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Able2Extract 10: Data Extraction on Steroids [Windows, Mac and Linux]

Able2Extract 10: Data Extraction on Steroids - Techsemo

There are several things that a modern human being simply cannot live without. Productivity tools are definitely one group of necessities that’s been reigning for a long time and is here to stay. Just like previous generations had their personal assistants, we now rely on the help of our digital sidekicks to help us accomplish our daily tasks in the most effective way possible.

One of the tools that has been helping people significantly cut down the time spent on managing documents is Able2Extract PDF Converter. A tool that has been on the market for over 15 years, Able2Extract has stood the test of time and managed to evolve into one of the most sought after PDF tools on the market. The latest version was released just recently and it seems to pack a solid punch when it comes to its newest features.

Able2Extract PDF Converter 10 is the latest protege in the line and has entered the game with a bang. Right off the bat you can tell that the tool provides expert data extraction features with its familiar and intuitive user interface.

Although it’s used for all of its PDF conversion capabilities, Able2Extract 10 has two new interesting features: PDF editing and a beefed-up PDF to Excel extraction. While PDF editing does exactly what it sounds like, the true power of this tool lies in its PDF to Excel conversion.

Able2Extract 10: Data Extraction on Steroids - Techseom

Let’s see in what ways you can export your PDF data into Excel.
  1. Automatic PDF to Excel conversion is the easiest way and also the quickest. First you open your PDF, select the area you would like to convert and hit Excel on the toolbar. Select Automatic from the pop-up and let the tool do the rest. This is especially useful when dealing with simple tables that don’t require any special tweaking.
  2. Custom PDF to Excel conversion is accessed from the same pop up as above and it allows users to fully specify and customize their conversion output. You can manually set up row and column structure and even preview the conversion result. When you are satisfied, hit the green “Convert” button on the bottom right.
  3. PDF to CSV conversion is designed for users who juggle their data between different tools. By converting your PDF tables into a .csv flat file you give yourself the luxury of having the data stored in a universal file format, supported by all major tools. Here you also have a choice between “Automatic” and “Custom” conversion, with the “Custom” enabling you to visually set delimiters by manipulating the column structure.
Able2Extract 10: Data Extraction on Steroids - Techsemo

Besides these features, Able2Extract 10 converts PDF to more than a dozen most popular file formats, creates PDF out of any file and enables users to edit the PDF on the spot, using the latest WYSIWYG text editor. By providing all of these features at the fraction of a price of Adobe Acrobat, Able2Extract 10 is making a bold statement and is definitely here to stay. Hopefully, as one of those tools we simply cannot live without.

Able2Extract 10 is available as a 7 day free trial for Windows, Mac and Linux. Click here to download.

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive (Free Data Recovery Software)

Can I Recover Data from Broken Hard Drive

It’s one thing when your system corrupts and starts throwing an error message but things absolutely go south when your hard drive gets broken. This means that all your important data has been shattered and all the bits are gone. But the important thing here is to not panic and handle the situation calmly.

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

And if you think that just because your hard drive is broken it is dead and you really cannot do anything else, you are absolutely wrong. A broken hard drive can be repaired and data can be accessed from it in most of the cases. We will discuss several methods to try and restore your data but before starting you should remember dealing with your hard drive can be risky and it can also take away your hard drive’s warranty. In fact, if your hard drive is still in warranty we strongly recommend taking it directly to the service centre and not tampering with it.

Confirm that your Broken Hard Drive is Indeed Broken

1. Check for noises

Check and see if the hard drive is spinning, not spinning, making noises or stopping in between. If you find your drive making noises then that means a serious damage has been caused to your hard drive. To fix the issue, hard drive would have to be opened neatly and the head assembly part of it would need to be replaced. Another important thing is to power off your hard drive until it can be sent for repairs because if you keep switching it on then it will end up getting even more damaged.

2. Visual check

If your drive is broken then there must me some signs of damage on it, check for them. If there are indeed scratch marks on it then you can finally relax because there is no internal failure or breakage, your hard disk stopped working because of your own fault.
  • If your PCB has stopped working, you can get a replacement for it. The PCB is the main green circuit board on the hard disk. Make you to get an exact match replacement and you would have to move the ROM chip
  • If your drive isn’t spinning at all then that means one of the two TVS diode has shorted because of overvoltage. You can fix your hard drive by removing one of the short circuited diode. 
3. Check the connections

Check to see if all the cable connections to the system and the hard drive are done properly and there is no connection lose in between. You can also open up your system to check if the internal connections aren’t lose. But you should only do that when you have an idea about the internal connections.

4. Connect to the system to see if the hard drive is getting detected

Obvious thing to do, but sometimes we can forget that in a state of panic. Even when your hard drive isn’t showing up on the screen, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t recognized by the system. To check that, go to the BIOS settings or Windows Disk Management.

How to fix a broken hard drive

There are some steps that you can definitely take even when you are not a professional. But you should remember that these steps should only be taken as a last resort, when you have already exhausted all your options.

Also, do not try to self-repair your hard drive if you are data is too crucial and you cannot risk losing it. If you do have some really important data on it then we strongly suggest going to a professional.

One step that is often recommended by people is to warm up the hard drive in an oven for 2-3 minutes. Yes, it does sound a bit strange but it can definitely be used as the last resort. Try heating the hard drive at regular intervals and then connect it back to the system to see if the drive has started working. Also, check for the noises that it’s making and if they have changed. You need to listen for the spin noise of the drive that is the indicator that your drive is indeed working properly. If you do hear it, remove the drive again and put in the oven for another 2-3 minutes.

Free Data Recovery Software

Check for software failure

There can be times when the hard drive is so damaged that we might assume it to be broken. May be there are a lot of failed sectors on the drive that are making it hang endlessly. Even if you think your hard drive is broken, you should try running it through a data recovery software just to check if it is able to retrieve. Remember to use a reliable data recovery software like Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery so that all your data is recovered properly.

Advanced Renamer v3.70 is Available for Download Now [Download Free]

Advanced Renamer (Batch rename utility) is a free program for renaming multiple files and folders at once. By configuring renaming methods the names can be manipulated in various ways.

It is easy to set up an advanced batch job using multiple methods on a large amount of files. The 14 different methods enables you to change the names, attributes, and timestamps of files in one go. The files can also be copied or moved to new locations based on information in the files.

Advanced Renamer - Batch rename utility

With Advanced Renamer you can construct new file names by adding, removing, replacing, changing case, or giving the file a brand new name based on known information about the file.

Before performing the operations on the files you can verify that the output will be correct and if you perform the rename and regret it, you can undo the complete batch.

Advanced Renamer - Batch rename utility

Basic features of Advanced Renamer
  1. Image files - This mass file renamer is a great utility for organising digital pictures for both professionals and beginners. The thumbnail mode lets you display thumbnails directly in the file list giving you maximum control of the renaming process. With this program you can rename all your photos in a snap.
  2. GPS data - If your image files contain GPS data you can add the name of the city and the country where the picture was taken. Coordinates are used to lookup city, country, and state names from a database containing more than 100,000 cities around the globe.
  3. Music files - MP3 and other music files often have messed up names and contain weird characters. With Advanced Renamer you can change the names of your favourite music files to more suitable names using the built-in ID3 functions.
  4. Video files - Ever wanted to add the codec or the resolution of a video to the filename? With the video tags you can add various information about video and audio content to the names.
  5. TV shows - Add episode title or airdate to video files containing TV Shows after importing show information from the website. 
Advanced Renamer - Batch rename utility

Selected features
  • Unicode support, Tag based renaming, Rename with MP3/ID3 information, Use multiple methods at once, and etc...
Renaming methods
  • New name with Tags, Remove / Delete part of filename, Add / Insert text into filename, and etc...
  • Supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, French and more.
System Requirements
  • Works on any version of Windows, starting from Windows XP, and up to Windows 10. Both 32-bit and x64 systems are supported.
How to Download
  • Download Advanced Renamer v3.70 (9302 kb) or Download Advanced Renamer 3.70 Portable (12572 kb)
  • Install with executable(.exe) file.
If you have any doubt in installation or how to use?, please contact us in the comment section below. Have a great day!

Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity with PDF Converter Elite 4

Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity with PDF Converter Elite 4

No matter what your occupation is, and how motivated you are to work and complete everyday tasks, it sometimes gets hard to stay productive all the time. Apart from your eagerness to work, it may help you have a set of tools in your computer “closet”. If you consider acquiring new productivity tools, then you should not skip PDF conversion tools, which convert PDF documents to different editable formats and vice verse. 
Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity with PDF Converter Elite 4
Once such tool is PDF Converter Elite 4 and here’s how it can help you boost your productivity in productivity killer situations:

Saves you from retyping data from scratch

Situation: You have just received a document in PDF that needs to be edited. What to do: Yes, you can rewrite all data from scratch, but why bother when you can just convert the PDF to any editable format such as: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, AutoCAD? Additional issues: You received a scanned document which cannot be turned into MS Office formats in a way you need it - editable. Here you need a PDF converter that has OCR engine which can extract text from scanned documents, and that’s how PDF Converter Elite can help you.

Enables you to convert multiple PDFs at once

Situation: You have tons of PDF documents that you need to turn to MS Office formats, let’s say Word. It would take too long to convert each file separately, right? What to do: Use batch conversion option to convert more than one file at once and save time.

Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity with PDF Converter Elite 4

Keep your spreadsheets for future projects

Situation: You have received a financial record in PDF. You need to add information, delete some columns and add new ones. You want to save it as a template, as you will probably need it in the future again. What to do: Use custom PDF to Excel conversion and modify the look of your tables before conversion. Then just save the custom Excel template and that’s it. Next time you need it, it will take you a second to load it.

Make quick modifications of your PDF document

Situation: You have a PDF document, but you don’t need all the pages you need, or some pages need to be rearranged. That might sound complicated, but don’t worry. You don’t have to turn your PDF to MS Office format in order to modify the document. What to do: Use Edit options in PDF Converter Elite to delete certain pages, move them from one place to another, rotate or scale them.

Pick specific areas in the document

Situation: Again, you have a large PDF file that needs editing. Waiting for such a large file to convert is not necessary. What to do instead: Open a PDF in PCE program and just select areas you want to turn into editable format. You can select specific pages or just a paragraph, even a few sentences.

Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity with PDF Converter Elite 4

If you don’t find these picks productive enough, check out other features of PDF Converter Elite 4 here: It is available as a free trial for a 7-day period.

Do The Users Really Desire Android Silver - A Pure Android

Do The Users Really Desire Android Silver - A Pure Android
The news of the Android Silver and retiring of the Google Nexus series has already created a great buzz in the industry in the year 2014. However, the Android Silver was then considered as a rumored program and the analysts then depicted that Google will unveil it in the year 2015.

The prime objective behind the program Android Silver is that Google wants to attain a complete control over the Android ecosystem and market the pure Android experience. For combating the “fragmented Android” image with “unified Android” via this approach, Google is investing a hefty amount. As, Google will possess the complete control over all the integrated softwares and hardwares that will be running on the products of the Android Silver.

However while looking into the past, it can be observed that Google has already made numerous strives for an unfragmented Android. With the Android Silver program, it will be its another attempt. Now the question is will Google be able to achieve success this time.

Do the users really want pure Android?

For this, let's consider the last three efforts made by Google that unfortunately have failed.
Do The Users Really Desire Android Silver - A Pure Android
  • During the initial phase when the Android was new to the market, the two manufacturers HTC and Motorola Mobility (pre-acquisition) have designed their own versions of Android. These versions not only boast different visual appeal but have also altered the Android standards set by Google. This fractured ecosystem of the Google Android has created a great confusion among the developers, service providers and buyers.
To gather market value and increase sales, Google then launched its own Nexus series with Nexus One. The prime goal behind the Nexus series was to offer a design as a reference to Android makers. However, it was not able to succeed with this attempt.
  • When second time Google tried to deliver the Android vision in the market by restricting the platform update for its version 4.0 (popularly known as Ice Cream Sandwich) to only pure Android mobiles. This time also the market response was not as good as for the Samsungs' improved UI design (which doesn't deliver exactly the genuine Android experience).
  • Indubitably the fragmented Android ecosystem was creating application compatibility issues and that is what annoying the developers the most. This issue however still exists, but has been minimized to a great extent. In the third attempt for promoting the pure Android in the market, Google has acquired its competitor Motorola Mobility (which is now acquired by Lenovo) with a thought in mind to deviate other Android makers. With the Motorola partnership, it has generated several pure Android Nexus devices. But, these merely attained any market attention. This effort again failed, since the users were more tempted to invest in impure Android devices (offered by makers like Samsung, LG, and more).
In fact, the Google Play Edition (manufactured by LG) was another example that shows how Google has made strives to market pure Android, but unfortunately it failed again. And now with the Android Silver, it is anticipated that it will come with the revamped strategies behind the Google Play Edition to serve the cause.

The success of the Android Silver is quite hard to depict, however, one thing is for sure that it will offer certain benefits to its users. For instance, the Android fans who desire to fetch the current updates at the earliest will get them their first launch, if they are using the Google-controlled Android Silver.

Other way around

Google can better promote the pure Android by simply restricting the licensing of the Android to manufacturers who can ensure the real Android. As, users admire the Google platform more than the interface variations offered by the manufacturers like Samsung. Thus, there are great chances that if ever the partnership of popular Android and Samsung will split in the future, the majority of Android fans would like to stick with the platform not its device maker. However, this is not possible for the Android 5.0 and previous versions, but it can be considered for the forthcoming versions.

Do The Users Really Desire Android Silver - A Pure Android

The pure Android will not only solve the apps compatibility issues, but will also help enhance the Android performance. The real platform would be better able to breakthrough its noted vulnerabilities including inconsistency in the UI, fragmented mobile platform, late updates and so forth.

If only the Google controlled Android Silver will be available in the market, users will be able to retrieve the updates at the earliest and enjoy a smooth UX with consistent UI design. Moreover, the Android app developers' job will be also augmented as they will be better able scrutinize the target device features.

Author Bio: Victoria Brinsley is a veteran app programmer for Appsted Ltd., that aids you to outsource Android apps development services. Feel free to ask her any related queries about development technology and processes.

3 Steps to Editable PDFs with Able2Extract 9

With the digital revolution taking place, technology has become an integral part of our lives. People are browsing the Internet for interesting information, compiling useful data, using online document storage services to save files, and by doing that, they are actually digitizing their busy lives.

One of the most widespread products of the digital era is the Portable Document Format, better known as the PDF. We use this format because it is a practical and secure way to view documents on every device, without worrying about someone’s sneaky fingers editing it without our approval.

Since many good things have a downside to them, the PDF’s in the fact that its users usually cannot edit their files directly in the PDF when they need to. For this reason, PDF developers also invented software which enables users to convert and edit their PDFs. There are many software solutions that can convert and create PDF files, but only a few have tried to encompass all key PDF management functions in only one tool.

Complete PDF Solution in a Single Tool

One of these advanced, multifunctional programs is the recently launched Able2Extract PDF Converter 9. Besides being an all-inclusive tool (meaning that it can create, edit and convert PDF files from/into multiple sources), the professional version of the software also has an integrated OCR feature. Optical Character Recognition enables users to convert scanned and image files, therefore allowing them to accurately revise and edit PDF files regardless of their source.

To edit PDF data using Able2Extract, first convert it to the desired format and then edit it in the document’s source application. You can do that by following these 3 steps:

1. Open PDF

Run Able2Extract application and click on the Open button (blue folder icon). 

3 Steps to Editable PDFs with Able2Extract 9

Select your PDF file from your folder and click OK. Your document will be quickly opened in Able2Extract. To navigate more easily through your file, click on the thumbnails, bookmarks or attachments icon on the upper left vertical of Able2Extract (check the image below for your reference).

3 Steps to Editable PDFs with Able2Extract 9

2. Select PDF

Select the area you want to convert. Able2Extract 9 gives you the option of selecting a specific part of the document (which can come in handy when you want to export just one segment, like an image, table, text block, etc), or the whole document. You can also specify any random range of pages (like 3-5, 17, 56-69).

3 Steps to Editable PDFs with Able2Extract 9

3. Convert PDF

Pick the desired output file format. You can pick from the more common file types like OpenOffice or Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) to formats such as AutoCAD, HTML, and a plethora of image formats (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP). 

3 Steps to Editable PDFs with Able2Extract 9

Save the file on your computer. Now that you have your file converted into an editable format, it is only a matter of using appropriate software to make changes to your file and then converting it back into PDF (optional).

The newly released Able2Extract 9 offers a variety of other PDF management options to choose from, so users who wish to create a new PDF from their edited file and password-protect it can do that as well. The tool’s major strength is in the simple and accurate PDF conversion and creation process, making editing data in PDF a walk in the park.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Microsoft Outlook has successfully evolved into an industry-recognized tool that competently performs emailing as well as manages personal tasks. With Outlook becoming the heart and soul of the business activities, there might be a situation when the PST file of Outlook gets damaged or corrupted. In such cases, retrieving data becomes a difficult task. Fortunately, the Outlook data files do not get lost forever we can still recover it. Here, we are going to analyze a tool that offers a dependable solution to recover the corrupted PST files of Outlook.
Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Installation & Setup

Outlook Recovery application can be downloaded from the website of MSOutlook Tools. Click on the download link and the setup file will be downloaded to your system. To their merit, installation of the application takes less than a minute .However; it certainly depends on your internet connection. Unlike other applications, it does not require a restart process to finish with the installation procedure.

Product Functionality

Outlook Recovery Tool offers a competent solution to recover the permanently deleted emails & repairs the damaged or corrupted PST File. It scans the damaged PST files and quickly recovers the corrupted emails, tasks, contacts, etc. Let us discuss the powerful features of this proficient utility.

Top Features of the Program
  • Recovery of data from corrupted or damaged PST files
  • Supports recovery of permanently deleted emails 
  • Split PST option to manage output data after recovery
  • Works perfectly fine with UNICODE and ANSI PST files
  • Recovers PST files corrupted due to 2GB file size limitation
Getting Started

Once you start initiating the program, the application performs the essential pre-requisites for checking the condition of Outlook components and Outlook. Performance aspect is generally considered as the main highlighted feature of any utility. Here is what I found after evaluating the performance of Outlook Recovery tool.

Look and feel of Interface

Outlook Recovery software offers one of the simplest user interfaces. The interface is fairly self-explanatory and somewhat resembles the look of Microsoft Outlook. I am appreciative of the fact that even a non-technical person can easily follow it.

Performance Impact

The performance aspects of Outlook Recovery utility is discussed below

Advanced Scan Mode for Severe Corruption

The program offers an automated process of scanning the corrupted or damaged PST files and then loads it for preview. Additionally, the software provides an option of advanced scanning mode to recover the permanently deleted files of Outlook and the files which have higher level of corruption.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Multiple Export Options to Save Output File

You can select the desired file format in which you want the resultant recovered file to be saved. There are multiple export options to select from, as per your requirement.
  • save as PST file
  • Save as MSG file
  • Save as EML file
Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Flexible Naming Patterns To Save Files

The software provides the adaptability while saving the messages in MSG or EML file formats. You can select from a wide range of suitable naming conventions which is based on the preference of date wise, subject wise or sender wise. You can also save the files in Auto increment mode.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Option to Split large sized PST file

You can split a large PST into multiple smaller PST files. To split any PST file .you can select any size ranging from 1 GB to 45 GB. In this way, the feature provides an effectual technique to manage the large PST files which could otherwise have lead to corruption.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Selective Export of Files/folders

You can selectively export the recovered file/folders by simply checking and unchecking the PST files or folders which you desire to export. The user can selectively import PST files into Outlook or carry out in a batch process.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Option to Save Export Report

When all the recovered items of Outlook are exported, the PST repair Tool will generate an export report specifying the location of the both mailbox and exported file. This report can be saved in the CSV file format for future reference.

Why Outlook Repair Tool has Become Choice of Million Users - A Brief Review

Free Trial & Testing

The trial version of the application can be downloaded to know about its features the in details. However, with the freeware version, you have the option to only preview the recovered resultant files and export only 25 items per folder.

  • Restores permanently deleted items from PST file with the advanced scanned mode
  • Selective filtering of emails based on date range comes as a real benefit for users. It saves their time and effort.
  • Split PST option carries out the proper way of managing large sized PST files that would have otherwise lead to severe corruption
  • Option to save the export file details in CSV file format helps the user to refer it for future use.
  • Outlook styled interface makes the software UI user-friendly.
Compass for Improvement

Even though the utility works out well in recovering, the inaccessible PST files but some features can be incorporated to enhance its functionality further. These are discussed below.

Automatic Detection of PST Files

A person who is not tech savvy may find it difficult to locate the inaccessible PST files in the system. To make their task easier, an additional auto-detect option for locating the PST files could be beneficial.

Search Option for Finding Messages

A search option designed on the basis of keyword, subject, or phrase could make the process of locating the messages easier from a bulk of data.

Final Verdict

On a positive note, the utility definitely worked out well. Going through its impressive tech specs ,I will rate the tool on the basis of its performance as 8/10.Outlook Recovery certainly stacks up to the best of recovery solution that offers to repair Outlook PST files and is available at a nominal price to users.

Top 25 IT/Software Companies in the World

IT/Software is an heartbeat of younger generation. Most of the people think that, Not anything else without IT/Software. Today software is in all type of business in the world. There are many thousands Software companies are there in world.
Top 25 IT/Software Companies in World
According to Global Software Top 100 list and by annual software Revenues, survey given here the world top 25 software companies. Undoubtedly Microsoft became king of software companies and got #1 and IBM is in rank 2.

Below slides show you the world top 25 software companies and there software revenues:

Software Revenues and other information by

Why Software Development Company Should Pay Heed to QA?

Why Software Development Company Should Pay Heed to QA?

Quality assurance is a significant aspect of any production process, and software development is no exception. Though almost every start-up software development company considers quality assurance to be a sideline activity and often overlook its significance, several industry experts firmly believe that an ad hoc approach towards quality control is not considered as an industry best practice. Failure to adapt proper QA practices can lead to inability in meeting client expectations, negative feedback from the end user and ultimately bad reputation of your software development company in the marketplace.

A well-executed QA during the software development lifecycle ensures that the end product is high in quality, resulting in a contented end user, increment in stakeholder’s ROI and high rates of monetization. Thus, the practice of quality assurance can’t be ignored at any cost.

What is Quality Assurance All About?

It is a common misconception that quality assurance includes nothing but rigorous application testing. Testing process is very well a part of the QA process, but there is more to it- other than various testing procedures and overlapping with other SDLC milestones.

Validation and verification form two essential pillars of the QA process, which begins at a very early stage of the software development lifecycle. The initial stage of the process deals with preparation and includes staffing of QA team for a consolidate project, compilation stage where the scope, test plan goals, approach and deliverables are defined, and finally, the requirement testing stage. The specification, requirements, design, test plan and code evaluation performed during software inspection and meetings, results in verification. Verification plays a significant role in the QA process as it enables a software development company to check for all fallacies the initial stages of development lifecycle and keeps the call of bug fixing caused due to inconsistencies in documentation at bay. This means the whole development project becomes highly cost-efficient.

Important Software Testing Practices of the QA Process:

After the completion of verification process, the actual testing phase begins, wherein the QA team tests an application using various testing activities. Two major type of testing activities involved are as follows:

Functional Testing: This involves QA of functional features of software.

Non-Functional Testing: At this stage, QA engineers test the software to recognize any security, performance vulnerabilities and other flaws that relate to the non-functional features.

Once the QA engineers reveal the bugs and they are fixed, the software and code components undergo the validation process again. This stage is called regression testing, wherein all the patches in the code are checked for not leading to any further flaws in the software product.

The driving concept of quality assurance is to conform to standards such as readability, functionality, usability, maintainability, efficiency and portability. Eventually, adhering to quality assurance standards and furthering the acceptance of QA methodologies results into hefty payoffs- qualitative software and satisfied clients. Thus, every software development company must adhere to the QA best practices and empower themselves to cater to users in a better manner.

Author Bio: Maria Mincey is a blogger and an online marketer at a Software Development Company - Xicom Technologies Ltd. She has been actively writing on diversified topics and also participates in some communities and forums. Follow her on Twitter: @mariamincey64

Most Wanted Visual Homepage for your Browser

Kadaza is the ultimate Start Page only showing the absolute best and most popular websites in many different categories. With Kadaza you have all your favorite sites just a few clicks away. Kadaza also introduces new and exciting sites.

Most Wanted Visual Homepage for your Browser

  • Personalized homepage - You can personalize Kadaza to suit your own preferences. For example, if you prefer The Washington Post to The New York Times, you can replace the The New York Times logo with the Washinton Post logo. This is very simply to do and you can also slide the logos around if you want to move them somewhere else.
  • Backgrounds & Themes - Customize your start page with colors, patterns and images and instantly change the way Kadaza looks.
  • Web’s top search engines in a box - Kadaza makes your search on the internet easy and fast. The most popular search engines arranged together in one - easy to use - search box. A refreshingly fast way to search online!
Most Wanted Visual Homepage for your Browser

How to Set Kadaza as our Homepage for Browsers?

Steps for Chrome Users
  1. Click on the Chrome menu icon in the upper right corner and select Settings (A new tab will open)
  2. Under On startup, Click the blue link Set pages and enter in the Add a new page field.
  3. In the Appearance section, check Show Home button, then click the blue link Change. Then type in the box.
Steps for Firefox Users
  1. Click and drag the Kadaza icon below to the home icon located in the upper-right corner of your browser.
  2. Click yes in the pop-up box.
Select Your Country
  • International
  • India
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • New Zealand

Creating a Chatwing Chatroom and Using It - Group Chat URL

Communicating with someone on the other side of the world doesn’t have to cost you too much money. It’s even possible to do it for free. That is through the use of chat software. Through live chat, you can easily have a conversation with anyone, no matter where they maybe.

With an efficient chatting tool, you can even enjoy your time with that person even further. Chatwing is a tool that has the necessary capabilities to do just that. Using the chatroom is not even that hard, which is definitely better for people who haven’t tried using a chatroom before.

Below is a tutorial as to how you can quickly make a chatroom and use it.

Step 1: Chatwing Account

To make a chatroom, you’re required to have a Chatwing account. Get that first before anything else. Go to Chatwing’s homepage and find the register button. Press it and start the registration process.

To complete the whole process, all you need to do is supply the registration form with a valid email and a password. You’ll also need to check the boxes below it before submitting it to successfully complete it. Now, off to Step 2.

Chatwing Account Register

Step 2: The Chatroom

Right after you’ve registered, you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard Page. You’ll see the Chatroom and Moderator list here. To create a new chatroom, just press the Createw chatbox button. The chatroom will be created and you’ll be headed for the Customization page instantly.

Chatwing Dashboard Page

Step 3: The Customization Page

The third step is to modify the chatroom you have. As of now, your chatroom’s customization settings are set to default and there are a lot of these settings that you can change. These options are so vast that this page has been created to have two modes – Basic and Advanced. The first mode will just provide you with the options you’ll generally need to modify the chatroom while the latter has everything in it – to switch between these two, just press the Switch button on top of the Customization page.

There’s no right way to do this process as you can do it either way you like. Chatwing’s customization process lets you modify your chatroom freely and gives you the means to do just that, through its customization options.

Changing the customization settings is easy – most of them just require simple click and drag actions of the mouse. Just make sure that after customizing, you need to press the Use button found at the top of the Customization page.

Chatwing Customization Page

Step 4: Embedding

The last page you’ll be in is the Embedding page. There should be three tabs there and you’re in the first one, Group Chat URL. You should be seeing two URL’s there. Those are the links for your chatroom. To finally access it, just copy one of the links and paste it on your browser – the chatroom will load up moments after that.

Chatwing Group Chat

Chatwing Embedding Page

Chatting Inside the Chatroom

To start chatting, simply invite the person over by sharing the link with them. Through Chatwing’s lenient login methods, they can join in easily through their social media accounts. As of now, they can use Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Tumblr or Instagram accounts to join in. Once inside, the chatroom will use their social media profile pictures are their avatars on the chatroom – through it, it’ll be very easy to recognize everyone.

Chatting Inside the Chatroom

Managing the chatroom is very easy too. You can make it public or private if you wish. By using the password function, only those who know the right codes will be able to see the conversations inside and chat in it. For the chatters that are already inside, you can kick them out and delete their messages if they cause a ruckus or send out spam.

Chatting Inside the Chatroom

There are still a lot of things you can do with that chatroom, and you’ll surely enjoy doing so with your chatters. So start creating your own chatroom and invite them over. There’s no need to pay a cent for this chat software as it is free for everyone.

4 Superbly Efficient HR Software Tools For New Emerging Businesses

Superbly Efficient HR Software Tools For New Emerging Businesses

In the early inception of a business where offices are just being put into operation, the scenario in the early days of the office will be exciting, dynamic and very hectic. You are entering a market which is already heated up with an ample amount of competitors, so it is obvious that you will be snagging a lot of potential customers and there will a constant pressure on your company to perform in a more swift way to propound the fact that your company is solidifying its position in the market.

Albeit an ample amount of your work energy will be effaced in satisfying the unique queries of the customers and to ameliorate the characteristics of your products and services to better suit the needs of the consumer, it is also unequivocally imperative to develop the core working process of your company. To successfully implement the process development in your company, attention should be rendered to HR, who will effectively pacify the environment within the office accordingly to the law. There are lots of business leaders with the conception that HR will slow down the business processing of their company due to the ‘red tape’ on their business and due to the HR regulations that has to be followed. But if you don’t avail the proper processes in recruiting HRs, your business will face a substantial fall in the pace of its progress.

Thanks to the introduction of the HR software as a service to new businesses, now taking the first step into HR is much more easier. These HR tools rendered in your service will effectively let you manage the people in your office, paving the way for a better ambience and workflow inside the office. Till the appropriate time when you find the right HR professional for your company, you can efficiently manage the people in your office with the HR tools data which will later enable the hired HR professional to operate without any issues.

For small businesses that is in its preliminary stage in the market, the four essential HR softwares are:

1. Cloud Based HR Software

If you conduct an online search on Google about HR software systems, you will be availed with numerous web based HR software tools which you can utilize. These softwares will include operations such as, Performance management, Tracking or managing an employee holiday and sickness, Document management and sharing, alerts, reporting, recruitment modules etc.

2. Cloud Based Performance Appraisal Software

The focal point of the above mentioned HR software's abilities is: document management, employee records management, and the attendance management. When you avail the service of of these web based HR tolls, not all of them are equipped with advanced performance management tools and if you feel that the HR system you have chosen is lacking or is devoid something, then you should definitely opt for a specialist cloud based HR performance appraisal system, which you can easily search for via Google.

3. Time Sheets

Most of the HR system will enable you to effectively manage the attendance of the employees in your office, but if you want to specifically track hours worked for purposes of billing, then you should definitely opt for a professional web based time systems. You can execute this process efficiently in Excel. There is an ample amount of time sheets systems in Google search engine.

4. Shared Workspace Collaboration Software

The working systems of the employees in the office have evolved to another level where all the staffs are not located in one office only. Those co-located offices are absent in the current market scenario. It is imperative that you have a shared online space for work which can be effortlessly accessed through a browser by the staffs of the company who will be effectively notified through the shared workspace about alerts and updates. To acquaint yourself with this information, you can search Google for a private social network software where you will be availed with plenty of efficient products.

Most of the prevalent cloud based software tools on the internet are on free trial, so you can check out which ones suits your company the best. Always opt for the tools where you can sign up online and then at the end of the free trial, convert the subscription into a payable account. Make sure that the software you choose is web-based and hosted by third parties. The management of your business deserves your utmost attention, with an efficient HR software tool, you can effectively manage the ins and outs of your company.

Author Bio: Nithin Singh is a HR Software specialist who specializes in strategy, employee engagement, time and attendance management system and hr management system. He writes primarily on empowering employees to help business goals. He works for an award winning HR software company, EmployWise.

What are the 10 New Features Added in Android 4.4 KitKat?

10 New Features Added in Android 4.4 KitKat

Google has finally released Android 4.4 KitKat, the newest iteration of its mobile OS, after days of speculation surrounding its launch. The KitKat update to the Android OS brings some visual changes, including more immersive graphics, as well as deeper integration with Google's intelligent assistant, Google Now, among other changes and improvements.

Here's a list of the top 10 new features of Android 4.4.KitKat:

1. User-interface Tweaks

Android 4.4 KitKat offers a translucent menu bar located at the bottom of the screen, and new transition effects when you open the app launcher. The OS offers full-screen wallpapers with preview and the wallpapers now extend through the notification tray as well, in addition to the navigation buttons.

The new OS brings a more immersive experience by hiding the status bar and navigation buttons when the user is reading a book, or playing a game or watching a movie. They can just swipe the edge of the screen to bring back the status bar and navigation buttons on KitKat.

The lock-screen widgets for music and movies apps now also offer the option to seek and jump to a specific part. The Quick Settings notifications menu toggles also add a 'location settings' toggle. A new Emoji keyboard for emoticons has also been included in the native Google Keyboard.

Android 4.4 KitKat will also show full-screen album and movie art if content is being streamed to another device such as a Chromecast.

2. New Dialler, Caller-id

The new phone app now automatically prioritises the users' contacts based on the people they talk to the most. Users can also search for nearby places and businesses, contacts, or people in their Google Apps domain directly from the Phone app. If they get a call from a phone number that is not saved in their contacts, the phone will look for matches from businesses with a local listing on Google Maps.

3. Unified Hangouts Messaging App

As we reported a few days back, Android 4.4 brings new unified messaging app, with Hangouts getting SMS and MMS integration, in addition to offering instant messaging through Google accounts (erstwhile Google Talk). Hangouts now also allows users to share their location and send animated GIFs.

4. Smarter Google Now Integration

While the voice-activated always-on search assistant was first seen in the Moto X, Android 4.4 extends it to the Nexus 5, allowing users to just say "OK Google" when in the home screen to launch the Google Now assistant and do a voice search, send a text, get directions or even play a song. Google Now can be launched by simply swiping to the left instead of swiping from the bottom, at least on the Nexus 5.

It's not clear if the feature would reach other Android 4.4 devices. Google also says, that in the coming weeks, it's enhancing Google Now with new card types that bring information about contextual topics that interest users such as updates from a favourite website or blog.

5. Better Support for Cloud Printing

Users will now be able to print photos, documents, and web pages from their phone or tablet through any printer connected to Google Cloud Print, HP ePrint printers, and via other printers that have apps in the Google Play Store. Android 4.4 offers native platform support for printing, and includes APIs for managing printing and adding new types of printer support, according to Google. "Users can discover available printers, change paper sizes, choose specific pages to print, and print almost any kind of document, image, or file," mentions Google in the OS release notes.

6. Chrome WebView

Android apps that feature web content now use Chrome to render web components accurately and quickly. Chromium WebView supports HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It supports most of the HTML5 features available in Chrome for Android v30.

7. Step Detector, Counter

Android 4.4 brings platform support for two new composite sensors, step detector and step counter allowing users to track steps when they're walking, running, or climbing stairs, via apps and hardware that offer the feature. The Nexus 5 offers the two sensors and Google says it's working with its chipset partners to bring them to new devices as soon as possible.

8. Enhanced Support for Connectivity Options

Android 4.4 also brings support for the Message Access Profile (MAP) enabling Bluetooth-enabled cars to exchange messages with Android devices. It also supports Bluetooth HID over GATT (HOGP) offering apps a low-latency link with low-power peripheral devices such as mice, joysticks, and keyboards.

Android 4.4 also introduces platform support for built-in IR blasters, and a new API and system service for developers to build apps that can leverage them. This means the IR Blaster, present in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One will now be usable.

Android 4.4 also supports Wi-Fi Tunneled Direct Link Setup (TDLS), a way to stream media and other data faster between devices already on the same Wi-Fi network.

9. Better Accessibility Options

Android 4.4 offers system-wide preferences for 'closed captioning'. Apps that offer video can access the user's captioning settings and adjust the display of the captions as per the user's preferences.

10. Screen Recording

Android 4.4 offers support for screen recording, and includes a screen recording utility that lets users capture video as they use the device and store it as an MP4 file. This also allows developers, reviewers and end-users to create walkthroughs and tutorials for apps, testing materials, and marketing videos, among others.

So, these were the most exciting features of the new OS. Google's Nexus 5 is already being shipped with Android 4.4, KitKat, and the OS will soon be available on the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One Google Play edition and the Motorola Moto G dual-SIM smartphone to land in India with Android 4.4 KitKat by January 2014.

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5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter

When talking about keys to success in the modern business world, a concept that is constantly brought up is that of productivity. Productivity is a measure of efficiency in work - the ratio between input and output. It’s no surprise then that so many people, whether businesspeople, students or anyone else, are constantly looking for tools and tips to increase productivity in their everyday lives.

5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter

When it comes to managing electronic documents, Able2Extract PDF Converter is a software solution that ranks high on many lists of professional productivity tools. It is a professional utility for converting PDFs to other, more editable document formats. Coming from PDF-industry leaders Investintech, Able2Extract 8 Professional provides a wide range of features that help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Here are five ways the software can shift your productivity into a higher gear.

1. Turn paper documents into accessible e-documents

Paper documents seem to have become a thing of the past, but they are still used, make no mistake. Most commonly, they will end up getting scanned into PDF files for ease of distribution and archiving. However, trying to access these scanned paper documents and edit them could be a real pain - but not with Able2Extract Professional8 The software’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology allows users to easily and accurately extract both text and images from scanned PDF and convert that information into an editable file format such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter

2. Convert multiple PDFs at once

If you have a huge number of archived PDFs that you need to convert for editing purposes, going through them one by one while using an online conversion service or something similar would be the opposite of productivity enhancement. Able2Extract has a batch conversion option that allows users to convert a multiple PDFs into editable documents at once, saving you a huge amount of time and energy in the process.

5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter

3. Easily extract any data from any PDF into MS Office formats

Able2Extract PDF Converter offers a huge variety of conversion options. Thanks to this, you will be able to find the right conversion format no matter what your profession is and what type of documents you most commonly use. With Able2Extract, users can convert their PDFs into MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. It also enables PDF conversion to AutoCAD formats, Image formats, HTML and even Open Office. But the software’s selection options are what take productivity to a completely new level – there is no need to convert a 1,000-page-long PDF if all you need is to export a single table to Microsoft Excel or one chapter of that long report that you need to improve in MS Word.

4. Convert text and PDF documents into ready-to-publish web-pages
5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter

Do you have a PDF or other text document that you want to publish as a web-page as soon as possible? Or maybe just part of your PDF, like a table? No problem at all - select the content and choose the PDF to HTML conversion option within Able2Extract Standard or Professional and you’ll get an HTML file ready to upload to your website!

5. Pinpoint the data you need converted

Sometimes you need to convert only bits and pieces of a PDF, not the whole thing. Able2Extract PDF Converter range of products allow users to pinpoint exactly the content that they want to convert without having to convert the entire PDF file and then edit down the information to the data they need. Select a paragraph, a page, table, image or any other part of your PDF and convert it to a desired format.This is yet another feature that allows users to save enormous amounts of time and increase productivity when dealing with electronic documents. And, if you’re a productivity junkie, you’ll certainly find more ways to save time with Able2Extract PDF Converter. Go ahead, download Able2Extract 8 standard or pro version and try free for 7 days. Then come back here and share your tips for boosting productivity in the comments!

For Mobile

Able2Extract PDF Converter is also available for smartphones and tablets that provides accurate and high quality conversions on the go. It is a lightweight mobile PDF solution to easily create and convert PDF files to and from editable Microsoft Office documents right from your Android or iOS phone in just two simple taps, and unlike other mobile converters - for free!

5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter


Import Lotus Notes Mail Into Outlook 2010 To Grab Simplified Emailing Facilities

Oftentimes, Lotus Notes users confront some problems while using the email client and here need comes to acquire an alternative that will furnish all abilities to fulfill demands for amazing email application. MS Outlook is treated as powerful emailing application that expands arena of powerful email collaboration without bothering computer users. To grab facilities with MS Outlook, Lotus Notes users will have to use a migration method to import Lotus Notes mail into Outlook 2010. Better to go for tested software dedicated to perform NSF to PST transition but, non-commercial solutions for migrating Lotus Notes items into Outlook email client are also available into international market.

Import Lotus Notes Mail Into Outlook 2010 To Grab Simplified Emailing Facilities

Bothering Causes And Situations For NSF Data Migration

If you have adopted Lotus Notes once then, you will have an idea why users want to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook. The first reason that knocks your door to shift data from Lotus Notes to PST is unaffordable Server Maintenance. Installment and configuration of Lotus Notes is quite typical and non-affordable. Business setups once configured with Lotus Notes when confront bothering issues again and again then, they decide to move from existing email application.

Want To Shift NSF Emails To PST Manually??

If yes then, you have to follow two steps:
  • First is exporting Lotus Notes emails from existing environment
  • Second is execution of process to import Lotus Notes mail into Outlook 2010/Outlook 2007/Outlook 2003 etc
Exporting NSF emails from Lotus Notes account includes the process:

Find “Export Lotus Notes Mail Files” within Lotus Notes environment -> Mail Tab-> Menu Bar-> File-> Export-> Go with Tabular text or Structured text -> You may adopt both options -> for remaining NSF emails to export go for Continue -> Close the Window after following Export Tab

Now, you have to add or import all emails you have exported from Lotus Notes account to the Outlook account manually. The process to import Lotus Notes mail into Outlook 2010 is not suitable if you are going to execute it manually. Adding single email one by one will take more time as well as it shows wastage of manual efforts at the other end.

Avoid Manual Method For NSF Data Migration

Being a smart email client user, you should get a professional solution to import Lotus Notes mail into Outlook 2010 that will not bother you to shift emails one by one. Export Notes is one of the technically integrated solutions to shift NSF emails, tasks, to-dos, calendars, contacts, journals etc from Lotus Notes format to PST format without losing original structure of elements. Not any restriction or limitation for data shift from Lotus Notes to Outlook made is adoptable over other applications for the same arena. 

With use of updated techniques experts have formulated various brilliant applications under distinct domains. To Import Lotus Notes mail into Outlook 2010 successfully the tool is available with name Export Notes.

Can I Extract Contents Of PDF Without The Master Password? Query Dealt With

If people need to share some important information and want to be assured with its security then sharing the document in PDF file format is the best practice. Because of various restriction services available in PDF file, a user can restrict its access from any third user.

How Does PDF Format Restrict Any Third User to Access It Data

PDF document is embedded with two kind of password protection facility. One is user password and second is owner password and both the passwords have their respective benefits like:

Extract Contents Of PDF Without The Master Password

PDF Owner password (Master password): Unlike normal password which we apply on document to keep it protected from being accessed by any third user, Owner password is quite different. This password does not restrict user to view the document. User can easily open and view the PDF document with owner password protection but would not be able to do any kind of operation over it like editing, printing, document assembly etc. E.g. e-book, many e-books are available in online market that can be opened and viewed easily but if user wants to extract some data from it then they would not be able to do so, because the file is protected with owner password.

PDF User Password: User password is very simple to understand. If a user have got the PDF file and he/she has saved that file in his/her machine and his/her machine has access to some other person as well then to protect the file from second user, actual user of that PDF file set user password to protect the file. After user applying user password protection if any other person tries to open the same PDF file then file will ask for password. Without user password it will not be able to even access the PDF content. But in most of the case it will be owner password that will be imposed on the PDF files when they are published online than the user password.

So, imagine that you got a PDF file with master protection but you are in need of extracting its data say for any reason like making of reports, doing research etc. then how will extract the data?. The question that is striking in your mind must be then can I extract contents of PDF without the Master Password? The answer is yes. The extraction, copying, printing, content copying of accessibility, and editing are possible and it can be done by using the third party tool. These days in market there are number of such PDF restriction remover tools available that are capable of removing restrictions from PDF file without doing any alteration in its data. The most demandable and common tool available in online market is PDF Unlocker. Because, of its unique algorithm it is currently ruling the market. Software runs successfully on any Windows OS to help user find the perfect answer for the query of can I extract contents of PDF without the Master Password. Edit print, copy or extract data from the PDF files are the general needs raised by PDF users and as PDF is mostly used by the attorneys PDF Unlocker can turn highly helpful for them as well. 

The company is named among top software developer in online market. It has reached to this height because of its quality product and consistent efforts. Its PDF Unlocker is also one of its successful product and helpful for those who want to know can I extract content of PDF without master password.

Cooperative Point Of Lotus Notes To Outlook Conversion Procedure

Now as per technology increase everyone wants to go forward with advanced and effective process of email conversion. Many industries involve in MS Outlook due to its healthy and friendly environment. This article show all aspect and reason which raise the situation where Lotus Notes reader need to change their well settled Lotus Notes environment to Microsoft Outlook or other email client application. In online market many application which has great structure but still MS Outlook is best among them. It’s available free from MS office package. So it is also a cost effective email client apps which easily accessible with non professional person also.

Cooperative Point Of Lotus Notes To Outlook Conversion Procedure

Reason for shifting Lotus Notes to Outlook

During online survey we found that above 50% organization moves their email client from Lotus Notes to Outlook as per their reasons are:
  • Due to complicate algorithm and high maintenance of Lotus Notes apps
  • In configuration of Lotus Notes take so long time and difficult in unusual system so change their Lotus Notes environment to Outlook and view at anyplace by reason of high compatibility of Outlook
In online track many method appear which provide email conversion process but it’s difficult to choose the right one now I will explain you all method so that user can easily find out the right one according to their requirements:
  • Manual method: For using manual method firstly user need lot of technical knowledge and putting so much effort, its lengthy process so user have to take patience. you can convert Lotus Notes email to Outlook without paying single penny
  • Third party Tool: Be careful in selecting a third party application due to high availability in online market you can face difficulty in griping reliable NSF to PST conversion tool. As per my experience I will suggest you that firstly try demo version which offer by most of the email conversion third party tool one of them is Export Notes software which convert limited NSF to PST file format at free of cost. Remember some points which cooperative in choosing effective & trustworthy Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion a third party tool:
          1) Check software interface & algorithm which have not been so complicate
          2) Compatibility with Lotus Notes & Outlook versions
          3) Is third party tool can convert contacts(names. nsf) files to Outlook format
          4) Maintain original formatting during email conversion process
          5) Support inline images, internet header also

Cooperative Point Of Lotus Notes To Outlook Conversion Procedure

I hope through this article user can easily access a perfect third party tool which securely convert all Lotus Notes database to Outlook format without taking any kind of training. If you have any doubt then you can ask me any time through commenting on this article. I am glad to resolve your email conversion related problem.

Author Bio: Nour Lusi is professional writer of leading Software Company which offers huge range of Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion, Lotus Notes to PDF/Word conversion software. She writes article for technology related issues.

Outlook OST To Outlook PST File Conversion Reasons

OST or offline storage table files were created with the MS Outlook, all these files can be used to store offline work and time when it connects to server Outlook turns online and all the emails created were send to their respective client. For the users who used to travel miles can depend upon OST as it will allow users to work in offline mode as well as in server downtime situations. Outlook OST file are proved as an excellent solution in cases where network is limited or unreliable. Though choosing or depending upon OST is a wise decision then why some users need for outlook OST to Outlook PST file conversion application. Though OST is fertilize features based but it still stuck corruption. All the issue of OST file corruption bother users and force them to convert Outlook OST to Outlook PST file format.

Outlook OST To Outlook PST File Conversion Reasons

There are several reasons which are responsible for the corruption of OST file such as virus infection, Trojan affect, and unwanted system shutdown, inadequate power supply will lead to corruption of Exchange OST at times. When we say Exchange Server, there are numbers of chances that are responsible for the corruption due to bad synchronization as because of lack of connectivity. With the next segment you can read about the corruption while transferring the file to the other location.

While Accessing The OST File Facing An Error?

"The Exchange Server has detected you are using an old copy of your OST file. Please delete and create a new one from the server”

Sometime users might face the following error while accessing the OST file. In such a situation users are barred to use the data saved in the OST file and to regain the accessibility over the data users need an Outlook OST to Outlook PST file conversion application.

Reasons Which Is Responsible For The Above Error Message

When we talk about the large scale industries, picture flashed in our mind is executive their deals with the huge sized mailboxes. Regular and continuous exchange of emails is responsible for the size of the mailboxes within it there are numbers of contacts and meeting schedules were stored. Estimated size of the mailbox varies between 4GB to 11GB, and while travelling these executive take copy of the sever i.e OST.
Following error message occur when users tries to open the OST file and due to any reasons it gets corrupt, Outlook work in Exchange Server only when you have healthy OST file with you. For detailed information visit the following link:

Outlook OST To Outlook PST File Conversion Reasons

To use the data saved in the corrupted Outlook OST file, users can rely upon the third party SysTools OST Recovery application available in the online software market for the precise and accurate recovery.

Author Bio: Mariya lee is a blogger and content writer and currently working on a project to analyse the email conversion software OST To PST recovery.
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