Image to Word: The OCR Game Changer

10/26/2016 By Techsemo
Image to Word: The OCR Game Changer
Image to Word is a mobile app that came out of the Comet-docs workshop some time ago, and it has recently been updated with some cool new features. Here are some of the new and improved aspects of Image to Word mobile app:
  • Two ways of converting images - via camera and from your gallery
  • No limits on the number of conversions, or size of the file being converted
  • Ease of access to the sharing centre
  • Optimal output document format - .docx
  • Files can be previewed once converted for quick and efficient analysis
  • Image to Word allows you to convert screenshots as well as other photos
  • You can run conversions while the app itself is not working
  • File safety - your files get deleted from the Comet-docs server 24hr after conversion
So, let’s quickly go over all of these changes, and what they actually mean to the user per sec.

You can now convert your files in 2 ways, from the gallery or by taking a photo on spot. This will significantly make converting paper documents easier because you don't have to scan them or even upload/download them. You can simply follow the guidelines given within the app by clicking on Options and then Guide for better results. This will show you the correct way to take a photo in order for it to be optimal for high end conversion.

No limits on the number of conversions and file size is pretty self explanatory. You can convert as many files as you want and they can be as big as you want them to be. Aside from that, once you have converted your file, you will get a preview of the newly made MS Word file which you can see simply by tapping on the converted file. From there you can easily access it, open it in your preferred editing app, or share it via social networks, email, Dropbox, and more!

To add on the previous paragraph, the output format is .docx which is the optimal format for editing standard text files. Which app is the best for editing these files on a mobile device? Well, you probably have your own favourite, but these apps are just some of the one’s we will mention: MS Word, LibreOffice, Quick Office, and basically any similar app that allows you to edit .docx files.

Image to Word: The OCR Game Changer

Now, the thing with conversion apps is, not very many of them are known for their powerful OCR engines. However, Comet-docs has licensed one of the strongest OCR engines on the market a while back and started implementing and improving that technology as well so it is pretty safe to say that not many converters are in the same league as Image to Word. However, one thing that makes this app stand out is its hidden feature - converting screenshots. That is right, you can screenshot whatever is on your screen at any given moment, send it to the Comet-docs servers, and your new file will be ready for editing in just a few minutes!

While we are on the point of Comet-docs servers, did you know that you can convert a file, without the app even being turned on? Simply start your conversion by selecting the image you want to convert, and the app will send the file to the Comet-docs servers and from then on you can safely turn off your app and even your phone. The next time you take a look inside Image to Word the file will be converted and you will still have a lot more battery than you would have had using a different app! Also, did we mention that all files you convert get deleted from the servers 24 hours after conversion? This way, your files are safe and secured and you can always count on Comet-docs to respect your privacy!

Image to Word is available on both iOS and Android so make sure you give it a try and let the app’s developers know what you think about it by making a quick review on the App Store and Google Play Store.
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