Best Android Hosting and Web Development Apps

2/18/2014 By Techsemo

Best Android Hosting and Web Development Apps

Here are seven apps that you may use in order to host and develop your website. The apps are all different in their own way, and it would be a good idea if a web designer or developer were to use them all. Still, it may be that you do not need to use them all, but they each serve a different purpose that many web developers and non-web developers may enjoy.

1. JavaScript Reference

As a web developer you cannot be expected to remember every single JavaScript command or function. That is why it is a good idea to have a reference app handy so you can look up what you need when you need it. It is also good if you are still learning JavaScript. It is sometimes easier to just look through the app for something that is useable rather than having to hit the books or the online directories.

It is a handy convenience tool. This is a great tool if you have to come back to JavaScript that you wrote a few months before. You can look up all of the functions that you used but have forgotten about. The same is true if you are taking over from somebody else on a project. They often use functions that the next developer is not accustomed to using, and having this app handy helps you to see what they were getting at.

2. Webmaster's HTML Editor Lite

Having a good editor makes the life of any programmer a lot easier. It is good having a HTML editor that you can set to work with the code you are currently typing out. Like a lot of editors, it will highlight certain pieces of code if it feels you may have made a mistake or may have written the code with an incorrect syntax. Its color coding and highlight functions make working on your HTML code a lot easier.

3. Analytix for Google Analytics

Every website developer likes to use some form of analytics, even if only to check his or her progress. This tool uses Google Analytics to give you information on your website and it does it in what is almost real time. It is good for improving your SEO on your website and helps you to create a better website that is actually more search engine friendly and Google Analytics friendly too.

4. kWS - Android Web Server

This is a very basic web server that you can use with your Android mobile. Android is based on a Linux operating system which means that you may sometimes notice differences when you access other web servers. However, you will not notice the difference when you use this app and access one website server to another. It is a basic tool that runs a basic service.

5. View Web Source

You are able to do this sort of thing on most web browsers these days; however, it is not a commonly seen thing on the Android web browser. You can use this tool to get a quick and convenient look at the source code of a website so that you may copy little bits of just have a look at how they have done certain things. It is really only a tool that a website designer or developer would like. It allows you to enter the URL of the website you want to look at and it brings up the source code.

6. AndFTP

This tool will allow you to transfer your files via the standard FTP protocols. It also allows you to send information via the SFTP, FTPS and SCP protocols too. It will allow you to set up a number of servers and it has a device file browser and you can rename your folders, copy them, delete them and create folders. It is good for the fact it gives you options as to how you send your files and how you manage them. There are plenty of developer friendly reasons to use this tool.

7. WordPress for Android

As a web developer then you may not like the idea of using a content management system, but most people do not have any web design skills. So, to those people having something such as the WordPress content management system on their Android is rather handy. The app gives you many of the benefits of WordPress, and it may prove a handy app for if you are looking to make edits whilst on the move, though you can create new pages if you wish.

Author Bio: Kate Funk is the author of numerous essays on apps, SEO, internet, marketing from Aussiessay. You are welcome to contact Kate on Facebook.
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