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This is the time to make guest post at TechSemo. You are reading this, becoz you have interest in writing guest aricle for us.

We at TechSemo believe that you making a guest posting service on our site will help you to get inbound links and as well traffic for your website. Although guest posting is not only for driving traffic to one's website, is a very powerful way to gain exposure and introduce your website / blog on the internet world.

You can write on the following topics
  • Technology, Computers and Gadgets
  • Social Media
  • Softwares
  • Internet
  • Webmaster and Blogging Tips
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Forex Trading and Insurance
  • Make Money Online
Let us know if you want to write on any other topic

Not Allowed
  • Duplicate Content and Content
  • Self Promoted Posts/Articles
  • Affiliate Links in Articles
  • Paid or Sponsored Articles/Links
  • Too Short and Unprofessionally written
  • Fake Author Info Or Fake Name
  • Link to Bad Sites/ Banned sites/ Adult Sites/ Warez Sites OR Blogs
  • NSFW Images or Links (Not Safe For Work)
  • Copyrighted Images,Icons,Banners or Logos in Post
How to Submit Your Articles to Us?
  • Add Headings, Sub Headings and avoid long/lengthy paragraphs.
  • Add at least one relevant image in your article. (Image width must be 540px). If your article is about applications, softwares, tools or tutorials then you must attach the screen shots and the download links.
  • Provide us your Author Bio with your valid details, Your Blog/Website Link or your social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or whatever you like using nofollow tags.
  • Your article must contain minimum 500 words (recommended) as this required for SEO.
After writing a quality and unique article with accordance to our guidelines mentioned above, just copy fill down the below form and simply send your article in .doc or .docx format to our email address

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Terms and Conditions
  • As per our website stats, $15-25 (guest post with do-follow backlink) otherwise your links are published with no-follow tag.
  • Send only 1 article at a time. Multiple articles in a single email is not allowed.
  • Once you have send the article, kindly don’t send another email for follow up. It will cause in further delays because your email will go to the top of the emails. We read emails from the bottom. Allow us at least 7 days to review your article.
  • The post you submitted to TechSemo is our asset, and you are not allowed to republish the article in any other website / blog.
  • We monitor all our content on regularly through a very reliable service called "Copyscape.com". If any article submitted to our blog is found anywhere on the web, we will instantly delete the article from our website.
  • We reserve the right to remove any link from a article, image or photo, sentence or word from the article, or the whole article.
  • As a guest writer, it is your duty to reply to each of all the comments posted on your articles. If you fail to reply to the comments individually within a maximum period of 3 days; We reserve the right to disable your Author Bio and Eventually delete your links from the author by-line.
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The Terms and Conditions can change at any time, so make sure to read the latest Terms before writing for us.
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