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How to Login to Tinder without Facebook Easily?

Login to Tinder without Facebook

Dating is something that will never go out of fashion. People have been using the dating apps for a long time. There was a time when there were no smartphones and only internet. Even at that time there were dating websites. However, with the smartphones have evolved and now we have the great dating apps like Tinder. In fact, Tinder is the most popular dating app around the world. Millions of people use Tinder today.

Tinder has many features that make it easy for you to find a match. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is so popular.

In order to use Tinder and find new people, you need a Facebook login. This means that you must have a Facebook account to use this app. But, many people are not comfortable using their Facebook account. So, what are their options? Let’s take a look.

Tinder without Facebook

First of all, let’s make one thing very clear. You cannot login to Tinder if you do not have a Facebook account. There is no workaround for this. If you wish to login to this application you will need a Facebook ID and matching password.

So, this must mean there is absolutely no way at all to use Tinder without Facebook. Yes, that is true. But there is one thing you can do.

You will need to login with your Facebook account to use Tinder. However, it doesn’t mean that you use your original account for that purpose. For whatever reasons you don’t want to use your Facebook account, you can avoid that now. You simply need to create a new Facebook account with a new email address. It will be like a clone of your original Facebook account. You can upload the same pictures as your original account. You can also have the same name. So, the only thing you will not have on the new Facebook account is your friends in the list.

Login to Tinder without Facebook

Creating a new account doesn’t mean that you impersonate yourself as someone else. Since you are looking to date, you will want to make sure that you are being honest about it. You are simply cloning the account. You are not misleading anyone on Tinder.

Your original account is also fine

We will tell you why it is okay to use Tinder with your original account. Maybe you are concerned that Tinder will use your personal information and there will be a privacy breach. The truth is that Tinder is a reliable and trusted application and it will do no such thing. There are lots of trusted apps that use your Facebook login

If you are concerned that your friends will discover you are using Tinder, again you need not worry. This is because Tinder does not post anything on Facebook on your behalf. Even if any of your friends is using Tinder, they will not be able to see you. Tinder does not show the Tinder users from your friend’s list. So, again, you will remain undiscovered by your friends.

Pokémon Go - Reason Behind Numerous Mishaps

Pokémon Go - Reason Behind Numerous Mishaps

Most of you have already heard of Pokémon Go, and some of you are even addicted to it. Well, the only way it is possible for someone, in this time and age, to be unfamiliar with this game is if they were stranded on a deserted island for the past four months. But, if you still don’t know what Pokémon Go is, we’ll break it down for you.

Pokémon Go is classified as an augmented reality game released by Niantic Inc. The game is based on walking around and collecting animated creatures from the famous 1990’s series, called Pokémon. The beta for the game was first released in Japan, and after a month the beta spread to Australia, New Zealand and the United States – and that’s when the madness began. Long story short, the whole world started playing the game. Adults, teens, children, all alike, no one missed the chance to relive their childhood experience. To this day, Pokémon GO has been downloaded over 600 Million times.

From the title, you’re probably wondering why Pokémon Go became the reason for so many accidents around the world. Here are some of the reasons why:

Overly Obsessive Players

For some people, Pokémon Go became much more than a game – it was life and death. Reports of trespassing became common after the release of Pokémon GO. However, that’s not the only stupid thing that Pokémon Players do. Now, Pokémon GO has clear instruction about where people should play the game – more importantly where they shouldn’t. People have been seen trespassing private property, airports, army bases, cemeteries, in short, everywhere they shouldn’t be wandering around casually. If you think this is too much, two teenagers almost crossed the American border from Canada, till Border Patrol made them aware of what they unintentionally doing. People are falling off cliffs, jumping in front of cars, diving in front of cars, and these are just some of the accidents that are taking place due to Pokémon Go. This is the reason that several countries have banned this game “to ensure the safety of the citizens”.

Road Accidents

Pokémon has become the reason for hundreds of road accidents where Pokémon Players have been seen violating traffic laws. The game advises the players to be aware of their surrounding at all times. But this isn’t the case. The game is pretty famous all around the world, but it really took off in the US – which is the reason that almost every Police Department in every state of the USA has warned the players to be responsible while playing the game and the following is a clear sign that people aren’t doing the exact opposite.

A man from Baltimore crashed his car into a cop car of all things, while another drove straight into a tree days after downloading that game which lead to him breaking both in ankles along with several other injuries.

Furthermore, a guy in Australia drove into a school of all things while playing Pokémon Go. Fortunately, no one, including the driver, was injured, but the same could not be said for a 72 year old woman from Japan who was killed when a truck driver playing Pokémon Go hit her as she walked down the road.

How to Put an End to the Madness?

Some parents think that if their teens are out playing games, they should be relieved that their child isn’t doing drugs. But this is, in fact, much worse as it is things like these that can actually cost them their lives. Now, you’re probably wondering how you can stop you’re children from playing Pokémon GO, and this is no easy task. You could ask your kids 2000 times that they should play Pokémon, but you never know what they’re doing when they’re out with their friends. But we know exactly what you should do. TheOneSpy is an app that can monitor your teen’s app, not only can it locate your child’s phone and tell you exactly what he or she is doing, but it can also block the game completely. Other than this, TheOneSpy also contains a variety of features that can help parents keep track of their teen no matter where they are and what they are doing. They even provide parents with access to their child’s cellphone in such a way that not only allows them to delete the app when it is installed, but also remove it from the device altogether and keep them from ever installing it ever again.

Author Bio: Elizbeth is a senior writer with exclusive experience in field. Currently she is working on digital parenting with TheOneSpy kids monitoring app. Follow her on twitter @elizbethsewell6

Image to Word: The OCR Game Changer

Image to Word: The OCR Game Changer
Image to Word is a mobile app that came out of the Comet-docs workshop some time ago, and it has recently been updated with some cool new features. Here are some of the new and improved aspects of Image to Word mobile app:
  • Two ways of converting images - via camera and from your gallery
  • No limits on the number of conversions, or size of the file being converted
  • Ease of access to the sharing centre
  • Optimal output document format - .docx
  • Files can be previewed once converted for quick and efficient analysis
  • Image to Word allows you to convert screenshots as well as other photos
  • You can run conversions while the app itself is not working
  • File safety - your files get deleted from the Comet-docs server 24hr after conversion
So, let’s quickly go over all of these changes, and what they actually mean to the user per sec.

You can now convert your files in 2 ways, from the gallery or by taking a photo on spot. This will significantly make converting paper documents easier because you don't have to scan them or even upload/download them. You can simply follow the guidelines given within the app by clicking on Options and then Guide for better results. This will show you the correct way to take a photo in order for it to be optimal for high end conversion.

No limits on the number of conversions and file size is pretty self explanatory. You can convert as many files as you want and they can be as big as you want them to be. Aside from that, once you have converted your file, you will get a preview of the newly made MS Word file which you can see simply by tapping on the converted file. From there you can easily access it, open it in your preferred editing app, or share it via social networks, email, Dropbox, and more!

To add on the previous paragraph, the output format is .docx which is the optimal format for editing standard text files. Which app is the best for editing these files on a mobile device? Well, you probably have your own favourite, but these apps are just some of the one’s we will mention: MS Word, LibreOffice, Quick Office, and basically any similar app that allows you to edit .docx files.

Image to Word: The OCR Game Changer

Now, the thing with conversion apps is, not very many of them are known for their powerful OCR engines. However, Comet-docs has licensed one of the strongest OCR engines on the market a while back and started implementing and improving that technology as well so it is pretty safe to say that not many converters are in the same league as Image to Word. However, one thing that makes this app stand out is its hidden feature - converting screenshots. That is right, you can screenshot whatever is on your screen at any given moment, send it to the Comet-docs servers, and your new file will be ready for editing in just a few minutes!

While we are on the point of Comet-docs servers, did you know that you can convert a file, without the app even being turned on? Simply start your conversion by selecting the image you want to convert, and the app will send the file to the Comet-docs servers and from then on you can safely turn off your app and even your phone. The next time you take a look inside Image to Word the file will be converted and you will still have a lot more battery than you would have had using a different app! Also, did we mention that all files you convert get deleted from the servers 24 hours after conversion? This way, your files are safe and secured and you can always count on Comet-docs to respect your privacy!

Image to Word is available on both iOS and Android so make sure you give it a try and let the app’s developers know what you think about it by making a quick review on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Essentials of Mobile App Security you need to know

Essentials of Mobile App Security

Have you ever used utility apps like phone scanners? Are you a business owner running a business process on an enterprise app? Be it an individual or a firm, your trade secrets, quotations, employee data, and more sensitive information are all out there. You could be a start up or a SMB with a retail app that stores user’s credit card and bank account details. You could be an app owner whose app works on the freemium model, trading money for features or you could be an individual providing access to your media files and portfolio to use the dog face filter in Snapchat. When you trade your data for an app service and vice-a versa, do you wonder where and how is this data being guarded.

Mobile App security is an essential but highly underrated aspect of a mobile application. Too often neither app owners, nor app users consider the threats that arise from leaving loopholes in app security. Mobile App Security, is one of the most important components of a mobile app. With Smart phones getting replaced with memo pads, our check books, accounts, id proofs, cameras, mini storage devices and almost anything that is synonymous with, or holds critical data. Critical data needs stringent security. All our critical data has shifted to our handheld devices. Now we have to ask, how safe are these mobile apps and how safeguarded is the data that’s stored in them?

Better Mobile Security is the only solution that prevents threats in real time. Our solution continuously monitors at the behavioral level of the applications performance and looks for exploits within it, so if any anomalies, our product will alert you right away and prevent you from using the device until the threat is deleted

Mobile app developers not much concerned about security aspects during development

Majority of app developers are on the crossroads when they have to make a decision about security aspects of their application vs time to market. It is tempting to give preference to time to market and consider mobile application security an afterthought. Unlike common belief that application security is time-consuming and costly affair, it is more likely a thing of daily practice. Having basic security practices in place can save developers from several potential consequences. I will try to answer this questions based on my experience in software development and working with multiple customers.

Developers App security concerns vary from company to company according to their development culture. If he/she is a Freelancer, then it depends upon their experience in Software Development. Here are some of the obvious reasons for app developers to adopt early security practices.

1. Bad Press

If the app is reported with a security breach, it will be part of news report and will lead to damage to its reputation.

2. Money loss

Security issues will result in huge financial loss depending upon the volume of the transaction if the application is dealing with online payments.

3. Rules and Regulation

Not implementing security app may draw startups to some serious legal issues.

Users are using mobile apps for every major and minor purpose. They are putting all their data within an app with trust that nobody will get it. Looking at the growing usage of mobile apps and users’ personal details within them, hackers are turning smarter to research on possible attack schemes in mobile platforms. Thus, taking care of security aspects is compulsory for any mobile app developer.

Back to your question: as per my opinion mobile app developers are more concerned about security aspects. If you visit a reputed app development company, then you must find that how much security matters are important for them. They put security at center during app development process.

Startups/companies to focus on mobile App security

As soon as your app shares sensitive data from consumers you should implement proper security. A reputation is hard to build but can easily be broken down when a data breach occurs. Mobile App security can also provides consumers a number of convenient login methods like fingerprint, eye recognition, voice recognition and PIN instead of a username/password combination. We all know username and passwords are a pain in the ass and ask yourself how many times have you requested a new password or even username for websites you rarely visit. A survey done in 2012 showed people between the age of 25 - 34 year old have an average of 40 online accounts, imagine the number of accounts nowadays.

I think when you have not experienced identity theft first hand it is hard to imagine what the implications are if some of your data is leaked. So being afraid of something you haven’t experienced yet is like being afraid of an earthquake in the Netherlands. Or a volcano eruption for that matter.

It is however IMO the responsibility of the app developer to ensure my online safety if he wants my business.

Look there are many freelancers and startups in the market developing the mobile application in cutting cost and prefer shortcuts to complete and deploy the apps. They have two to three targets in their mind:
  • Trendy designs
  • Bug free
  • Quick responsive
But they left the main concern which is SECURITY.

Generally third party API’s used in applications are encrypted but during the development of web services for the App, many PHP and JAVA developers still not using encrypted codes as Mobile app security which can be hacked in future and will result trouble and data crash in the app.

Conclusion: Clients should know what are the major requirements of his/her product which he needs from the service provider. He should clearly mention in the meetings and contract also about the technical requirements. So consultation is must before implementation. In general, you must focus on the analysis and research.

Author Bio: Deepak is entrepreneur marketer, developer, designer, storyteller, thinker, at iMOBDEV Technologies, a leading web & mobile app development company. We take pride in offering the best suitable IT solutions for start-ups, mid-size businesses, and large organizations.

10 Applications to Help with Home Renovations

From mapping out tasks to setting a budget, choosing paint colours and taking precise measurements, home renovation is a multifaceted process. These handy apps are bound to be very helpful for anyone thinking about re-modelling their home.

Here the infographic designed by en-titled with " 10 Apps to Help with Home Renovations " that clearly explain you how these applications will help for you.

Are you agree/disagree with this? Why? Feel free to leave a comment with your experiences. Have a Great Day!

The Ultimate Student App Guide [Infographics]

Being a student is both the best and the toughest years of your life. It represents a new dawn as you take your path towards your chosen career and you meet lots of new people and experience a huge amount of different scenarios through your study modules.

It’s an exciting time and certainly an interesting time but it can also be a very stressful time for many. Trying to deal with assignment deadlines, projects and of course exams can be overwhelming. It is very important to keep on top of your projects and other work in order to keep stress out of your life. Of course inevitably, closer to exam time and assignment deadline time, you will probably still feel a degree of stress but this can help with adrenaline and to keep you motivated.

Planning and organisation is required though to ensure you don’t fall behind so take time to set out your plans to cover what you need to cover in a timely manner. You might be a person who works best in a group or perhaps you can only get things done in isolation. Whatever you find works for you, focus on that and find your rhythm.

This infographic below from Study Medicine Europe goes through the many apps that are available for students to help them get through their revision and their studies efficiently. It is broken down into different segments in order to help them along in various aspects of their work. Check it out below.

Are you agree/disagree with this? Why? Feel free to leave a comment with your experiences. Have a Great Day!

How to Extract Data from a PDF on a Mobile Device?

How to Extract Data from a PDF on a Mobile Device

Working with PDF documents doesn’t need to be something that can be only be performed on a computer. You can always manage your PDF documents on a mobile device, such as an iPad or iPhone, and test your favorite tech pal with a totally new purpose. Whether you knew it or not, it is high time you started using your iPad for tasks that will result in better productivity than socializing.

So, the next time you need to pull out some data from your PDF document, why don’t you do it on your mobile device? Not only will you be able to complete your data editing tasks remotely, you will also save time by finishing your job on the go.

In case you are ready to put your iPad or iPhone to a productivity test, this is what you need to do:

Download this PDF to Excel mobile app for free here:

It requires 6.01 version of the iOS or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Once you install this mobile app, you will be able to convert both native and scanned PDF files to Excel.

Finally, these are the steps for extracting data from a PDF:
  • Open a PDF from your Google Drive, DropBox or OneDrive.
  • Click the share button which is usually placed in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Access PDF to Excel app via Open in menu.
  • The file is now being converted and once the conversion process is done, you will find the conversion result in the same folder where the original PDF is located.
How to Extract Data from a PDF on a Mobile Device

Okay, you have converted your PDF to Excel, now what? You just need an MS Office, Libre Office or any other app that will let you view MS Office formats. When you open your Excel file, you will see the very same data that was locked in the PDF. Now you can easily delete or add more data and make other possible edits.

It doesn’t matter where you are - as long as you have a mobile device and a decent Internet connection, you will be able to handle almost any type of document management task.

The Future is at Your Fingertips

The Future is at Your Fingertips

Smartphones have been around a long time but it is only recently they have taken over the youth by storm. Today’s generation is ruled and dictated by technology- be it two year old toddlers swiping left and right on iPads playing games or be it older citizens familiarizing themselves with the social scene and getting technologically educated.

A smartphone is a must have necessity in today’s world. From rickshaw drivers to conductors everyone wants the best when it comes to technology and it’s a rare sight to see anyone using an old school Nokia 1100. Bring life to your smartphone with these amazing apps that will greatly enhance your mobile phone experience.

Security Apps

Protecting your phone from malware and viruses is key to maintaining its performance. One of the best security apps is the Avast Mobile security app. Avast is a well-known name in anti-virus products and brings your phone a neat anti-virus that even allows you to back up data to the cloud along with malware protection.

The Future is at Your Fingertips

With its user friendly interface and great performance, this should surely be one of the first apps you download on your new phone.

News Apps

Knowledge brings unlimited power and liberation. If you’re well aware about events around you then you’re sure to get noticed be it at your work place or amongst your friends. Keep abreast with global news in any domain be it sports, politics, economics or entertainment.

The Future is at Your Fingertips

Download the Google Play Newsstand which brings in-depth articles along with videos and audio so you never miss any news again. Empower yourself for knowledge never goes waste.

Music Apps

It is said the right music can either make you remember everything or make you forget everything. Music washes away the dust of the soul and our lives truly would be dull without music to compliment different life situations.

The Future is at Your Fingertips

To make your music really come alive, download Poweramp which is a treat for music lovers. With customizable themes, make this app your own and unleash your music onto the world with features like equaliser, crossfade and other amazing features. This app is sure to keep you busy.

Photography Apps

Your phone understands not everyone is a Picasso and not everyone can afford a DSLR. With a good quality camera which is backed with a good photography app, you can let out the Van Gogh residing inside you and add effects, frames, texts and filters that would put the best celebrityinstagrampics to shame.

The Future is at Your Fingertips

The one app that truly brings out the artist in you is Bonfire Photo Editor that has amazing features including realistic painting filters which let you convert a photograph into an oil painting, impressionist and finger painted master pieces. This is a one of a kind app that is sure to mesmerize you.

Productivity Apps

Ever had that awkward moment where you bump into someone and they know exactly who you are but you are totally clueless the way you were during Inception? (seriously what was the deal with that totem in the end?) Well there is only so much the human brain can remember.

The Future is at Your Fingertips

This is why Humin is the perfect app for you which takes down notes and reminds you exactly where and how you met someone. If only Ted had this app in How I Met Your Mother we wouldn’t have needed 9 seasons to find out the end. Just ask your phone who you “met last week” and let it do the rest for you!

There are undoubtedly countless and numerous apps out there each serving to make our life simpler, faster and convenient. These are just a few apps which are sure to give your smart phone a cool make over and make your phone even more Irresistible to use.

Google’s Picks for Best Apps, Games, Albums and Movies of 2014

Now, the time is to say good bye to 2014 - an exciting year for tech and Google has unveiled its “best of” list for 2014, which includes Android apps and games.

Google picks the list based on total number of downloads in each category. Apart from apps, the company also named the best-selling albums and films for the year. Everything mentioned below is available through the Google Play Store and recommended for downloading right now.

Best Android Apps of 2014

Google selected the most downloaded apps from each of the following categories: Education, Health & Fitness, Music, Photography, Social, Entertainment, Sports, and Travel. Health & Fitness was also named the fastest growing.
  • Education: Duolingo (Free) - Learn languages like Spanish, French, etc
  • Entertainment: Netflix (Free) - Stream films and TV shows, including old and new stuff
  • Health & Fitness: MyFitnessPal (Free) - Keep a diet journal and count calories
  • Music: Pandora (Free) - Stream tunes from curated internet radio stations
  • Photography: Flipagram (Free) - Create music video-like stories from your photos
  • Social: Facebook (Free) - Connect and network with friends and family
  • Sports: NFL Mobile (Free) - Get football news, in-game highlights, live game scores, etc
  • Travel: TripAdvisor (Free) - Plan a trip based on other travelers' reviews, photos, etc
Best Android Games of 2014

Google selected the most downloaded games in 2014, overall. It also announced Play Games users unlocked 3.5 billion achievements throughout the year.
  • Candy Crush Saga (Free) - Play a puzzle video game starring candy
  • Don’t Tap The White Tile (Free) - Do exactly what the game title says
  • Farm Heroes Saga (Free) - From the makers of Candy Crush; switch and match crops
  • Subway Surfers (Free) - Help Jake and friends escape by dashing and dodging trains
  • Clash of Clans (Free) - Build your village and keep raiders out
Best Film, TV Show, and Album of 2014

Google listed everything from the best comeback film to the most searched actor on Google Play, but we'll focus on what you really want to know: the best film, TV show, and album of the year.
  • Film: Frozen ($14.99 to buy) - Musical fantasy-comedy film by Disney
  • TV show: The Walking Dead ($1.99 per episode) - Zombie apocalypse show by AMC
  • Album: Frozen ($9.49 to buy) - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Disney's Frozen
A blog post highlighting the exact list above is available on the official Android blog. And also check the Google's last year(2013) best apps and games here.

5 Apps That are Getting Popular These Days

It's 2014 and of course, there are simply a lot of new things to discover and explore. Well, in the field of technology there are simply a big room to discover new stuff that will certainly become part of everyday life. Things that many people might love or might hate in the long run. It is not that surprising that even before 2013 ends there are simply a lot of apps that are starting to get the attention with. But, it is also expected that this year there are apps that are worth to download for this who are Android users.
5 Apps That are Getting Popular These Days
There are lots of list of apps to look out for, but for now it's better to focus on the top five Androids apps that users can really enjoy the most.

1. Flipagram

It will not be surprising at all that this app will certainly be one of the most popular app. The fact that it's easy to use and well a convenient way to create some short videos in which images comes from your Gallery or even in Instagram. What makes it the best app is that it simply lets you choose a soundtrack.

5 Apps That are Getting Popular These Days


2. Waze

One of the apps that almost everyone are looking forward. If your are the type of person who seems to be always outside, might as well start thinking of downloading "Waze". This will definitely be your perfect on the road. This is a convenient way to avoid all the possible frustrations in traffic and how you can avoid some traffic accident. This is simply one of the best GPS Navigation app that users can rely on.

5 Apps That are Getting Popular These Days


3. WhatsApp Messenger

Just like the creation of Viber and other messenger apps, WhatsApp is also something to look forward with. The usual exchange of message, audio notes, videos, pictures and others are expected. The "timestamp" is considered to be an advantage part of the WhatsApp. Users does not also need to send some sort of friend request to send to another user.

5 Apps That are Getting Popular These Days


4. Mint

For some who would like to be more wise in making their 2014 budget. Mint can be the right app for you. This will definitely help you keep track your bills, income and the way you spend. This is simply a must for those who want to make some change in the way they spend for this year 2014.

5 Apps That are Getting Popular These Days


5. PicsArt

Being creative when it comes to editing some pictures are something that can really fun to do since pictures can easily be gathered. Editing pictures like a professional does are simply hard but seems possible with this app.

5 Apps That are Getting Popular These Days


Apps are simply something to look forward no matter what. Since it does make your life exciting plus the fact that you tend to discover thing and be able to experience all of it. Nowadays it's simply easy to download anything but what matters is that to actually have some idea on what are the trending apps that are simply worthy enough to be downloaded.

Author's Bio: Luz Barnett, a Creative Writing Degree student and a part-time writer of best essays for quite sometime now. A dreamer and traveller in her in own world, free-spirited and creative of student. A tech- savvy and loves to explore new things.

MAdLock - The Android Based Lockscreen to Earn Money

There are many locks are in Google Play Store but the key to earn money is MAdLock. MAdLock is an Android lock screen application which displays beautiful ads on the Lock screen of a Smartphone as well as you can earn up-to Rs.300 per month by installing and using it. User will earn by just viewing the ads.
MAdLock - The Android Based Lockscreen to Earn Money

What are you waiting for... A registration bonus of Rs. 10 is available for all users. Take this opportunity and install MAdLock- A Mobile Lock Screen App. Also, refer your friend and earn 10% bonus on your friend's earning. While registration If you add reference code then you will get Rs. 10 as Referral Bonus.

Features of MAdLock
  • Advertise based on interest areas.
  • Creative Ad Wallpapers for Lock screen.
  • Engage with your favourite ads.
  • Get paid on daily basis
  • Refer your friend to get 10% bonus on his "My Earning"
  • Redeem and spend your Money in the form you wish: mobile balance, bank transfer
Referral System
  • You are entitled for 10% on your friends "My Earning", which will reflect in your "Referral Earning". You friend who uses your referral code can earn Rs 10 as "Referral Bonus" after successful registration with MAdLock.
  • So, if your friend earn Rs 2, you will entitled for Rs 0.10 as referral bonus.
  • So, if you invited 100 friends & they earn Rs 200 as "My Earning", your referral bonus will be 10% on their "My Earning" that is Rs 20 per day, So in that way Rs 600 per month.
MAdLock - The Android Based Lockscreen to Earn Money

Most important thing how you can actually redeem your reward points
  1. Your MAdLock money will increase on daily basis, which you can check from "MAdLock Manager -> Money" section.
  2. Before Redeem the money, you required to verify your email address.
  3. To Redeem, your "Current Balance" should be Rs 150+.
  4. Redemption process can take 7-10 working days.
  5. You can redeem money in the following ways
  • Mobile Prepaid Top Up ( Min Balance Rs 150 )
  • Mobile Bill Payment ( Min Balance Rs 150)
  • Transfer to your Bank Account ( Min Balance Rs 300 )
Tips to Earn with MAdLock
  • Install the app from Google Play.
  • Open the app.
  • Sign up with "MAdLock" to get ads & start earning ( Referral Code - 245VPI).
  • Drag the "Lock" right on screen to unlock mobile.
  • Drag the "Lock" left to engage with ads.
  • Refer your friend with "Invite Friend" option, and get 10% bonus on friends "My Earning".
  • Check the latest updates, messages, alerts, tips in "Notification" section.
  • Update your profile to get more accurate ads, from "Profile" section.
  • Update your Interest area, so we can serve you ads related to your interest, from "Interest" section.
  • Check your earning daily from "Money" section.
  • Any feedback, suggestion, issues feel free to contact MAdLock team at [email protected]
  • Android 2.3 Ginger Bread or higher
  • Screen Resolution: 240 X 320 or higher
  • Internet Data: 10MB Per Month.
Download Link:

Note: This application is limited for use in India only. Use or access of this application from country other than India is unauthorised.

Enjoy, Engage & Earn using MAdLock.

For detailed information regarding redemption, FAQs, etc. Visit

Best Android Hosting and Web Development Apps

Best Android Hosting and Web Development Apps

Here are seven apps that you may use in order to host and develop your website. The apps are all different in their own way, and it would be a good idea if a web designer or developer were to use them all. Still, it may be that you do not need to use them all, but they each serve a different purpose that many web developers and non-web developers may enjoy.

1. JavaScript Reference

As a web developer you cannot be expected to remember every single JavaScript command or function. That is why it is a good idea to have a reference app handy so you can look up what you need when you need it. It is also good if you are still learning JavaScript. It is sometimes easier to just look through the app for something that is useable rather than having to hit the books or the online directories.

It is a handy convenience tool. This is a great tool if you have to come back to JavaScript that you wrote a few months before. You can look up all of the functions that you used but have forgotten about. The same is true if you are taking over from somebody else on a project. They often use functions that the next developer is not accustomed to using, and having this app handy helps you to see what they were getting at.

2. Webmaster's HTML Editor Lite

Having a good editor makes the life of any programmer a lot easier. It is good having a HTML editor that you can set to work with the code you are currently typing out. Like a lot of editors, it will highlight certain pieces of code if it feels you may have made a mistake or may have written the code with an incorrect syntax. Its color coding and highlight functions make working on your HTML code a lot easier.

3. Analytix for Google Analytics

Every website developer likes to use some form of analytics, even if only to check his or her progress. This tool uses Google Analytics to give you information on your website and it does it in what is almost real time. It is good for improving your SEO on your website and helps you to create a better website that is actually more search engine friendly and Google Analytics friendly too.

4. kWS - Android Web Server

This is a very basic web server that you can use with your Android mobile. Android is based on a Linux operating system which means that you may sometimes notice differences when you access other web servers. However, you will not notice the difference when you use this app and access one website server to another. It is a basic tool that runs a basic service.

5. View Web Source

You are able to do this sort of thing on most web browsers these days; however, it is not a commonly seen thing on the Android web browser. You can use this tool to get a quick and convenient look at the source code of a website so that you may copy little bits of just have a look at how they have done certain things. It is really only a tool that a website designer or developer would like. It allows you to enter the URL of the website you want to look at and it brings up the source code.

6. AndFTP

This tool will allow you to transfer your files via the standard FTP protocols. It also allows you to send information via the SFTP, FTPS and SCP protocols too. It will allow you to set up a number of servers and it has a device file browser and you can rename your folders, copy them, delete them and create folders. It is good for the fact it gives you options as to how you send your files and how you manage them. There are plenty of developer friendly reasons to use this tool.

7. WordPress for Android

As a web developer then you may not like the idea of using a content management system, but most people do not have any web design skills. So, to those people having something such as the WordPress content management system on their Android is rather handy. The app gives you many of the benefits of WordPress, and it may prove a handy app for if you are looking to make edits whilst on the move, though you can create new pages if you wish.

Author Bio: Kate Funk is the author of numerous essays on apps, SEO, internet, marketing from Aussiessay. You are welcome to contact Kate on Facebook.

FxGuru for Android and iPhone to Add Hollywood Visual Effects to Any of Your Video

Are you bored with your mobile videos and want to became a professional film director / editor - Here the FxGuru for Android was developed by Picadelic, to Add the fun and excitement of big-budget Hollywood sci-fi and action movie effects to any of your video.

FxGuru for Android and iPhone

With FxGuru you can:
  • A huge assortment of visual FX from explosive action scenes to heart-pounding sci-fi
  • Proprietary MotionMatch™ technology enables targeted camera and background movement during filming, dramatically enhancing realism. What used to take hours of processing on expensive hardware can now be done in minutes on your phone.
  • Effects that last over ten seconds give you time for enhanced creativity
  • Virtual Decals provide guidance for each effect to align your shots seamlessly
  • Easily share your videos on top social media sites like YouTube or Facebook
3 Effects included with free version
  • Capture an old Satellite as it crashing to earth
  • Film a UFO landing craft as it roars overhead
  • Direct an explosive TNT Barrel destroying anything nearby
FxGuru for Android and iPhone

A wide variety of effects are available for in-app purchase, including:
  • Sci-Fi Movie / Futuristic / Alien FX: Mech Attack
  • Action Movie / Weapons / Military FX: Flamethrower
  • UFO Arrival
  • UFO Invasion
  • UFO Calling
  • Alien Probe
  • Meteor Strike
  • Cruise Missiles
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Bunker Buster
  • Grenade
  • Building Demolition
  • Rocket Launcher
Just sit back and Watch this video to know more visually about this app.

The FxGuru requires Android version of 2.2 and up


Smartphone Apps for Your Home Theater

SmartPhone Apps for Home Theater
Customize your home theater room is something that most people enjoy. But what do you do if you have already installed and customized your massive speakers and has mounted TVs screens with Blu-ray player and still you need to properly organize your home theater and properly install everything in order. Do not optimize your home theater experience will large cost, If you want go for an economical option for the installation, there are smartphone apps and related available in market which are quite help for organizing home theater and also for their installation.

As we know that, home theater applications are well advanced and they can be used in the phone as a remote control. But as the technology has advanced a lot, Apps can now enhance your home theater experience in a ton of creative and useful ways. And the best part is, it will not cost you too much and you can easily manage your home theatre with it. In this article we tried to short list types of applications that are perfect for any home theater system.

There are apps for everything these days and home theater rooms are no exception. If you're looking for ways to the manage lights, close the blinds and turn on the screen, with latest technologies available this can be done with a touch screen. The only requirement for this application is your mobile phone. Free Universal Remote Apps and Andriod Apps are available . You can connect to home theater devices and systems, with an app allowing you to control your entire home from the palm, smartphone.

If you need to calibrate the speakers, there's an app for that too. Instead of running around your living room every area, you can perfectly align your house with an app, you can download a free app from Apple and Andriod store. The examples include like: home theatre controller from Yamaha and home theatre system from Bigo.

You want to make sure you hear every twig snap and see every single hair out of place on the screen. You can download a free app from android store, it can calculate your audio system and video system to an easy to use and will ensure you get the best possible picture quality and sound “T " . Even if you do not know, one of the most complicated techniqes words, there are apps available in the market to clarify all this. If you wondered if it is free or not, which it is good for a surprise, its free! Examples include: Miku home, Samsung Smart Home Control, Mobile Centre theatre Group and many more.

If you are sure you want to lose the hook of the story greater or fight scene in your favorite movie, you can download an app that will help you manage you activity accordingly. You will never miss an important movie again and again now. There are many apps available for that, such as the Super Bowl.

With a movie theater at home your family will stay happy for long. As you comfortably manage you fancy equipment quite comfortably. IF will smartphone app store we can found many apps now iOS, Android and Microsoft have different names for these applications, like apps introduced by enterprise mobility and there are some that work better than others, of course there are some you can pay for as well, but why would you do that? Take a few minutes to what you need to look, and prepare for a day of installation.

Google’s Picks for Best Apps and Best Games of 2013

Google’s Picks for Best Apps and Best Games of 2013

Google started early with two Play Store collections bringing together some of the best apps and games of the year.

The 14-strong best apps list include staples like TuneIn Radio, Wunderlist and Aviary, but also a few more niche-focused apps like SigFig, a stock and finances management app, Toca Hair Salon 2, a kids-focused salon simulator, and The Whole Pantry, a gorgeous cooking app. In fact, if there’s one thing that all the apps on Google’s list share is their functional and beautiful design - if you want to understand what good Android app design looks like, this list is a great starting point.

Here are Google’s best apps of 2013

  • Runtastic Running & Fitness
  • Umano: News Read to You
  • Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
  • We Heart It
  • Toca Hair Salon 2
  • The Whole Pantry
  • theScore: Sports & Scores
  • Circa News
  • Magisto Video Editor & Maker
  • Wunderlist – To-do & Task List
  • 500px — Inspiring Photos
  • SigFig – Stocks & Investments
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Photo Editor by Aviary
Moving on to Google’s Best Games of 2013 collection, some big names make unsurprising appearances. Plants vs Zombies 2, Asphalt 8, Anomaly 2, Real Racing 3 or Clash of Clans are hugely popular with mobile gamers everywhere. Other games on the list are less known, but just as fun. We’re glad to see on the list the minimalist space strategy rymdkapsel and the quirky retro RPG 10000000, but the list truly has something for everyone.

Here are Google’s best games of 2013

  • DragonVale
  • Real Racing 3
  • Cytus
  • The Simpsons™: Tapped Out
  • Despicable Me
  • Clash of Clans
  • DEER HUNTER 2014
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II Free
  • Plants vs. Zombies™ 2
  • Into the Dead
  • FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • 10000000
  • rymdkapsel
  • Containment The Zombie Puzzler
  • Dots: A Game About Connecting
  • Anomaly 2
  • Rayman Fiesta Run
  • Juice Cubes
  • The Blockheads
  • Heroes of Dragon Age
What do you think of Google’s choices for best apps and best games of 2013? Do they match your own choices?

Source: Google Play, Android Authority

5 Android Apps to Analyze Your Website

5 Android Apps to Analyze Your Website

There are quite a few Android apps for checking and analyzing your website. It is probably because creating an app that uses an online tool as its resource is not difficult. It is like creating an app that produces Google search engine results (it isn’t difficult). This also means that there are a lot of bad Android apps out there for analyzing your website. Here are five Android apps that many people say are still good by the fact that they started good and that they have not yet had a damaging update, nor have they gone out of date.

1. gAnalytics

With this app you can see your Google Analytics data whilst using your Android phone. It makes checking your data a little more convenient, and you can use it more often and more efficiently. You can see your data on charts and you are able to see your information in a manual manner.

There are chart designs on the app that help you see how your information is being processed and that help you to pick trough your data a little easier. The design is simple but it works in order to optimize the information for your viewing. You can see your Google statistics and metrics, and you can pick through specialized data such as your bounce rates or how long people have been looking at your site when they visit. It makes the whole process of checking your Google Analytics a lot easier and efficient.

2. Ganalyticz

This is an analytics app that has a very similar name to the one of the other apps on this list. This is because it does a similar thing and because there are a lot of these types of apps (as said in the introduction). It gives you your Google Analytics data in easy to understand packets and it is a free app that allows you to see special details such as bounce rates and keyword popularity. It shows you all of this with a simple and easy to understand interface, which makes it a very easy app to learn how to use.

3. mAnalytics

This app mines information from the Google Analytics program and then presents it to you in its own way. Once you are used to the app, you may find it an easier and more efficient way of checking your online metrics such as page visitor numbers and bounce rates.

The results are displayed in an easy to understand manner and are set out so that they fit the size of your screen. You are able to make the app give you regular reports on certain metrics, and it will show you where your traffic is coming from and may even give you information to help you rank further up the search engine results pages.

4. DroidAnalytics

It sounds like an app that you would use if you were a Star Wars fan, but it is actually an analytics app that has been created to work on Android phones. It is well crafted and it will allow you to store years of analytic information on the app.

You can see things such as how many people visited your website and how much traffic you have lost and gained over a certain period of time. It tells you how much traffic you got on certain days, and it gives you all of this information on very easy to read charts and graphics. The app is set out to be easy to use on Android phones and to be efficient and fast to use on Android phones too.

5. Analytix

This is an app that gives you information that you may otherwise find on the Google Analytics program. It shows you things that you could see on a desktop computer if you had the Google Analytics GUI open. This means that a lot of the normally compressed information you see on Smartphones is freely available and open for you to look at, reference and use.

The app is not a large or complex app, and it does not even take a long time to download. This means that it is a fairly light program, which is probably why it works so fast. You can see all the details you would normally see on the desktop version, so you can see things such as what days people visited and from where they visited. You can see your referral pages and even see how much money you have made or what keywords are bringing people to your website.

Author Bio: Kate Funk is a freelance writer at Aussie Writer. She is mainly focusing on technology, gadgets and all the latest SEO trends which are interesting for networking enthusiasts.

5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter

When talking about keys to success in the modern business world, a concept that is constantly brought up is that of productivity. Productivity is a measure of efficiency in work - the ratio between input and output. It’s no surprise then that so many people, whether businesspeople, students or anyone else, are constantly looking for tools and tips to increase productivity in their everyday lives.

5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter

When it comes to managing electronic documents, Able2Extract PDF Converter is a software solution that ranks high on many lists of professional productivity tools. It is a professional utility for converting PDFs to other, more editable document formats. Coming from PDF-industry leaders Investintech, Able2Extract 8 Professional provides a wide range of features that help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Here are five ways the software can shift your productivity into a higher gear.

1. Turn paper documents into accessible e-documents

Paper documents seem to have become a thing of the past, but they are still used, make no mistake. Most commonly, they will end up getting scanned into PDF files for ease of distribution and archiving. However, trying to access these scanned paper documents and edit them could be a real pain - but not with Able2Extract Professional8 The software’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology allows users to easily and accurately extract both text and images from scanned PDF and convert that information into an editable file format such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter

2. Convert multiple PDFs at once

If you have a huge number of archived PDFs that you need to convert for editing purposes, going through them one by one while using an online conversion service or something similar would be the opposite of productivity enhancement. Able2Extract has a batch conversion option that allows users to convert a multiple PDFs into editable documents at once, saving you a huge amount of time and energy in the process.

5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter

3. Easily extract any data from any PDF into MS Office formats

Able2Extract PDF Converter offers a huge variety of conversion options. Thanks to this, you will be able to find the right conversion format no matter what your profession is and what type of documents you most commonly use. With Able2Extract, users can convert their PDFs into MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. It also enables PDF conversion to AutoCAD formats, Image formats, HTML and even Open Office. But the software’s selection options are what take productivity to a completely new level – there is no need to convert a 1,000-page-long PDF if all you need is to export a single table to Microsoft Excel or one chapter of that long report that you need to improve in MS Word.

4. Convert text and PDF documents into ready-to-publish web-pages
5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter

Do you have a PDF or other text document that you want to publish as a web-page as soon as possible? Or maybe just part of your PDF, like a table? No problem at all - select the content and choose the PDF to HTML conversion option within Able2Extract Standard or Professional and you’ll get an HTML file ready to upload to your website!

5. Pinpoint the data you need converted

Sometimes you need to convert only bits and pieces of a PDF, not the whole thing. Able2Extract PDF Converter range of products allow users to pinpoint exactly the content that they want to convert without having to convert the entire PDF file and then edit down the information to the data they need. Select a paragraph, a page, table, image or any other part of your PDF and convert it to a desired format.This is yet another feature that allows users to save enormous amounts of time and increase productivity when dealing with electronic documents. And, if you’re a productivity junkie, you’ll certainly find more ways to save time with Able2Extract PDF Converter. Go ahead, download Able2Extract 8 standard or pro version and try free for 7 days. Then come back here and share your tips for boosting productivity in the comments!

For Mobile

Able2Extract PDF Converter is also available for smartphones and tablets that provides accurate and high quality conversions on the go. It is a lightweight mobile PDF solution to easily create and convert PDF files to and from editable Microsoft Office documents right from your Android or iOS phone in just two simple taps, and unlike other mobile converters - for free!

5 Obvious Ways to Power-Up Productivity with Able2Extract PDF Converter


Evernote App - A Complete Solution for Note-Keeping

Evernote App - A Complete Solution for Note-Keeping

Evernote is one of the most well-known Andriod App that is designed for note taking and arching data. It allows users to add note for as a voice message, text message, a photograph and most amazingly handwritten note. Evernote is also known as cloud intelligent it enables mobile phones to synchronize data between your device and cloud storage. This free app offers a monthly storage of 60MB and you can upgrade premium if you need more space. It acts not only as a backup, but you can save “notebooks “the data in the form of  “notes ". This way you can share your pictures, videos, URLs, tasks to organize text in an easy way remindful, and most importantly you can recover your data if you have lost your data.

Notes Synchronization

Evernote dose data synchronization in a quite simplified way. When the user gets connected to the Internet, user can easily synch “notes” via its online account. Since you can sync Evernote with many platforms and devices you may encounter some problems if your data is not in sync. Like let’s a scenario, the Evernote user has two operating systems Windows-7 32 bit version and 64 bit version. He had Evernote desktop client installed on both operating systems. He had customized his Evernote synchronized settings to every 30 minutes and the output. This happened in the 32 - bit operating system. But he went into the 64 - bit operating system and had some changes made in the previous “notes “that he created in 32 - bit OS. But somehow he forgot to synchronize changes to the system ,if he changes back to the 32-bit operating system and recognizes the changes ,he has to go back in 64 - bit OS, only to find that the changes still existed and when both OS got connected with internet they got easily synchronized. The User can easily customize changes and sent notes accordingly. So, If you are facing same kind of problem, do not worry. Evernote has some legal recovery solutions that benefits users to not to lose changes. Evernote saves changes in a notebook site called “conflicting changes“. 


Evernote App is best App for those who loves taking notes of everything. It is ideal app for those who are facing data security problem and data recovery problems. Evernote unique features like Sending Voice Memos to unique users have given Evernote a unique competitive advantage over other apps available in the market. Its interface is quite user-friendly, allows users to complete tasks professionally.

Author Bio: This article is contributed by Heather Hess. She is professional Andriod App Developer in leading company in California. She has done lot of research on most emerging mobile apps in market.

Photo Album App for iPhone, iPad and Android - The Advanced photo Book and Album App

Photo Album is the most unique and advanced photo book and album app. Yeah! We do realize, everyone says that about their app so it is a little hard to believe. Right?

Photo Album App for iPhone, iPad and Android

Features of Photo Album
  • Automatically create albums, based on GPS Location data, Ratings, Tags, EXIF Data, Date etc. Tags can be read from other popular software like adobe photoshop, adobe bridge, lightroom, apple iphoto, microsoft photo app and so on
  • Only app that also works as a full-fledged photo organization tool with folders.
  • Add cliparts and shapes to albums
  • Text layers to spice up your albums with captions. 
  • Free drawing tool to add your creativity in albums. Go crazy with paint.
  • Export high resolution PDF files for your albums.
  • Manage individual layers on album page. Reorder or Edit layers with context sensitive tools.
  • EXIF/Metatag support to filter photos easily and create albums on the fly.
Photo Album App for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Control shadow, opacity and colors for various elements in album
  • Undo/Redo actions for ease of use.
  • Borders/Frames to photos.
  • Lock individual elements or whole pages.
  • Background Image or color for albums.
  • Share your creation with world on social media, email or save to library.
  • Import photos wirelessly from PC or Mac or add from library/camera
  • Create folders to organize photos
  • Gesture controlled intuitive interface. Use standard iOS gestures to copy/move your photos in albums, transfer between folders, rotate and so on.
  • Filter photos based on tags, EXIF, Meta Tags, rating, size, date range etc. 
  • Sort photos on multiple parameters at once. 
  • Show photos on map with location data.
  • Slideshow with Music. Duh! (Albums and photos)
Photo Album App for iPhone, iPad and Android

So what do you think! Still planning to carry on with traditional albums? 

Download Photo Album and transform your iPad into your album collection. Use Photo Album app to conveniently create collage, mood boards, albums and photobooks with minimal efforts. Because photos are memories and memories are forever!


Click here to download Photo Album from App Store for $4.99. The app requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

The Developers of the App developing the Android version and going to release soon.

Note: When adding photos from library, iOS doesn’t provide date or original name of the photos so app uses a custom naming convention and takes transfer date as creation date.

The Big Toss: Cricket Application for iPhone and Android to Become The Master Blaster

Hello my dear Cricket fans do you want to become The Master Blaster, The Cricket Guru or Mr. Cricket?, The Big Toss Application is the perfect gamified experience for today’s smart and social Cricket fan. It allows Cricket fans to live and share their passion for the game on the go.

Big Toss: Cricket Application for iPhone and Android

Rally friends and challenge them in predicting outcomes. Earn bragging rights by scoring big – notch up fifties and centuries just like your favourite cricketers do. Keep track of the latest cricket buzz with live scores update, analysis, highlights and news. Discover and discuss those close finishes, exciting knocks, all the googlies and controversies - Cheer those you love and Boo the ones you don't.

Get rewarded for your passion for the game, earn Karma coins and trophies along the way. The Big Toss is not just a game, it’s an experience. It’s an app for the True Cricket Fan!

  • Predictions Game - Answer live questions for every match you follow and earn points for right predictions! Put your expertise to the test, challenge and compare scores with friends!
  • Unlock Trophies through smart play (comes bundled with bragging rights) – Bring on the envy!- Live scores and updates for all matches - ICC, IPL, India-Pakistan, The Ashes, CricketWorldCup and other tournaments, in all forms of the game (Test Cricket, ODIs, T20)
  • Highlights and Analysis of every match
  • Discuss and banter with friends and the rest of the world about Cricket. Boo, Cheer, Comment and Share your cricketing experiences with all!
  • Read the latest news about the world of cricket, players, matches, teams etc.
  • Notifications when your favourite teams are playing
  • Top the Leaderboard and showcase it along with your trophies!
  • Conveniently connect to The Big Toss and your friends using Facebook and Twitter
Big Toss: Cricket Application for iPhone and Android

How to Play
  • ‘Follow’ a match to start playing.
  • Answer questions and predict outcomes like the winner of the toss, winner of the match, highest opening partnership etc.
  • Earn runs for right answers, which in turn increases your ‘Karma’ Coins.
  • Redeem your Karma in the store for ‘power plays’ that help you do better!
Download The Big Toss App now to connect with other enthusiastic cricket fans the world over. After all, what’s cricket without its fans?

  • Click here to download Big Toss App for your iPhone from App Store.
  • Click here to download Big Toss App for your Android Device from Play Store.
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