How To Start A Blog Today?

11/27/2013 By Adam Prattler
How To Start A Blog Today?
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If you are looking into creating your own personal blog and might not know how to start then hopefully this tutorial can help you. There are a couple of options that you have. You can either hire a professional to help you or you can save money and do it yourself.

How can you make your own blog? There are many things that you need to consider and think about such as the design. If you are wondering how to desing your own blog then the tips below should also help you. Just remember that you don’t have any limitations with your blog except for the limitations and rules that might come from doing it online.

Let’s go ahead and talk about how you can start your blog today and have a successful blog.

How to start a blog today:

1. Pick out your domain name and hosting

If you want to have a great blog not only do you need to think about the design but you must think about the domain name. It’s important to come up with a domain name that people will like and can easily remember.

Hosting is the next thing to think about after you have picked out your domain name. There are many hosting packages and hosting companies available ready to help you with hosting your domain. Read the reviews and hosting packages and see what hosting package is the best for you.

2. Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is easy and you can do it with the one click install and have it on your site within a few seconds. The reason why I recommend WordPress is because it has a lot of features that you will enjoy and you can easily design and create your blog plus post on it at ease.

You don’t need to have any experience with blogging if you use WordPress. Once you install it and start using it you will be amazed at how you can get around and do things without having any problems.

3. Learning The Basics of WordPress

Once you get access to WordPress you will notice that a default theme is put in there right away. You can go to the right sidebar and change the default theme.

Here is the dashboard of what WordPress will look like:

Just by looking at the picture should give you an idea as to how easy WordPress is and you can easily change the theme with simply clicking on the appearance. Now, one awesome thing is that WordPress has many awesome free themes or you can find the theme that you like and upload it easily and then install it on your site.

Other things to check out on WordPress:

  • Links. The links on WordPress help you with being able to customize the sidebar widgets that you might want to have on your site and they can help you out with other things. 
  • Plugins. You will find that plugins can be extremely useful and WordPress has a variety of them. It can help you with the style of your site, performance and plugins can give you features that you might need that WordPress might not offer. 
  • Pages. Adding in pages is easy and you’ll be amazed at how fast you can get a page up using WordPress.

You will find many helpful tutorials and videos on the web that will help you with setting up WordPress. Many skilled and beginners use WordPress just because of how user friendly it is and because of all the awesome features that comes with it. If you are a beginner then WordPress might be the best choice to help you with learning how to blog.

Author Bio: Judy Henderson is a lover of jewellery. She is buying gold coins and bullion online for last 2 years.
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