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Nikon 1v2 Mirror Less System Camera

Take Control of Your Creative Vision

Nikon 1v2 Mirror Less System Camera
The new version of the mirror less camera presented by Nikon is much more versatile. The camera has some great features and specs to allure the users, but the design is somewhat similar to the previous version v1. The lightweight camera is highly compatible and perfect for professional photographers. It can be carried easily to tours and different places where one can expect to take good quality pictures without any hassles. The weight of the camera has been just 278 grams which help the user to carry it efficiently. The look of the camera is very classy and appealing as well.

The Highlights of the Camera

The 14.2 MP camera gives amazing picture clarity and offers a 13.2X8.8mm resolution which is perfect to take high quality photographs. The CMOS CX image sensor in Nikon 1v2 Mirror less System Camera is also great. There is 1 lens mount which is the product highlight and 3.0 LCD display as well. The other product highlights also include an electronic viewfinder which makes a wonderful shooting experience. At full resolution one can also enjoy 60fps burst shooting.

The camera also has a fantastic wireless capability which makes it handier for the users. There is advanced hybrid Autofocus system which allows one to shoot up to 60 frames and also offers phase and contrast detection. The 15 fps speed for shooting continuously becomes remarkable as well with this great feature. The feature buttons on the camera make shooting much more easy and supreme.

Other Notable Features

This digital camera comes with interchangeable lens and offers a high resolution to take pictures with impeccable quality. The interchangeable lens features allow one to use a variety of Nikon lenses. The camera offers a maximum resolution of 4608X3072. The video in the MOV and MPEG-4 format and stills can be captured easily in RAW as well as JPEG. The camera also supports the AAC audio format. The electronic viewfinder offers a 100 percent view and it also allows diopter adjustments. The viewfinder size is 0.47” and the pixel count is 1,440,000. There is the dust reduction system as well which helps the users to take clear pictures.

The Nikon 1v2 Mirror less System Camera also supports different memory card type like, SD, SDHC and SDXC. There is video and audio recording feature as well in the camera which makes it more compact for the user. There is auto and manual focus control offered by the camera. The camera also offers 135 focus points. The ISO sensitivity offered is 160-6400. There is built in flash and different flash modes like the fill in, slow sync, red eye reduction and much more. There is interval recording as well. The battery backup of the camera is also terrific and the type of battery used is, 1x EN-EL21 which is a rechargeablebattery of lithium-ion and the EH-5b AC power adapter is optional.

Other Interesting Features Allows You to be Creative

The WU-1b wireless adapter is optional but it allows one to easily transfer the photos and videos to the Smartphone. This is a terrific feature to upload the photographs instantly on the internet and gives you a great pleasure to share some great moments in forms of pictures with your friends and family. It is easy to work with high resolution photos which also gives you a chance to extend your creativity. The camera is flexible and you can work in different modes. You can add the sound of the stereo to the videos you have captured making it more interesting. So, make the most of the camera and get it at an affordable price online.

How to Buy at Best Price?

You can check out the latest price of this camera and after finding the same on any online shopping portal compare it for best price. Once you decided the website to buy from; you can check this website’s latest discount coupons at and apply the same to get more discount.

Getting The Best Photo With Your Phone

Getting The Best Photo With Your Phone

The photographic abilities of smart phones today are impressive; no longer does one need to carry multiple devices around for phone calls and photography. A smart phone is definitely not a camera, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your images as close to professional as possible.

Here are a few tricks:

The photographic experience does not and should not end once you’ve released the shutter button. Exposure, contrast and color balance adjustments can go a long way towards communicating your photographic vision.

Pro HDR Camera lets you enhance your phone’s high dynamic range. Smartphone cameras don't always produce the best dynamic range when shooting high-contrast subjects but HDR apps help balance things out by taking photos at different exposures and then combining them into one shot for a more even exposure.

Capture a quick panorama by just sweeping the camera with Wondershare – point, shoot, sweep in either portrait or landscape mode and then add effects.

Fast Camera for IOS is perfect for sports photography as it allows users to take up to 200 high resolution photos in a less than a minute – up to 800 if you lower the resolution. The app allows you to review your photos and select and save the pictures you want to saving, thereby not wasting memory.

Don’t be fooled, a smart phone still pales in comparison to most cameras – even point and shoot compact cameras. If you’re looking to take great photos, maybe you should hit Intertops pokies online to raise the necessary funds; photography can get extremely expensive. But, with just a few extra dollars, you can enhance your phone’s photographic abilities.

AfterFocus is a fun app that lets you play around with a shallow depth of field, blurring out parts of the image and focusing and sharpening your subject and if effects are what you’re after, then go with the free Pixlr-o-matic app which provides endless filters and additional packs to download for free if you’re not happy with your first collection.

Another great Android editor is PicSay Pro as it’s one of the easiest editing apps available. It’s particularly handy that a thumbnail preview is presented next to each of your editing options and long list of effects.

If you want to save the money of a new camera, invest in a decent app – your photo subjects will thank you for it!

Get a DSLR Camera for a Novice!

People’s interests in photography have gone up tremendously. There are several amateurs who want to try their hand at photography as a hobby or a passion! On the other hand the good news is that the cost of a DSLR camera has come down tremendously. This has led to many more being able to afford it.

Get a DSLR Camera for a Novice!

The best part is that a DSLR camera is a choice for many a promising photographer. The following are the reasons for the same:

  • Most of the entry level DSLR cameras are rather user friendly. Whether it is the functionality or interface, design or controls, each of them is very simple. In fact the dials and the buttons are big enough to navigate through the menus as well
  • It proves to be a wonderful stepping stone for budding photographers. It helps in getting a control over their interest in photography which can prove to be very complicated too. For example the automatic setting works very well for photographers who are total novices. When they learn more about the subject, then one can get a grasp over manual settings
  • Undoubtedly the quality of a DSLR camera for beginners provides exceptional clarity and quality. For instance even in a dim environment the quality of a photograph is par excellence
  • After a potential photographer goes up the learning curve, they can invest in several lenses as well as per their interest.
  • The storage capacity is also an attractive feature why a DSLR camera is a great bet. An amateur photographer can pick up the camera and keep clicking for a long time
  • A DSLR has a very sturdy construction. You would be surprised that it can actually bear up a lot pf physical abuse.
Keep clicking and you can achieve tremendous results. With a DSLR in your hand, you know you have a true winner at your perusal.

Creativity Unleashed - Nikon Coolpix S6500 Camera

The essence of real photography is, when you click through your eyes and showcase it to the world. The platform through which this vision is enabled is a good camera. A camera is not just a light-box with a hole but a gadget that defines and shapes an image. For the best photographic experience and to capture the best expressions seasoned with a touch of surprise, Nikon brings to you an excellent 12x optical-zoom camera with Nikkor glass lens and a 16 Mega Pixel image sensor with a built-in Wi-Fi for the capturing perfect memories and saving them for eternity. The latest addition to the Nikon’s extensive series of CoolPix cameras, this gadget is compact, stylish, with big zoom and instant sharing.

Creativity Unleashed - Nikon Coolpix S6500 Camera

Enclose the Ideal Click

COOLPIX cameras are structured around the legendary Nikkor glass lens that makes it unique in its own way. So, if you want to capture a wide angle shot or a very detailed close-up portrait with the perfect zooming and accuracy, the Coolpix S6500 12x zoom with NIKKOR lens is an ideal choice. Every shot is kept steady and firm even if your hands are shaking with the lens-shift vibration reduction technology. Other features include, Blink Detection, Face Detection Technology, Auto Scene Selector, Best Shot Selector and 1080p HD Movie Recording.

Share your moments in an instance

With the built-in Wi-Fi you can share your photos anytime, anywhere. The COOLPIX S6500 makes it a cake walk to showcase your beautiful views to the world. Now, sharing and transferring images without wires or cables to any compatible devices like a Smartphone or tablets is no more an extensive task. Eventually, users can post images and videos directly to any social network and share their experience with the world.

The Finest 7 Shots

In a moment of total velocity, capturing fast moving subjects is just a jaw dropping view. Now you can create these astonishing action sequences by just holding down to the shutter button of the camera and then flying off with 7 continuous shots per second. Isn’t that a high profile, action click?

Performance in minimum light

The high performance CMOS image sensor lets you capture natural and superb shots in low light conditions without using the flash. Imagine missing an important shot just because your flash is turned off. Not a very pleasant scenario! This camera helps you shoot clear and amazing shots even without flash even when the required amount of light is low with perfect versatility and good performance.

Let’s Dazzle and Flatter

Now you can capture and create beautiful photos of your loved ones. Coolpix S6500 comprises of a Smart Potrait System that enables you to use several features like Face Priority AF, Skin Softening, Blink Warning, Image cropping, Lighting Fix, Cross Stitch, Fish Eye, Image Rotation, Selective Color and Image resizing. Now flatter and dazzle with every shot.

What’s more to it?

With auto programmed exposure control and exposure modes, electronically controlled aperture and a self timer, it delivers you spectacular images in different modes like Beach , dusk, easy panorama, fireworks show, landscape, museum, night portrait, snow, sunset and much more.

It has a display size of 3 inches and a built-in storage capacity of 25 MB with a SD memory card and rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL19.


It’s truly said that good things come in small packages. With its compact size, it is easy to carry around and capture good quality pictures.

For people who just love to click everything away not in a very professional manner, this camera with a good zoom lens will serve your purpose. With its various modes, features and built-in wireless connectivity, it’s a fun little camera for every occasion. Though, the Wi-Fi capability would drain a lot of battery when used.

Author's Bio: Lynne is a budding freelance tech writer, gadget and Photography enthusiast, and social media junkie. She writes regularly about Latest Nikon Digital Cameras and has been written several articles on Nikon Coolpix S6500 Camera.
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