YouTube videos always plays a major role in attracting a large audience. If you add catchy graphics, then you will attract audience. So first start with a smart head-shot and then add catchy phrases or interesting words that grab the attention of viewers. A video should explain your idea clearly otherwise you will lose the customers.

7. Connect via LinkedIn and Facebook

Last but not the least marketing tip is to consider your emails subscriptions. You should receive daily subscriptions to get new updates from these marketing networks because they helps you notify about new posts by subscribers.

For example, if you have a a real estate site like LakeHomes that sell homes online and you are looking to make a profit through this site then what do you need to learn? Learn tips to make  more business in the real estate market, explore market value of homes and update your website with the latest promos of your clients, hell they might have a discount for buyers if they pay in cash for example. Another tip is to explore Linked-in and facebook pages and search for  updates about the current real estate market deals and use these facts and figures on your website. You can also use Google+ to find real estate agents profiles to cooperate with to set up a partnership.

These 7 tips are most effective and companies are making great business by following these tips. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the tips and plan your own strategy.

10 Privacy Tips for Safer Social Media

10 Privacy Tips for Safer Social Media
Photo by re:publica / Flickr
As well all grow increasingly involved in online communities and social media, we expose ourselves and our families to more and more people, in more and more ways. While this is fun, entertaining, and even builds real connections, some caution is recommended. As with any strangers, be aware of danger!

What’s at Risk?

Identity theft is usually the first risk that comes to mind when discussing online safety. Identity theft is a major concern and can lead to disastrous ripple effects. This is not at all the only risk present though. You could also go the TMI route and cause problems at work or for future jobs.

Stay Safe Out There!

Follow these ten privacy tips and you will have a safer experience online using social media.

  • Nom de Plume - For purely social interactions, such as on FaceBook or Twitter, there is no good reason to use your legal name. Your friends all know your nickname, so why not use that? Using a legal full name is an invitation for criminals to see you as ripe for the picking. 
  • Address Unknown - Never post your address publicly online. Really, why would you need to? PM, baby, PM!
  • App Aversion - Avoid the social media apps as much as you can. They notoriously offer some cute game in exchange for the data they mined from you. All that risk for crushed candy?
  • Nothing to See Here - No nudity, okay? Not even a nip slip. Just don’t do it. And limit the crazed party shots too, drunky!
  • The Separation of Work & Friends - Try not to hook up with your co-workers on non-career oriented social media. It is all too likely that things will overlap, possibly causing some awkwardness for you. Nudge, nudge, know what I mean?
  • What’s the Password? - This is the best online safety tip that there is, and the most frequently ignored admonishment as well. Choose good passwords, and change them often. The definition of good is probably best chosen by a random password generator. Often. Just do it.
  • Do Not Trust, Verify - As you go around social media you may see things that are almost too good to be true, that is because they are. Do not trust who you meet, what you read, offers to buy, and more, without verifying the source and the information.
  • On Vacation - Stop telling the internet when you are leaving for vacation and your house will be conveniently open to thieves!
  • No Children Allowed - And keep your kids off of most social media too. These last two tips are just so obvious, but...
  • Privacy Settings, Use ‘Em - When all else fails, read the instructions.
Lock Up!

The dangers you face online using social media are very real. But most of these dangers can be avoided entirely, or at the very least lessened significantly. If you batten down the hatches and take some precautionary steps, you’ll be fine out there.

Author Bio: Sara Xiang searches for homes in lake Tahoe online when she's able to spend a little time dreaming about her future life.

Denied a Loan Because of Facebook?

Lose Your Loser Friends, or You Lose?
Denied a Loan Because of Facebook?
Photo by Bill Strain / Flickr
The Equal Credit Opportunity Act makes it illegal for a creditor to discriminate in any aspect of credit transaction based on certain characteristics. In addition, the Fair Housing Act makes many discrimination practices in home financing illegal. It is illegal to refuse you credit if you qualify for it, discourage you from applying for credit, offer you credit on terms that are less favorable (like a higher interest rate) than terms offered to someone with similar qualifications, or close your account on the basis of race or color, religion, national origin, sex or marital status, age (as long as you are old enough to enter into a contract), receipt of income from any public assistance program, or exercising in good faith your rights under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Most lenders, particularly larger American banks, follow these regulations and stick to traditional methods of determining your riskiness as a borrower. Newer and internationally based lenders though are increasingly making use of social media data - and not really those regrettable selfies you drunk-posted - to help guide their decisions on which candidates should be privileged to expose the lender to repayment risk. This might also be a reason to look into efficient remote desktop services.

Practices such as assigning you a lower level of creditworthiness if you have few, or only farflung, Facebook Friends; or judging your ability to repay a loan if your lose your job based on the quality of your LinkedIn connections; or even refusing to lend to you outright if you are connected through social media to anyone who has been late in repaying the lender; are becoming more common. Lenders say they feel these types of assessments allow them to expand who they consider lending to by being able to evaluate an applicant who may not have accessible credit or employment history. As Shakespeare penned, “You are the company you keep.”

Online discussions of these controversial practices are dominated by those expressing outrage at the perceived unfairness of being further judged for creditworthiness (beyond common credit, employment, and criminal background investigations) using newly added criteria, and remain noticeably absent of those suggesting that lenders’ wishes to protect their assets would appear reasonable if the tables were turned. As there are more loan applicants than available funds to lend, screening out the least desirable applicants is a common-place market-based feature of the American capitalistic economy that, as stated by both financial analysts and consumer advocates, is very unlikely to disappear and is logically predicted to greatly expand.

How to Stop a Speeding Train?

To prepare for the inevitable, regulation such as the following could offer additional protection to loan applicants while not forcing lenders to ignore useful data to protect their business.

Advance consent of the applicant is obtained. Then what? Delete, delete, delete!

Transparent availability of reasons for loan refusal is required. Knowledge is power!

Options for recourse against contested information, or mistakenly associated data with the wrong applicant, are developed. Unless you are the ONLY John Smith, right?

Author Bio: Maegan Pulman is a freelance IT consultant and a fast payday loans specialist. She is active in local and international IT events and is always on the lookout for the latest industry trends.

Hilarious History of Social Media

Hilarious History of Social Media
Photo by Patrick Hoesly / Flickr
Social media started back in the stone age when one caveman poked the other with a big stick. Okay, seriously, maybe it didn't happen like that, but there's a lot of craziness connected with social media that you might not know about. We're going to go over the entire history of social media networks while trying to keep you entertained at the same time. This is not an easy task, but if you keep reading you're going to see that we succeeded.

Hilarious History of Social Media

Here's a rundown of some of the major milestones in the world of social media.
  • Friendster - Not many people remember this social media website, but it existed - at least for a little bit. Friendster became quite popular for a minute, but the clunky interface didn't help anything. And to make matters worse, when it was launched most people didn't even know what the phrase social media meant.
  • MySpace Upsets Epileptics - Epilepsy is a serious topic to be sure, but it's still important to point out that MySpace was very harmful to them because of all the flashing page designs that hurt the eyes of everyone let alone those who had seizures when looking at them. And then there were the songs of MySpace - one out of 1,000 were actually original and good.
  • Facebook Jumps the Shark - Research is still being done to figure out exactly when this happened, but many signs point to it being sometime in 2005 soon after the Zuckerberg screwed over the Winklevoss twins at Harvard. Since that time the website has been jumping the shark consistently and repeatedly - something many people didn't even realize was possible.
  • Farming my Mafia Jungle Wars - At some point social media websites wanted something a little more than people getting together to share pictures and witty remarks. The social media game was created to fill this need. Soon after, quite a few people became addicted to virtual worlds and pretend items. Some even paid a lot of money for their virtual farms or gangs.
  • The Google+ Gang - We're not sure what happened at this point in time, but when Google+ was released, things began to get a little wonky on the Internet. Witness the latest fiasco when Google+ replaced normal comments at YouTube. While Google said this was good for the users, the users mostly said, "Ummm, no."
While maybe not hilarious, we've had at least a humorous look at some of the highpoints in the history of social media. It's actually an important topic, one that affects many different businesses these days. If you have any thoughts or opinions about social media networks, write a comment and give us your opinion. Just be sure to share this article on as many social networks as possible.

5 Ways to Make Your Site More Fun

 5 Ways to Make Your Site More Fun
Image Credits: Graphics Geek
You can make your site a lot of fun. When you have a fun site then that means you should have visitors coming back regularly plus they might even help to promote your site if it is fun. Having a fun site can literally help sell the items you have.

Think about some of the fun network sites that you know. Some of them might include Foursquare, MyTown and Gowalla. You can even turn a finance website into a fun site. Game mechanics is a great way to help with consumers having some fun.

When you use game mechanics on your site you’ll be looking into challenges, badges, leaderboards, levels and other things. You can get all of these things from something that is called Funware Loop.

Here is a quick OpenWebsiteTutorial's tour: how I made a mobile website and turned it into fun using Funware Loop.

Step 1: You Need To Have Points

If you have a fun site then it’s essential that you need to have points because points are great for helping to boost up the game. You need to have the points both on your app and on the site. Users will be able to keep track of their activity plus do many other things with points.

Be generous with your points as it encourage activity but keep it reasonable. You can also have it to where members can purchase point packages one example would be 1,000,000 points for $20.

Bejeweled is a great example of how a game uses points. It can be addicting playing Bejeweled and watching those points go up.

Step 2: Have User Friendly Leaderboards

A leaderboard is a great way to help convey the fans and the customers with knowing that they are playing a game. The leaderboard should allow users to get motivated and simulated and have some competition when they look at them. If your leaderboard doesn’t provide these things then they might become bored with your game.

On the picture above you can clearly see where the leaderboard is and all you have to do is just click on it and get all of the info that you need to stay motivated with playing the game.

Step 3: Have Badges

It always feels good whenever you receive a badge for something that you won. You can create a variety of badges for all levels of the game. You can call them either badges or ribbons or trophies but the thing is winning a prize after a difficult level will help to motivate players to continue on playing.

In the example above you will see that ribbons are used and the different levels that must be achieved in order to get those ribbons.

Step 4: A Good Challenge Makes The Game Addictive

Successful walkathons or campaigns often times have challenges such as “sign up at least 10 of your friends and receive a special award” and people will go out of their way to get that award. There are many challenges that you can do for your game. Here is one example of Gowalla that offers many challenges:

Once challenge could be is that you can encourage them to invite their friends and get 10,000 bonus points for inviting their friends if they sign up.

Step 5: The Last Step Would Be Levels

You can have thousands of levels or you could just have a few levels. Some of those levels can be complex and others easy. Often times it’s best to make the first few levels easy so that way it will help players to get comfortable with the game.

Diner Dash is a fantastic example of a game that is based upon levels.


Thanks to the latest technology that we have with game mechanics plus Funware it is easy now to have a fun and exciting site.

Author Bio: David Jones, Business Analyst, he knows what it takes to have a successful website and has helped me many people at Skyrocket SEO

Is Social Media Screening for Potential Hires Legal?

In a Word, No.

Social Media Screening for Potential Hires Legal
Photo by Mike Licht / Flickr
It’s a brave new world, Big Brother is most certainly watching, and he doesn’t need to spy. We bare all on social media, damn the torpedoes. The standard criminal background and credit checks we consent to when job hunting, do you really think that’s all HR is up to? And what about a dependable payroll service provider?

Beyond simply Googling your name, every Tweet is still out there, and Facebook is forever. It’s naive to assume employers aren’t ogling it all. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that 75% of employment recruiters scour the web, at their employer’s request, seeking any and all information about prospective employees, and 70% of these recruiters have rejected applicants based on what they found.

We all know employers are not allowed to ask us everything they want to know. Applicants are protected by non-discrimination laws forbidding questions related to your age or gender, your race or ethnicity, your religion, and if you’re married or disabled. But it doesn’t take skilled sleuthing to figure these things out on social media, now does it? And really, wouldn’t it be awfully difficult to NOT figure out these things from social media?

This goes further than an employer seeing the emotional horror show that some people feel comfortable posting to social media, the drunken bead-exchange photos from Mardis Gras, and the bigoted YouTube comments your Dad left while signed into your Kanye West Channel. These things likely should get you not-hired for general foolishness. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Especially not an employer.

Where employers cross the legal line is with knowledge of fully socially approved activity you may have shared. A commonly used example of this conundrum is the woman who posts an adorable photo of her baby bump and how she’s looking forward to paid time off when the baby is born.

Even though only a few states require this paid leave, if a prospective employer in one of these states saw that post, and decided not to hire you for unrelated reasons, and you noticed they’d viewed your post, you might assume your pregnancy was the issue, and you might sue. And you might win.

Or, let’s take this a bit further, you’ve posted a photo of yourself wearing your customary Sikh turban, and now you don’t get hired. Oh, noes! This information about you, your religion, your pregnancy, and more, is the type of information that is not legal for an employer to ask about.

Now What? Unsee?

As it is unlikely an employer will confess if they did use information illegally to make a decision, litigation will be the only way to decide each case until:
  • Laws forbidding this sort of candidate research are passed.
  • Advance consent of the candidate is obtained. And what are you going to do then? Delete, delete, delete!
  • Outside research companies, following strictly enforced guidelines, are used in place of internal HR research.
  • Recourse is available for contested information - the kind that might be obtained when Googling prospective employees with creative and unique names like John Smith or Susan Jones.
Author Bio: Adam Prattler is a freelance IT consultant and technology enthusiast. He recently made a website by the name of 'how to make my own website' that is best for newbies web builders. Now-a-days, he is using using femous social media websites for content marketing of his website.

Understanding the Power of Memes

Understanding the Power of Memes
Photo by istolethetv / Flickr
Memes are so common in internet life that most don’t think much about them. Who doesn’t wake up to BuzzFeed and LOLcats? Who doesn’t Facebook-forward and Reddit-bump the funny and teh cute? Internet meme-spawned television programs like “Web Soup” and “Tosh.0” bring the hits daily. But memes are not limited to “nutshot” videos and captioned photos of “Business Cat”. I know, right?

A meme is anything transmitted or spread from person to person. British biologist Richard Dawkins coined the term “meme” and meant it to equal “gene” in describing how ideas and behaviors develop and evolve in human culture. A gene competes for survival. A meme competes as well, for your attention. This can help with efficient network management.

To survive, a meme must amuse, entertain, or shock you enough to direct others’ attention in a positive feedback loop. You tell two friends, they tell two friends, and so on. When this happens, the meme has gone “viral”. When ideas, behaviors, or products are so universally known they become a part of human culture, worldwide meme pandemic, this is meme survival of the fittest.

Using Them, Using You

We can think of many ways that we use memes, but how do memes use you?

Simple, no one wants to feel left out. As humans are a colony species, living and working together in large numbers, most want to fit in and be hip to what’s happening in society large and small. Break-time at the water cooler is spent sharing jokes, last night’s primetime developments, and “Did you see…on FB?”. Humor is is the most frequently shared meme, and it’s no coincidence that sharing laughter together is relaxing and bonding.

An old adage states that what men call gossip is actually all of history. Everything we know of human history is from the point of view of the person who wrote it down. Just the facts, Ma’am! Not likely. An even older adage: Everyone has an agenda. By making use of memes, anyone promoting anything - from advertising a product to campaigning for a political candidate to attempting to take 4:20 off the American clock - can shape the way you think, vote, and buy.

Earworms are musical snippets you cannot stop thinking about. An earworm can wiggle around for days and advertisers profit from this by using catchy jingles and popular songs, many of which have become memes in their own right. Hide yo’ kids, because you can’t hug every cat and Songify the News has even turned the nightly news and profile videos into viral earworms.

Memes mutate and adapt, sometimes intentionally, sometimes, like in the game “Telephone”, not so much. Inaccurate gossip represents accidental mutation - maybe, ‘cause haters gonna hate - but mis-information is a powerful tool as well. A nasty whisper campaign can try to take even the powerful down.

As much as we all use memes to connect with each other, they have power over us as well. How many memes can YOU spot in these paragraphs?

Authour Bio: Maegan Pulman is a freelance travel writer and enthusiast for traveling as well as part time Miami Beach Condos assistant. She is active in local and international traveling groups and is always on the lookout for new travelling palces.

Why Content Marketing is Essential in 2014

Why Content Marketing is Essential in 2014

Content marketing is as old as the first advertisement for a product in the French language newspaper, La Presse, in June 1836. Obviously the content was not as specific and as pointed as it is bound to be today which is necessitated by competition. Keeping in mind the SEO trends, here is a quick sum up on why content marketing is going to remain as the most essential part of your online campaigns.

Trustworthy Content instigates a reader to come back

Today’s websites need to impart valuable information by way of content to the existing customers as well as to the potential customers so that a bonding is established between the business and the readers. The content aims at building trust, creating awareness of the brand and its worth thereby developing a positive sentiment towards the business.

For instance, if you are a cake baker who is looking at building a niche market in terms of cup cakes, your readers must understand WHY they would buy from you. Now, your web properties’ content must be strategised in a way that stresses on your skills, how you are better than the others, in depth knowledge on baking, and finding the little emotional connects that bind your clients to your brand. Once your content leverages these things, a branding activity is strategised to build trust in your product. And the whole connect’s adhesive has been the content and contents’ marketing throughout. Nothing works more remarkably that a naturally popular product.

Social Media Traction is initiated by the contents of the Web property

We have come a long way from early 19th century. The means by which any marketer intends to spread awareness about their products is by utilizing more modern methods. A careful look at them will tell you that they are all Internet-based. PowerPoint presentations(, e-books(various e-books available on estores, amazon and apps), newsletters through e-mails(subscriptions and RSS), social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, webinars and blogs are some of the most effective ways of communication that are going to dominate content marketing in 2014. With so many platforms to rank on, and content being the only driving force, its the strategy of leveraging content in the right way on the right platform is what matters: exactly the scope of content marketing!

Strategising to not just publish content but Engage the Reader

An article content that seeks to build interest in a reader has to be so engaging that the reader almost always checks the name of the author, the micro-points in the article and the merits of the product that is the subject of the article. Your content must serve as a means of complete interaction without it being a person-to-person communication. That is the level of intimacy the content is supposed to achieve. It is a tricky proposition, however, not to seem to be intruding or forcing yourself on the reader. There is a fine line between offering content and throwing it at them, and content strategy and marketing is the clear demarcation.

Crisp Copy for Mobile pre-informs about the matter of content: Mobile content v/s Web Content

With smartphone owners proliferating by the minute, mobile content marketing will take a prime place in most people’s strategy though admittedly, the medium, by its very nature, cannot accommodate elaborate write-ups. That can work out to be an advantage. Even before opening the message, the audience will know that they will be not subjected to lengthy prose. That will make them to be positively inclined to read your content. Thus, looking at different content structure strategies for different devices would be a good idea. Here again, for this to execute properly, it is important to realize that one does not need an article writer for the bots, but a person who understands copy as a media package.

In finale, content marketing is going to form a niche segment of SEO with a finesse and it is going to take root where it has not while staying put where it has already!

Author Bio: Adam prattler is a product designer who likes to study about space storage and reviews portable storage rental company in san diego. Her other interests include innovating content visuals using visualization techniques and pictorial references.

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How to Make the Next Big Social Networking Site like Facebook

How to Make the Next Big Social Networking Site like Facebook

Social networking sites have the largest internet traffic as compared to any other sites. There are thousands of employees sitting at the back end of these sites that ensure that it keeps on running successfully 24/7. Almost everybody we know is also present on social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc). Facebook became popular merely a decade ago. Orkut and MySpace were one of those glittering sites previously; but they were replaced within few years by Facebook. Now Facebook is the next big thing and has been ruling the social media networking sites from the past six-seven years.

However, anyone can come up with a new big thing. You can be the next person to replace Facebook with something more appealing. If you have got something big in your mind and you believe on yourself, than you might be the next inventor of some multi-billion dollar company in the next few years.

Here are some of the basic things on which you can focus to make a dazzling social media networking site:

Bring Super New Idea

The beginning of every new project starts with a good idea. A good idea written on a paper can make you earn millions of dollars. Facebook initially was just an idea. It replaced the Orkut from the ground, because it had a lot to offer to people which they actually desired. Orkut did not offered high level of interaction to its users. Above all Orkut failed to bring changes on its site in order to increase the indulgence level of its users. So all you have to do is to find the loop holes within Facebook and try to incorporate them in your new idea. Once your idea is ready and you have made the complete blue prints, now you are able to move forward towards the next step.

Appealing Name

First impression is the last impression. Hence, a good for your social network can attract people to visit your site at least once. There are many social media networking sites but are unpopular. This is due to the reason that they have no special name and they do not offer something very different. Therefore choose some name that an individual can relate to him/her.

Coding the Site

Coding is the next big step in making any successful site. If you are a programmer, you can do it yourself on any computer language. Otherwise, you can make a team of your college friends, because after all, developing a billion dollar site is not a piece of cake and you cannot do it alone. You can create your site on JAVA, PHP or any other good language. Once you got hands on some good programmers, they will develop for you exactly in the way you expect from them. You can also get hosting for your site with the help of some IT developers. This is something technical. The hosting type depends on the code on which your social network site has been made.

Site Promotion

This is the biggest step above all. There would be hundreds of social networking site that would be providing something different and new. However, in order to earn money, you have to do some investment in the form of promotion. So site promotion should be done in the best possible way. You can use pay per click advertisement technique in order to get your site viral all over the internet. If you are initially planning to launch your site in a specific region, then you can also advertise t your site through newspaper or even radio.

However, you must bear that in mind that it will take years to make your site popular even if people really start to like it. You must also ensure that you start to target users from the right end. Perform some market analysis to analyze that which people would be more willing to use your site initially. There should also be a room for expansion in your site. Most importantly, the site must allow users to share their data with their friends. The more sharing and more privacy settings against unknown users, the more people you can attract on your site. Who knows, your site might become the next big thing after 5-8 years.

Author Bio: Muhammad Azam is a gadget enthusiastic and tech blogger. He has previously written articles for gadget insurance providers such as Protect your Bubble which offer best Smartphone insurance quotes for the Smartphone users. You can also follow him on twitter @aagohar.

How To Get More Engagement On Facebook

Social Media tools are designed for "socializing"--not simply sending your thoughts out into cyberspace to be digested or ignored. The whole point of online social tools is to interact with your audience and build up a glowing online reputation, and as the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook is the perfect place to start discussions, exchange ideas, and make one another laugh.
How To Get More Engagement On Facebook

Here are some great ways to increase engagement on your Facebook page and get a lot more social.

1. Be visual

It is a proven fact that posts that incorporate a high quality, professional image are more likely to spark "likes," "shares," and comments than ones that contain plain blocks of text. Choose humorous, awe-inspiring, informational, or heartstring-tugging shots to illicit the most response.

2. Compose interactive posts

Some posts, by the very nature of their design, foster engagement. Nothing works better than blatantly asking for your readers' input. Here are a few ways to solicit their replies.
  • Everyone, no matter how much they may deny it, loves to talk about themselves and the things that matter most to them. Ask your readers to name their favourite brands, music, actor, or anything else that seems interesting, and watch the responses pour in.
  • People also love to fill in the blanks with their own original responses. Compose some creative sentences, include a few blanks, and watch your audience come up with some awesome replies.
  • Another very successful method is to ask your followers to come up with captions for a photo. Everyone will vie to be your funniest follower, providing you with a great deal of engagement and a post that will make a great read.
  • If you've offered your readers a "how-to" video, ask them to provide their own great tips--giving them the opportunity to show off their expertise and "shine."
  • Posts that use letters of the alphabet in clever ways also seem to go over well. Ask your readers to name a fruit that starts with each letter in consecutive order and watch them scramble to avoid being asigned the hard letters like "x" or "j." Other variations are using the first (or second or third and so on) letter in their first or last names. Mix it up.
3. Be "timely"

If you wish to garner the most responses, you need to post during Facebook peak hours--their "prime time." Traditionally, the ultimate time for traffic has been Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock. In fact, weekday afternoons are the busiest Facebook times, period. If you are posting after eight o'clock at night and before eight o'clock in the morning, you may as well be looking for friends in an empty room.

4. Give the illusion of omnipresence

Even though three o'clock in the afternoon on Wednesday is the optimum posting time, it is unwise to save all your posts for then. Try to scatter your posts throughout the day, while saving your best ones for prime times. You want to give the illusion that you are constantly there for your followers, but not inundate them with a barrage of offerings all at once.

The trick to acquiring more engagement on your Facebook page is being creative. Have fun and your followers will too. So get posting.

Author Bio: Kimberley Laws is a freelance writer, avid blogger, and composer of many strange Facebook queries. She has written on a vast array of social media topics including online reputation management, social media marketing, and must-have Wordpress plugins. You can follow her at The Embiggens Project.

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Facebook Introduced Redesigned Timeline For Users

Facebook announced a major revamp of the News Feed last week, now rolling out a Timeline redesign that will make it easier to show off your favorite books, movies, music, and TV shows, either that you have Liked or consumed through apps like Netflix, Flixster and Goodreads. It pushes app activity to a thinner column on the left while collecting all your posts directly to Facebook on the right.

Redesigned Timeline of Facebook

Facebook has also redesigned sections in the About page. Users can also add apps to their About page. For example, users can include their Instagram photo stream as a section on their timeline.

There's a new navigation bar just below your Timeline cover that lets you switch between the main view and someone’s About section, friends, photos, and a drop-down list of other apps. If you dive into your About tab, a new Edit Sections menu lets you select and deselect apps and content types to appear on your Timeline and About page. So if you are all about Pinterest and checkins you can feature those, or if you love watching TV shows and taking Instagrams you can highlight that activity. App developers can read more about how to take use these new capabilities in this developer blog post.

Redesigned Timeline of Facebook
When you look at your About sections, you will see a section for things you have read/watched/listened to, another for things you want to read/watch/listen, and a third for Likes. It also offers suggestions for other content to add to your profile, and with just a couple of clicks you can say "want to watch" or whatever.

Redesigned Timeline of Facebook

This new redesign is in line with the tests that Facebook had been carrying out with users in New Zealand recently. The most noticeable aspect of the new Timeline of Facebook is it has a cleaner layout with all posts appearing on the right side of the timeline and photos, music and other recent activity will feature on the left.

Facebook have already started rolling out this new changes from March 13, 2013 and will be available to most Facebook users in next few weeks.


How to Get Facebook's New News Feed Soon For You Earlier Than Others

The social media giant Facebook rolling out an updated news feed for there users to reduce clutter and focus more on stories from friends, but killed tickers now. The design which aims to give a more unified experience to users across tablets, mobiles, desktops and PC’s will divide your feed into content based and give greater prominence to photos, links etc.

How to Get Facebook's New News Feed

In This, There won’t be just one News Feed. Content based Feeds coming up as well.
  • All Friends: A feed that shows you everything your friends are sharing from status messages to links etc.
  • Photos: A feed with nothing but photos from your friends and the Pages you like on Facebook.
  • Music: A feed with posts about the music you listen to, music that your friends listen to, information about your favourite artists and what they share on Facebook.
  • Following: This feed with the latest news from the Pages you like, celebrities, and other important people you follow on Facebook.
Facebook is currently testing this with a limited number of users and you have to sign up for a wait list to get the new design. Be patient, it will take some months before it is rolled out to desktops. The Android, iPhone and iPad app users will get the new look in the coming weeks.

How to Get Soon:
  • Sing in to your Facebook account
  • Go to this Facebook News Feed link, then scroll down.
  • Click on the Join Now button to sign up for a wait list.
How to Get Facebook's New News Feed

That's all Now you are in the waited list for getting Facebook new look. You will get earlier than other Facebook users.

If you hate this new design, and think Facebook is going to get more complicated than ever, don’t worry, the design will take some time to roll out for everyone. So you don't want to sign up for a wait list.

The Influence and The Power of Social Media [Infographic]

Social media is the easiest, fastest and most explosive way to transmit and receive information! And best of all – absolutely anyone can take advantage of it.

"It has never been easier to be as influential as you can be today. Information is cheap. Information is easier to produce. And if you have a quality message, it's never been cheaper to get out."
Here is the Infographic by DashBurst team titled with " Influence and Social Media " tells about just how influential social media really is!

Influence and Social Media - Infographic

Are you agree/disagree with this? Why? Feel free to leave a comment with your experiences. Have a Great Day!

Social Media Statistics 2013 - Facebook vs Twitter vs Pinterest. How You Should Spend Your Marketing Budget? [Infographic]

The Social Media is the the No.1 key for market a business, but some people says that "it is waste of time and money." Have you thought about spending money on social media marketing?, here is the statistics for 2013 across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest provide us with an interesting opportunity to review where we may want to spend our social media dollars and time in the coming year.

Social Media Statistics 2013

Here the Infographic developed and published by Quicksprout titled “The Social Media Landscape” outlining the major differences between the three popular social networks with some key Social Media Statistics you should be aware of.

Are you agree/disagree with this? Why? Feel free to leave a comment with your experiences. Have a Great Day!

How to Embed External Website Links in YouTube Videos?

YouTube is the world popular video sharing website that owned by Google Inc. Here is the good news for all YouTube publishers, now yow can embed links of any website of a webpage in your uploaded YouTube videos using the annotations feature of YouTube that associated with your Youtube account or a channel.
How to Embed External Website Links in YouTube Videos?

Ok, how we associate websites into Youtube account or a channel?

Here is the simple steps
  • Goto Google Webmasters Tools and Login to your account
  • Click the website that you would like to associate with YouTube
  • Select Configuration, then click Associates
  • Click on Add New User, then add email address that associate with your YouTube account or a channel
Embed External Website Links in YouTube Videos
  • Finally, Goto your YouTube account or a channel page, select Channel settings -> Associated Website
  • Enter your website and click Add button
External Website Links in YouTube Videos
  • You are done, Now your website is linked to your YouTube account
How to Embed Links in YouTube videos
  • Goto select any one of video and click the "Annotations" link to create and edit annotations for that video.
External Website Links in YouTube Videos
  • Here you’ll see a banner that ask you to "Enable your account for external annotation links"
  • click the "Enable" button and you are all set to create annotations to any website of a webpage.
  • With Add annotation button you can choose between Speech Bubbles, Notes, Title, Spotlight, Label or Pause.
  • Select the "Link" checkbox, choose "Associated Website" from the drop-down list and paste the URL.
External Website Links in YouTube Videos
  • That's it and you’re done
Here the YouTube video that I have enabled URL annotations
  • India's Top 10 Life Insurance companies
Two Things to Remember
  • Goto and Add your phone number with your YouTube channel. Because phone verification for YouTube is to enable extra features in your account which includes videos URL annotations and the ability to upload videos of unlimited length.
External Website Links in YouTube Videos
  • While you can place annotations in Youtube, avoid bottom area of videos as the area is often used to display ads.
If you are in trouble or doubt in this, please ask in the comment section below. Have a Nice Day...!

Google Launches Re-designed YouTube Channel Featuring Cover Photo and Allows Users can Update More Videos at Once

Google Inc has announced the launch of redesigned YouTube channels in limited beta, featuring channel art: YouTube’s take on the Facebook and Google Plus cover photo and channel trailers: a way for YouTube creators to promote their content to non-subscribers.
Google Launches Re-designed YouTube Channel Featuring Cover Photo and Allows Users can Update More Videos at Once
With this feature users can link there website and other social network profiles on the right-below corner of the cover image. This redesign comes with 'channel art' that allows YouTube creators to set background image for there channel's.

Re-designed YouTube Channel

Here is the Image that shows layout to create 'Channel art'.

layout to create Youtube channel art

The following channels show the new look in action: DeStorm, ijustine, EpicMealTime, SortedFoods, MysteryGuitarMan, Mondo, LOUD and Geek & Sundry. According to the announcement, “soon everyone will be able to use the new channel design.”

How to Update several (or all) videos at once

Google's YouTube introduces a Bulk Actions feature, and this allows users to update thousands of videos at once and do things like change the privacy of videos, add tags to videos, monetize videos and more.

How to Update several (or all) videos at once YouTube

How to Update:
  1. Just select the videos you want edit 
  2. Select Actions
  3. Then select Advanced Option
  4. And Choose what you want to change.
After you submit your update, you can get on with your life. There’s no need to stay on the page to wait for it to finish, Changes will automatically updated even you closed the browser. According to YouTube Creator blog post this feature is available for all users in Video manager.

Google Rolled Out Google+ Hangouts for Gmail users in India

Google introduced Google+ Hangouts in 2011 and became a popular feature in Google+ is now available to all Gmail users in India.
Google+ Hangouts for Gmail
Unlike the old video chat of Gmail which was based on peer-to-peer technology, Hangouts utilize the power of Google's network to deliver higher reliability and enhanced quality," said a Google blog post. "You'll be able to chat with all the people in your chat list that you did before and, in fact, with Hangouts you'll now be able to reach them not only when they are using Gmail but also if they are on Google+ in the browser or on their Android or iOS devices.

Obama using Google Hangouts

Hangouts for Gmail allows users to add up to 9 people to a voice chat. Using Hangouts, Gmail users can watch YouTube videos with their friends, collaborate on Google Docs, or play games by adding apps from a menu. You can also use virtual effects like pirate hats, moustaches, beards, halos and other personal decorations.

How to Start Google+ Hangouts

To begin using Google+ Hangouts, you have to click the Hangout button on the top of the chat list in Gmail. Users can also schedule a hangout using Google Calendar.

How to Start Google+ Hangouts

Now, Just relax and sit back and watch this video which explains every cool feature of Google+ Hangouts for Gmail.

Google hasn't been lazy at anytime with rolling out updates and improving the user experience on Gmail like this.
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