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Top Tips to Improve Your Website’s Security and Keep It Safe From Hackers

Top Tips to Improve Your Website’s Security and Keep It Safe From Hackers

The well-knownsaying “for want of a nail” also applies to the topic of websites security. After all, when it comes to protecting your website, small things canoften make a huge difference. With the recent spike of cyber-attacks all website owners should take these into consideration, as even the smallest of sites can become a target - hijacked, defaced or injected with malware during the next mass scale campaign.

With this in mind, here is a list of things that will help you keep your website safe from hackers.

1. Using Strong Passwords

A couple or so years ago, researchers from the University of Cambridge came up with the finding that week implementation of password-based authentication and poor password practices are the main reasons why websites get attacked. It is indeed amazing that people use passwords which are easy to guess. Examples of these passwords are:
  • Using numbers in serial order
  • Keeping the name of the individual as the password
  • Obvious passwords such as “bankaccount” for an online banking account
There is no doubt whatsoever that a strong password is the first line of defense against hacker. Therefore, you must choose hard to guess passwords and more importantly, you must also change these passwords regularly. It is also good to use TwoFactor Authentication (2FA) that will help you deflect unwanted visitors.
2. Using SSL is a Good Idea

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a security protocol that goes a long way in helping a website handle private information. SSL is based on a cryptographic system that works on using a private key and a public key.

SSL is probably the best way in which it client and a server can create a secure connection between themselves. This secure connection enables the transmission of data safely. Another protocol that is in wide use is something known as Secure HTTP or S-HTTP. Depending on the scale of operations, you should consider going in for paid security certificate. 

3. Using Web Application Firewall

One of the most effective ways in which you can secure your website is to go in for an industry leading solution as far as WAFs or Web Application Firewalls are concerned. One of the ways in which hackers target websites is with the use of malicious bots - automated visitors who can crawl through thousands of sites at a time, detecting and exploiting existing vulnerabilities. 

With effective web application firewalls, your website will be able to protect itself from these malicious bots while also securing yourself against targeted code-based attacks (SQLI, XSS, etc). Probably the best name in this space is Incapsula, a website security firm that provides this technology for affordable mid-market prices. 

What makes Incapsula solution stand out (besides its pricing) is the fact that it brings together CDN and WAF. This makes it possible for a website to enjoy even more robust PCI certified security from hackers and spammers, while also benefiting from CDN related improvement to site’s load speeds. Because it’s all cloud-based, activating thisWeb Application Firewall is rather easily, requiring no prior knowledge and only few minutes of you time. 

4. Using Secured FTP Access

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a standard network protocol. This is created on a client server architecture. Such a protocol helps to transfer files between hosts in a secure manner. The usage of FTP can go a long way in securing your website from hackers. Some of the ways in which you can deploy FTP include:
  • Regulating access to your FTP directory
  • Enabling disk quotas 
  • Auditing account logon events
5. Updating Your Software

One of the easiest and yet often overlooked aspect of website security is keeping your software updated. This is critical for your security software as well as for you CMS (Word Press, Joomla, etc) and your various plugins. 

All operating systems and web applications have vulnerabilities. However, manufacturers constantly work to create software patches and these are available only in new versions. Therefore, you must go in for updated software. You can choose to do it automatically or schedule an update for particular periods of time. Experts advise that your firewall, anti spyware and anti virus software be set to automatic updating. 

6. Backup Your Data

Data security is a big deal for every business organization. Regardless of the kind of method you use, backing up your data is an extremely critical aspect of your online presence. There are plenty of companies that offer up-to-date and cutting-edge technology when it comes to taking backups of your data. You can always go in for a combination of computer-based or online backup of your data. Given the rise of technologies such as cloud computing, synchronizing your important files and storing them in the cloud is easily done. 

7. Input Sanitization To Keep Your Website Safe

Hackers often exploit code-based vulnerabilities in order to gain access to websites. Perhaps one of the biggest such vulnerability is in adequate input sanitization. But, when you have robust input validation or sanitization processes in place, you can prevent code injections such as XSS (or Cross Site Scripting), RFI or remote file inclusion, the very common SQL injectionsand more.

8. It is Necessary To Restrict File Uploads

Some websites need to allow file uploads by users. However, it can be exploited by hackers. Therefore, in order to prevent your website from falling prey to hackers, it is extremely necessary for you to restrict file uploads. Some of the ways in which you can implement secure file uploading processes are:
  • Setting a maximum limit as far as file size and file numbers is concerned,
  • Exercising massive control over permissions, especially the ‘execute permissions’ as far as your web server is concerned
  • Storing file uploads in a directory which is outside of your document root.
9. Correct Validation To Do Away With Bad Traffic

Even in physical establishments, validation processes by way of passcodes, biometric sensors or even passwords that are exchanged between individuals becomes simple and yet strong ways to enhance security. Similarly, your website security can be greatly enhanced by going in for the right kind of security validation processes. It is also vital that the validation process be done from both the server and the browser’s points of view. 

10. Paying Attention To Error Messages

Hackers will use every possible aspect of a website in order to gain ingress. Error messages are capable of giving a lot of information to a hacker. This may come as a surprise but stating that the password is wrong, gives a hacker the clue that the user name is correct and now he simply has to check out possible combinations and hit upon the right password. Therefore, keeping your error message generic is a very good idea. Something like “invalid credentials” is a far better idea than telling a hacker that either the password or the user name is invalid.

Top Tech Gifts For This Holiday Season

Top Tech Gifts For This Holiday Season

There's always one difficult person. You know, the one tech-y person on your Christmas shopping list who seems to have everything. If you're looking for a gift to impress that guy or gal, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find options at a variety of price ranges to give you an idea of how you can spoil that difficult person in your life.

Portable Charging Systems: AviiQ, Everpurse

Give your friends and family the gift of power. Everyone wants break free from the endless outlet search, and these gadgets make it easy. Whether you're looking for gifts for a frequent traveler or just someone who doesn't want to be leashed to the wall of the coffee shop where they chill with their laptops on rainy afternoons, portable charging systems are ideal. The AviiQ, weighing in at $119, offers a 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery, four USB ports, a wall adapter, and an integrated cable management system. If you're looking for a more streamlined, fashion-forward option that travels with you, a purse that charges your phone for you might be your best bet. Everpurse offers a portable cell phone charger in the form of a designer clutch--just drop your smartphone in the inside pocket to charge without the fuss of wires. The leather versions run around $250.

Play:3 Streaming Music System

If you're looking for a gift for the music-lover in your life, go for a streaming music system. The Play:3 is one of the top reviewed wireless, do-it-all, high-quality music players on the market. A wireless receiver built into the speaker hooks up with music on your computer, Pandora, Spotify, and many other online music services to stream music wirelessly, anywhere you are. With built-in Hi-Fi speakers, you can blow out the roof, or stream music to multiple rooms in your home at the same time. The Play:3 runs close to $300, but according to New York Times experts, it's worth it for the quality and ease of use.

Battlefield 4

The gamer in your life will appreciate a copy of Battlefield 4 for PC. Because it lets you work and play in virtual environments that react to your moves, you can change the landscape in real time. Capture the enemies behind buildings by blowing away the buildings in between. Battlefield 4 also allows gamers to play to their own strengths, building a world that reflects their skills and personality like never before. High-powered graphics and a program powered by the Frostbite 3 engine gives your favorite gamer the power he or she expects in a much-awaited game that's coming out just in time for the holiday season.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display

If you want to really make someone's Christmas special, consider gift-wrapping a MacBook pro for the professional or student in your life. Nothing beats the classic 13" MacBook Pro with an incredibly high-resolution Retina display. PC Mag lists the 13" Pro near the top of their Top Products of 2012--and for good reason. At around $1500, it's pricey, but offers the powerful components necessary for some hard-core productivity--and a higher-than high-resolution display that photographers, graphic designers, and tech geeks love.

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How to Save Money With A Pre-Paid Phone

Save Money With A Pre Paid Phone

Nearing your phone contract’s end and bamboozled with all the offers carrier companies have thrown at you to lure you into switching association? Moreover, are you also considering choosing a prepaid plan to budget your monthly bills? Its true pre paid plans have not had a very good reputation in the past, but they have come of age with progressive times. Now should be a good time to go in for a pre paid option if post paid bills have started to damage your monthly numbers. With giants like Target investing in the pre paid sector, you can foresee escalated quality of services.

Tips to Save Money using Pre-paid Plans:

Plans for Calling within a Family Network

If you are a parent, you would have probably realised by now, that handing them a postpaid plan might just be a very bad idea. Teenagers are probably the heaviest users of every service that carriers roll out. How would you cover their bills on a postpaid plan? The good part about selecting a pre paid setup for your family is that you do not have to sign a contract with the service provider if the use is going to be only within the family.

If you do not use the phone at all for a given length of time, you do not have to pay anything for the period. It is possible to limit yourself to 60 minutes of recharge. Some phones come with a double offer. As long as you keep using the phone, you are entitled to double the time that you have been provided originally. You need to spend only 10 cents per minute in some plans. 

Corporate Business Plans

Businesses need an elaborate plan in place in order to accommodate their lengthy discussions through phones. A phone with a data plan is the most desirable in such cases. The choices are many and so confusing. Unlimited data storage can be had for $50 a month. Popular phone companies always come out with some attractive schemes wherein extra talk time is offered for the same amount. Or, they may slash the amount for an existing plan with more number of minutes of talk.
Service Network Coverage Maps

Prepaid service providers have a map of their coverage. You must check the signal strength of each of these companies and choose the best. This way, you do not have to make repeat calls in case your call has not gone through and a charge has been applied for the call nevertheless. Repeat call will cost money again, please remember!

Is it really Beneficial to Switch to a Prepaid Connection?

If you’ve been in the dilemma and haven’t found an answer yourself, analyse the expenses you’ve been making on your post paid plan and how important is it for you to cut corners from your phone expenses. Do you get a loud and clear answer that says IT IS MUCH NEEDED?

Yeah well then, pre-paid upfront costs might pinch a little to start with, but it all makes sense once you see a good dip in your monthly spendings. And in case you don’t see any stark saving and prefer your old setup, you are always free to switch back; you won’t have to bear any penalty. Selling off the previous carrier’s handset would level the difference anyway.

Also, if you’re still of the notion that prepaid experiences only bring about tonnes of frustration, T Mobile’s much famous a-class service combined with the extremely bold step of going no-contract for the pre paid plans can be a potential answer. WIth very lucrative offers on display coming off the carrier’s shelf, the company can completely revolutionize the prepaid sector if they manage to pull it off well.

Author's Bio: Adam Prattler is a financial blogger and studies the economic ups and downs; he uses infographics tools to present them in his case studies. He also analyses the various insurance online quote and writes reviews of the same.

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Going With Multiple Monitors? Here’s the Gear You Will Need For Your Trading Computer

If you’re planning on buying a trading computer with multiple monitors, you’re going to need to make sure you have a few things…

So you’ve realized that you need multiple monitors for your trading computer but aren’t really sure what you need in order to actually make that happen. No problem. There is obviously some additional gear that you will need in order to have a multi-monitor setup, but as long as you have the right configuration it’s possible to have four, six, or even eight monitors to glue your eyeballs to. 
Going With Multiple Monitors? Here’s the Gear You Will Need For Your Trading Computer
The first thing you need to do is settle on just how many monitors you want. This is huge since it’s a lot easier to buy everything all at once than it is to say, create a setup for three monitors and realize that you’d rather have six. Going back and upgrading an existing setup is, as you probably figured, more difficult. Consider how many open windows you usually have at one time and determine just how much screen real estate it would take up if you each window was visible. Once you have figured that out, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty.

Here is a rundown of what you will need (aside from the monitors themselves).

Multi-Monitor Supported Graphics Cards

Popular among hard core gamers and animators alike, graphics cards are what do the heavy lifting when it comes to your computers video. The two biggest names in this arena are Nvidia and AMD and they both make it a habit of coming up with new, more powerful cards on a regular basis. In fact, if you get a top of the line card from either company, chances are good that within six months there will be another, more powerful card to replace it. When it comes to your trading computers’ multiple monitor setup, you don’t really need the most powerful card out there. A good middle-of-the-road card can easily handle the workload.

It’s important to know that no matter which card you choose, you need to be sure that it is designed for multiple monitors. While many, if not most, cards have this capability, they don’t all scale well, so be careful when selecting your card. Many cards are designed to handle an extra two to three monitors, meaning that if you want more monitors you’ll need more graphics cards. Because of this your trading computer is going to need a few things: a motherboard that has room for multiple graphics cards as well as a power supply that can handle the additional cards. 

Another important thing is your configuration. Make sure that if you are using multiple graphics cards, they are the exact same model and that you are using the same video outputs for each. Trying to mix and match graphics cards or using different outputs can create issues. 

Monitor Stands

So now that you are actually able to put video up on to all of those screens, it’s time to turn your attention to the other major component you will need to have multiple monitors. Your trading computer system will need a monitor stand to hold all of those screens up. 

The stand you pick will be dependent upon how many screens you will have and how big the screens will be. All of your monitors should be the same model so that they can easily fit into the stand and balance the weight evenly. Speaking of weight and stability, if you are thinking of going with an eight screen setup you should use two quad stands instead of just a single eight monitor rig. The two quads are will be much more stable. Once you know how many monitors you basically need just pick the corresponding stand that fits that amount. 

Want to learn more about buying a trading computer? Then check out my Trading Computer Systems Buyers Guide.

Author Bio: Eddie Z. - Since the day he took his first Apple II apart, Eddie Z has been obsessed with making computers more powerful and more functional. At the age of 18 he started working on Wall Street filling out paper charts and since then has learned to combine his passion for building computers with stock trading. The result is his company, EZ Trading computers, where he sells custom PCS and blogs regularly. Find him on Google+.

Why are China and India Buying so Much Gold?

Learn Why These Two Populous Countries are Investing in Gold...

If you haven't noticed that China and India are both buying more gold, you're not alone. Even though the World Gold Council has reported that both countries may reach 1,000 tons purchased in 2013 by the end of the year, a lot of people in the West haven't noticed or really cared. However, all this gold being bought may have consequences for people all over the world in the short term and the long term.

Why are China and India Buying so Much Gold?

One of the reasons India and China are buying so much gold is cultural. With over half the world's population made up by citizens of these two countries, when national holidays and marriage ceremonies happen toward the end of the year, rural people want gold to give as gifts and to use as a dowry. The government of India is not happy about the increase in gold buying by its citizens and has increased taxes on buying and importing gold on three different occasions, but this hasn't managed to stymie the demand.

Here's a rundown of the other reasons that China and India are gobbling up the world's gold supply.
  • Low Prices - The price of gold has gone down due to a number of different factors, and this is one of the reasons that so many people - especially those in rural areas - have been lining up to buy as much as they can. Why they want the gold may differ from region to region, but many like using it as woman's dowry or for religious offerings.
  • Economic Slowdown - At least in China where the economy has been slowing for nine out of the last ten quarters, some people see gold as a solid investment during uncertain economic times. The same holds true in India where people believe gold is a strong, long term investment.
Whatever the reason, there's no disputing the fact that China and India have been buying tons of the world's gold in 2013 - at record levels. All of this activity has had an effect on the value of gold in the world market, of course. And this is what has some people concerned. The good news is that as gold lowers in price for a bit, it becomes an even smarter investment.

Unlike paper money or some other types of assets, there's a historic precedence that says gold will eventually increase in price again. From the late 1930s to 1971 the value of gold didn't move very much, but after the U.S. stopped backing their currency with gold, the price shot up and kept going. No one knows for certain where the value of gold will be from one day to another, but given the popularity in two of the most populous countries in the world, there's a good chance it's going to increase over time.

Author’s Bio: Sheila Kurdinger has been interested in Eastern culture since a very early age. Whether he's reading about Capital Gold or looking at the global gold markets, he's always thinking about how he can share the information with a lot of people.

Latest Web Development Company For Outsourcing Web Development and SEO Services

Frankly speaking Outsourcing Web Development is not at all a unique concept. It is in fact a procedure that was adopted by masses soon after the development and propagation of web development. There are many latest institutions as well as organizations present, which not at all like the idea of hiring others from outside for doing the job, but at the same time it is also a fact that there are many benefits associated with outsourcing and it is always a great decision to make.

Latest Web Development Company For Outsourcing Web Development and SEO Services

The main procedure related with the hunting of a service provider that can work on your web development project is not at all a difficult task. However, you need t take the right steps and make some right decisions at the right time for making sure that a proper selection has been made. First of all it is important that one should properly analyze his goals and the resources available for fulfilling the set aims. There is an abundance of Web Development Companies in the market, but your preference should always be to find the best one. In this regard, relevant information can be obtained either by consulting informational sources like internet or newspaper or by discussing issues related with Custom Web Development with your friends. Other factors, related with the evaluation of market trends, the selection of targeted audience and the main theme all these issues are finalized after carefully consulting these matters with your selected service provider.
For more detailed visit here:

For ensuring that your Web Application Development is going on a steady pace once has to continuously monitor the steps taken by his or her selected service provider. Remember, only with properly organized decisions and by carrying out proper communication with your developer you can gain the best possible results by using minimum available resources. An important point that should be discussed with your selected Custom Web Development organization is that you should ask them to come up with a product that should match with the requirements of SEO. In fact, good and reputed web developers are fully alive towards this fact and supply SEO Services as well because they totally understand the point that it is not at all about designing and launching a website in fact you need to promote it on the most effective mediums for attracting visitors towards your product. There are many prominent benefits associated with outsourcing website development company, but only if the right selection has been made. You can save a lot of time if your selected organization is loyal in meeting the provided deadlines. Next important benefit associated with outsourcing is that you can gain financial benefits. Relevant services providers like web developers, Search engine optimization related services provider, Flash Game Development, etc don’t charge much for their offers and demand only suitable amount of money from their customers.

In the end, it can be said that by out sourcing a website development company one can take benefit from many privileges and also the delivered product will be exceptionally good matching the modern standards.

Author Bio: Mariya lee is a blogger and content writer and currently working on a project which providing best SEO services and outsourcing web development application.

Import Lotus Notes Mail Into Outlook 2010 To Grab Simplified Emailing Facilities

Oftentimes, Lotus Notes users confront some problems while using the email client and here need comes to acquire an alternative that will furnish all abilities to fulfill demands for amazing email application. MS Outlook is treated as powerful emailing application that expands arena of powerful email collaboration without bothering computer users. To grab facilities with MS Outlook, Lotus Notes users will have to use a migration method to import Lotus Notes mail into Outlook 2010. Better to go for tested software dedicated to perform NSF to PST transition but, non-commercial solutions for migrating Lotus Notes items into Outlook email client are also available into international market.

Import Lotus Notes Mail Into Outlook 2010 To Grab Simplified Emailing Facilities

Bothering Causes And Situations For NSF Data Migration

If you have adopted Lotus Notes once then, you will have an idea why users want to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook. The first reason that knocks your door to shift data from Lotus Notes to PST is unaffordable Server Maintenance. Installment and configuration of Lotus Notes is quite typical and non-affordable. Business setups once configured with Lotus Notes when confront bothering issues again and again then, they decide to move from existing email application.

Want To Shift NSF Emails To PST Manually??

If yes then, you have to follow two steps:
  • First is exporting Lotus Notes emails from existing environment
  • Second is execution of process to import Lotus Notes mail into Outlook 2010/Outlook 2007/Outlook 2003 etc
Exporting NSF emails from Lotus Notes account includes the process:

Find “Export Lotus Notes Mail Files” within Lotus Notes environment -> Mail Tab-> Menu Bar-> File-> Export-> Go with Tabular text or Structured text -> You may adopt both options -> for remaining NSF emails to export go for Continue -> Close the Window after following Export Tab

Now, you have to add or import all emails you have exported from Lotus Notes account to the Outlook account manually. The process to import Lotus Notes mail into Outlook 2010 is not suitable if you are going to execute it manually. Adding single email one by one will take more time as well as it shows wastage of manual efforts at the other end.

Avoid Manual Method For NSF Data Migration

Being a smart email client user, you should get a professional solution to import Lotus Notes mail into Outlook 2010 that will not bother you to shift emails one by one. Export Notes is one of the technically integrated solutions to shift NSF emails, tasks, to-dos, calendars, contacts, journals etc from Lotus Notes format to PST format without losing original structure of elements. Not any restriction or limitation for data shift from Lotus Notes to Outlook made is adoptable over other applications for the same arena. 

With use of updated techniques experts have formulated various brilliant applications under distinct domains. To Import Lotus Notes mail into Outlook 2010 successfully the tool is available with name Export Notes.

Can I Extract Contents Of PDF Without The Master Password? Query Dealt With

If people need to share some important information and want to be assured with its security then sharing the document in PDF file format is the best practice. Because of various restriction services available in PDF file, a user can restrict its access from any third user.

How Does PDF Format Restrict Any Third User to Access It Data

PDF document is embedded with two kind of password protection facility. One is user password and second is owner password and both the passwords have their respective benefits like:

Extract Contents Of PDF Without The Master Password

PDF Owner password (Master password): Unlike normal password which we apply on document to keep it protected from being accessed by any third user, Owner password is quite different. This password does not restrict user to view the document. User can easily open and view the PDF document with owner password protection but would not be able to do any kind of operation over it like editing, printing, document assembly etc. E.g. e-book, many e-books are available in online market that can be opened and viewed easily but if user wants to extract some data from it then they would not be able to do so, because the file is protected with owner password.

PDF User Password: User password is very simple to understand. If a user have got the PDF file and he/she has saved that file in his/her machine and his/her machine has access to some other person as well then to protect the file from second user, actual user of that PDF file set user password to protect the file. After user applying user password protection if any other person tries to open the same PDF file then file will ask for password. Without user password it will not be able to even access the PDF content. But in most of the case it will be owner password that will be imposed on the PDF files when they are published online than the user password.

So, imagine that you got a PDF file with master protection but you are in need of extracting its data say for any reason like making of reports, doing research etc. then how will extract the data?. The question that is striking in your mind must be then can I extract contents of PDF without the Master Password? The answer is yes. The extraction, copying, printing, content copying of accessibility, and editing are possible and it can be done by using the third party tool. These days in market there are number of such PDF restriction remover tools available that are capable of removing restrictions from PDF file without doing any alteration in its data. The most demandable and common tool available in online market is PDF Unlocker. Because, of its unique algorithm it is currently ruling the market. Software runs successfully on any Windows OS to help user find the perfect answer for the query of can I extract contents of PDF without the Master Password. Edit print, copy or extract data from the PDF files are the general needs raised by PDF users and as PDF is mostly used by the attorneys PDF Unlocker can turn highly helpful for them as well. 

The company is named among top software developer in online market. It has reached to this height because of its quality product and consistent efforts. Its PDF Unlocker is also one of its successful product and helpful for those who want to know can I extract content of PDF without master password.

MDM: The Wave of the Future for Businesses

The business world’s adoption of mobile technology is what Forbes calls unprecedented. By 2015, they estimate there will be 7.4 billion wireless devices out there. This creates an interesting conundrum for companies looking to utilize employee-owned equipment to create a digital workplace. How do they go about synchronizing devices safely to get everyone on the same page?

Mobile device management allows businesses to create and manage a network regardless of the user-side device. The goal is to establish company connectivity that is both productive and cost-effective.

MDM: The Wave of the Future for Businesses

How MDM Works

The typical mobile device management system utilizes a server to send out commands. Mobile devices contain a client-side element that receives and implements these commands based on the operating system of the mobile device. Each device goes through a network enrollment process, according to Microsoft. The core software platform detects the device in the network and sends out settings to keep them connected.

Bring Your Own Device?

When you look at the base concept behind MDM, the challenges seem overwhelming. With smartphones, tablets and laptops, how can a system create a cohesive platform that allows network users to choose the tool they want, and secure it enough for the transmission and storage of sensitive data?

The functioning of a mobile device management system is reliant on the platform, not the specific device. That is why the software works with many different formats. Not all mobile products are MDM compatible either, but as the popularity of BYOD grows, modern smartphones and tablets are including this feature. Operating systems like iOS have a MDM framework built-in to allow for seamless communication with third-party vendors, according to Apple.

Security is a concern no matter what network a business uses. The steps to protect data are the same with MDM as they are with most multiuser platforms. Companies require employees to create unique passwords. The network administrator has access to the device should it go missing and can remove any sensitive information. This works in favor of the user, as well, because removal wipes all information from the device, protecting personal data.

Privacy is the biggest issue that comes up with employees. MDM systems work on device location – 24/7, so an employer always knows where that person is whether working or not. Designers are looking to improve options and allow locating to turn off when the employee is off duty.

Why MDM is the Way of the Future

Versatility makes this option appealing for businesses. Blackberry's MDM functionality is described as one platform capable of managing both corporate-owned and BYOD devices together, for example.

Ultimately, cost-efficiency pulls companies in this direction. The BYOD approach has the potential to save a lot of money for corporations that don’t have to supply employees with mobile devices. Between loss management and equipment upgrades, the implementation of MDM is a cost-saving tool that requires just the initial system investment.

Currently, 74 percent of companies allow some type of BYOD practice, explains Forbes. That means the business world is already in the game. With a little tweaking to improve employee privacy issues, MDM is looking like the best option for businesses in the future.

Author Bio:
Hannah Collins is a PR specialist with a knack for helping small businesses see the bigger picture. She enjoys being a freelance writer as well as reading about the newest gadgets and tech news.

Day Trading Computer: Should You Go With a Desktop or a Laptop?

Day Trading Computer: Should You Go With a Desktop or a Laptop?

When it comes time to buy a new computer, the first question that most people ask is whether to get a desktop or laptop. Typically when they are trying to decide between the two, they ask themselves questions like: do I want to work on the road or will I almost always work at my desk? If you are looking for a day trading computer, there are going to be a number of other questions that you need to ask. A trading PC is a very different animal from a regular computer with its own set of considerations. So what is better for day traders: desktop or laptop? Well, the short answer is desktops and here’s why:

Desktops let you work faster. Laptops are limited to a single, small screen, which means that you almost always end up taking more time going through tabs to find some specific application or webpage that you need. This translates to more keystrokes and more wasted time. With a desktop you can have multiple screens to show all of your data, which lets you work faster and be more productive.

You get more power with a desktop. In a laptop, everything is built in miniature. This tends to result in less powerful machines that can’t keep up with the heavy demands of day trading. A desktop has the power (both literally and figuratively) to handle a trader’s workload. This comes down to more superior CPUs, beefier graphics cards, and a power source that can handle all of these things

Desktops are upgradable. Unless every single computer manufacturer suddenly decides that this technology thing is a big fad and start making soap instead, there is a good chance that the brand new, top of the line trading PC you buy is going to be outdated in a year or two. With a desktop this isn’t really a problem, since you can simply upgrade it by adding more RAM, replacing the CPU, or swapping the graphics cards. You can’t really do this with a laptop which makes it a much less flexible day trading computer.

Laptops as a Backup PC

The biggest advantage to using a laptop as your day trading computer is that it has its own battery. Even if you have it plugged into the wall and the power goes out or your toddler thinks it’d be fun to pull the plug, you don’t have to worry, because the laptops internal battery will seamlessly kick in and you can keep working. That is why a laptop makes a pretty decent backup trading computer. If your desktop is down and your laptop is charged and has a 3G or 4G connection, you can keep trading until your desktop is back in action. It won’t be ideal, but it works in a pinch.

Want more advice on how to pick a day trading computer? Then check out our Trading Computer Systems Buyers Guide.

Author Bio: Eddie Z. – Since the day he took his first Apple II apart, Eddie Z has been obsessed with making computers more powerful and more functional. At the age of 18 he started working on Wall Street filling out paper charts and since then has learned to combine his passion for building computers with stock trading. The result is his company, EZ Trading computers, where he sells custom PCs and blogs regularly. Find him on Google+.

Cooperative Point Of Lotus Notes To Outlook Conversion Procedure

Now as per technology increase everyone wants to go forward with advanced and effective process of email conversion. Many industries involve in MS Outlook due to its healthy and friendly environment. This article show all aspect and reason which raise the situation where Lotus Notes reader need to change their well settled Lotus Notes environment to Microsoft Outlook or other email client application. In online market many application which has great structure but still MS Outlook is best among them. It’s available free from MS office package. So it is also a cost effective email client apps which easily accessible with non professional person also.

Cooperative Point Of Lotus Notes To Outlook Conversion Procedure

Reason for shifting Lotus Notes to Outlook

During online survey we found that above 50% organization moves their email client from Lotus Notes to Outlook as per their reasons are:
  • Due to complicate algorithm and high maintenance of Lotus Notes apps
  • In configuration of Lotus Notes take so long time and difficult in unusual system so change their Lotus Notes environment to Outlook and view at anyplace by reason of high compatibility of Outlook
In online track many method appear which provide email conversion process but it’s difficult to choose the right one now I will explain you all method so that user can easily find out the right one according to their requirements:
  • Manual method: For using manual method firstly user need lot of technical knowledge and putting so much effort, its lengthy process so user have to take patience. you can convert Lotus Notes email to Outlook without paying single penny
  • Third party Tool: Be careful in selecting a third party application due to high availability in online market you can face difficulty in griping reliable NSF to PST conversion tool. As per my experience I will suggest you that firstly try demo version which offer by most of the email conversion third party tool one of them is Export Notes software which convert limited NSF to PST file format at free of cost. Remember some points which cooperative in choosing effective & trustworthy Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion a third party tool:
          1) Check software interface & algorithm which have not been so complicate
          2) Compatibility with Lotus Notes & Outlook versions
          3) Is third party tool can convert contacts(names. nsf) files to Outlook format
          4) Maintain original formatting during email conversion process
          5) Support inline images, internet header also

Cooperative Point Of Lotus Notes To Outlook Conversion Procedure

I hope through this article user can easily access a perfect third party tool which securely convert all Lotus Notes database to Outlook format without taking any kind of training. If you have any doubt then you can ask me any time through commenting on this article. I am glad to resolve your email conversion related problem.

Author Bio: Nour Lusi is professional writer of leading Software Company which offers huge range of Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion, Lotus Notes to PDF/Word conversion software. She writes article for technology related issues.

Outlook OST To Outlook PST File Conversion Reasons

OST or offline storage table files were created with the MS Outlook, all these files can be used to store offline work and time when it connects to server Outlook turns online and all the emails created were send to their respective client. For the users who used to travel miles can depend upon OST as it will allow users to work in offline mode as well as in server downtime situations. Outlook OST file are proved as an excellent solution in cases where network is limited or unreliable. Though choosing or depending upon OST is a wise decision then why some users need for outlook OST to Outlook PST file conversion application. Though OST is fertilize features based but it still stuck corruption. All the issue of OST file corruption bother users and force them to convert Outlook OST to Outlook PST file format.

Outlook OST To Outlook PST File Conversion Reasons

There are several reasons which are responsible for the corruption of OST file such as virus infection, Trojan affect, and unwanted system shutdown, inadequate power supply will lead to corruption of Exchange OST at times. When we say Exchange Server, there are numbers of chances that are responsible for the corruption due to bad synchronization as because of lack of connectivity. With the next segment you can read about the corruption while transferring the file to the other location.

While Accessing The OST File Facing An Error?

"The Exchange Server has detected you are using an old copy of your OST file. Please delete and create a new one from the server”

Sometime users might face the following error while accessing the OST file. In such a situation users are barred to use the data saved in the OST file and to regain the accessibility over the data users need an Outlook OST to Outlook PST file conversion application.

Reasons Which Is Responsible For The Above Error Message

When we talk about the large scale industries, picture flashed in our mind is executive their deals with the huge sized mailboxes. Regular and continuous exchange of emails is responsible for the size of the mailboxes within it there are numbers of contacts and meeting schedules were stored. Estimated size of the mailbox varies between 4GB to 11GB, and while travelling these executive take copy of the sever i.e OST.
Following error message occur when users tries to open the OST file and due to any reasons it gets corrupt, Outlook work in Exchange Server only when you have healthy OST file with you. For detailed information visit the following link:

Outlook OST To Outlook PST File Conversion Reasons

To use the data saved in the corrupted Outlook OST file, users can rely upon the third party SysTools OST Recovery application available in the online software market for the precise and accurate recovery.

Author Bio: Mariya lee is a blogger and content writer and currently working on a project to analyse the email conversion software OST To PST recovery.

Adora Touch Brings Smart Technology To Your Light Switches

Adoratouch switches have developed the next generation energy efficient products which consumes less power than the conventional switches. They have developed Dimmers along with switches which are in the form of both wheel and Slide. It’s a great development in technology which makes users a smart way of switching their home apllainces.

Adora Touch Brings Smart Technology To Your Light Switches

AdoraTouch Switches are available with a variety of features like a built in timer, light sensor, motion sensor etc, along with the Touch sensor . These switches can be used to control light bulbs, fans and other electrical equipments.

Working range :- 100 V to 240 V / 50 or 60 Hertz.

Adora Touch Brings Smart Technology To Your Light Switches

Primarily these switches can be programmed using programmable timer for n no of hours .It automatically turns off after time has elapsed.

These innovative sensor switches developed by aris infosoft guys continuously measures the ambient light and switches on or switches off depending on the ambient light intensity.The sensitivity is programmed in such a way that it ignore quick flashes of light or a shadow caused by a moving object.

Adora Touch Brings Smart Technology To Your Light Switches

AdoraTouch’s motion sensor Switches detects movement and the acoustic sensor complements it by detecting any change in ambient noise level.. The motion sensor can be activated by a simple touch. The icon lights up white when activated and turns to blue when motion is detected. The main advantage is sensor can also be disabled by a single touch.

AdoraTouch’s push button switch is an ideal replacement for a door bell switch. This switch closes momentarily when touched and is opened when released. This provides momentary power for a door bell to ring.

Adora Touch Brings Smart Technology To Your Light Switches

Slide your finger and dimming of light takes from minimum to maximum and vicecersa. These products are fantastic for the upcoming generation as they are awaiting user-friendly switches which make life simple. Having this in mind Adora touch have innovated Dimmers which can also be connected to smart phones. Users can control dimming of light /fan through their Smart phones both in the form of wheel and slide dimmers.

Their products have an Elegant Glass Touch Interface which makes users more comfortable. Wide range of intuitive, back lit icons and Exquisite Design Customizable colors and faceplate.

Long Tailed vs Short Tailed Keywords: Comparison Of Their Efficiency

First let’s define efficiency, because a keyword can efficiently draw in traffic and it can efficiently draw in sales. The first thing that people want is traffic, but untargeted traffic is no good to anyone. Untargeted traffic means that any sales happen due to luck more than marketing. Here you will find out how some keywords may efficiently draw in more traffic, and how keywords may efficiently draw in sales (targeted traffic).
Long Tailed vs Short Tailed Keywords: Comparison Of Their Efficiency

Your two keyword categories

There are keywords that are made up of one or two words, and keywords that are made up of more (also referred to as key-phrases). A short keyword may be something such as “homes” and a long tailed keyword may be something such as “homes for sale”. As you can imagine, the term “home” is going to be used lot more times in search engines than “homes for sale.”

This leads some people into believing that the keyword “home” is better than “homes for sale.” But, with the keyword “home” you are going to attract traffic from people looking for a home for their cat to people looking for an old age home. It is going to draw in a lot of traffic, but most of it is going to be useless to you if you are trying to sell homes. If you use the long-tailed keyword “homes for sale,” then you are going to get less traffic but it will be more targeted.

You have to consider what people are searching for

Look into what your target consumer is actually typing into the search engines. They may be typing in the word “home”, but are they also typing in the words “cheap”, “affordable”, “new”, “Boston”, “Chicago”? And, could any of these words be mixed into your keyword profile as long-tailed keywords?

Short-tailed keywords have more competition

A lot of people are going to be using the same short-tailed keywords as you, and a lot of them are going to be running websites that are unrelated to yours. You may get more traffic with short-tailed keywords, but it really depends upon how much competition you have on the whole. If there is a massive amount of competition for your short-tailed keyword then it is going to be a lot harder to rank highly on the search engine results page.

Think about how people use search engines

Comparing long and short-tailed keywords is unfair, as in the grand scheme of things it is always the shorter keywords that are going to win. They get the most traffic and are the easiest to optimize your website for. But, think about how and why people are using the search engines.

People use them to research your products and your services. In this case it is good to have short tailed keywords because their searches will probably not be very focused. But, once they have decided what they want then they are going to want to compare products and services. This is where long-tailed keywords that include phrases such as “cheapest”, “fastest”, “best”, etc, are going to help you out a lot.

When the purchaser is ready to buy then you should consider a mix of short and long-tailed keywords. They may know the exact product that they want, which will mean keywords involving the name of the actual product/service are going to be the most useful. These may be written as short and long-tailed keywords, and both will be equally effective.

People check for reviews

Some of your potential customers are going to search out reviews of your products to see how good they are. It is a form of online research and is where long-tailed keywords are going to help you. If you create long-tailed keywords that match (or are similar to) the search terms your potential customers use, then you can get them to read your reviews or simply find your product pages where they may decide to purchase your products/services instead of your competitors.

Your competitors may have won the search engine race in the first instance, but using this method you may be able to snatch the sale right from under them.

In conclusion

You need to use both long-tailed and short-tailed keywords when creating your website keyword profile. You should use more short-tailed keywords are they are going to attract more people during their initial searches. You can use long-tailed keywords to attract people who know what they want, who are doing focused research, or who are looking for reviews of your products.

Author Bio: Kate Funk is a professional blogger and writer at She specializes in topics of interest to techno geeks and networking enthusiasts.

A Complete Guide for Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration

To commence the process of email client migration from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook, first install the email applications of IBM Lotus Notes and MS Outlook on the system where the conversion will take place.
A Complete Guide for Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration
What is IBM Lotus Notes?

Lotus Notes, an email application, is developed by the software company IBM. Lotus Notes has Domino email sever. This email server is useful in a multi-user environment in which all the emails are downloaded at one place and then the emails reach their systems. The Lotus email platform is not only used for email activities but also for many functions like contacts storage, setting up tasks, marking journal entries, etc. Lotus Notes can be called a complete email package for any company.

Setting up Lotus Notes

Following are the steps to set up Lotus Notes program on system:
  • First visit the website of IBM
  • Look for the free trial version of IBM Lotus Notes email environment
  • Then, Download >> Install >> Configure
  • Then, Go to Start > Programs > Lotus Applications > Lotus Notes
  • If you have opened the Lotus Notes for the first time, then Lotus Notes Client Configuration Wizard appears on the screen
  • Finally to configure Lotus Notes application on your system, follow the instructions and provide the required information.
What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook, an email application, is developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is not an emailing application, but also includes tasks, calendar, contacts, journals, notes, tasks etc. It can be in a multi-user environment as well as in a stand-alone email application. The email server of Outlook Microsoft Exchange, which is used in a multi-user organizational environment set ups.

Setting up Outlook on Your System

Almost all Windows Operating Systems have Microsoft Outlook application. Follow the given below steps to activate it with POP3 account setting:
  • First, you need to install MS Office and Outlook is the default email client in MS Office
  • Look for Outlook icon in start menu or on your desktop
  • Click the Outlook icon
  • Then configure MS Outlook with account settings of POP3
What is NSF?

The email information of Lotus Notes is stored in files with .nsf extension. These files are database files of Lotus Notes that contain information of to-do-list, email data, tasks markings, metadata, calendar items, journal entries, design information, etc.

Locating NSF Files

By default, NSF files are stored in the following location - C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\data

A Complete Guide for Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration

What is PST?

The email information of MS Outlook is stored in files with .pst extension. The full form of PST is “Personal Storage Table”. These files also include calendar, Address Book contacts, mail messages, to-do-list etc.

Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook

If you want to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook and want to view your Notes email data in Outlook, then transfer your mailbox items from NSF to PST. For this migration, you can use a third-party tool like SysTools Export Notes software.

Installing SysTools Export Notes Software for the Migration Process

Follow the steps given below to install SysTools Export Notes software to migrate Lotus Notes NSF files to MS Outlook PST files:
  • First visit the Export Notes product website like
  • Download the free Demo Version of Export Notes software
  • Then run the software on your system
  • Browse NSF files that are converted PST
  • Have a Preview of the mailbox items
  • Then select a location to save the converted PST file
  • Then click on the ‘Export to Outlook’ button
  • Now go to the saving location of the migration process so that you can open the PST file that were converted from the original NSF file
  • If you want to convert all the mailbox options and items, then purchase a full mode of SysTools Export Notes software.
Author Bio: Eileen McKanzi is a serial blogger and writer, currently working on a project about email recovery and NSF to PST conversion.

Latest Dell Inspiron 14 3421 Laptop Features Review

Now is the time when owing a laptop is more of a necessity than just a status quotient. And when it’s about making a best pick amid all the available laptops in the market then the very first name that clicks the mind is Dell. That’s right, the company has been doing amazingly wonderful in manufacturing the array of smart laptops to drive the computing experience to altogether a new front.
Latest Dell Inspiron 14 3421 Laptop Features Review

The all new produce of the company is Dell Inspiron 14 3421, which is just the perfect blend of entertainment and productivity. Laden with all the powerful hardware and mighty software, the laptop promises to meet all your needs and demands with sheer ease. This 14 incher chum is packed with mind blowing features that will simply refresh your laptop using and internet surfing experience at large. Absolute power of the latest 3rd generation Intel Core i3 processor, nimble RAMS gigantic storage memory, graphic card and Windows 8 Operating System.

Design and Build

The laptop is designed in such a way that it promises an alluring and captivating look and above all it is absolutely lightweight. Skin of the gizmo is adorned in grayish black material and the top portion of the laptop braves Dell logo that is projected in silver color. Above all, the best thing that will surely make you fall in love with this futuristic machine is the compact size that it comes packed it. The laptop has the total build dimension of 245 mm x 346 mm x 25.35 mm and this is eccentric within the total weight of 2.09 Kg. Now this is something that will surely win your heart and you don’t really have to worry about carrying it with you. Skillfully designed laptop is just perfect for carrying it along on the go. Apart from this, the front portion of the laptop comes bolted with the brilliant a punchy 14 inches LED Backlit Display with True Life and HD resolution. The screen resolution is set at 1366 x 768 Pixels.
Latest Dell Inspiron 14 3421 Laptop Features Review
Performance Packed Features

This is pretty much clear that if you owe a Dell laptop then certainly you will always stay high on the performance scale and there’s no paradox about it. Inspiron series laptops from the company is designed in such a way that you can churn the most out of it and that to without having to toil yourself hard. Now, quenching the thirst of your daily computing needs isn’t a herculean take and you can stay high on performance and also on the productivity simultaneously.
Latest Dell Inspiron 14 3421 Laptop Features Review
Under the carcass of the machine there rests a mighty and amazing 3rd Generation Intel Core i3-3227U processor set at a clock speed of 1.9 GHz, which is further intelligently, coupled with 4 GB DDR3 RAM. Apart from this, the laptop also underlines the importance of the playing games and that’s why it comes preloaded with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 M video card that has a memory of 2 GB. Furthermore the laptop has in itself Waves MaxxAudio 4, Built-in digital microphone, Native HD 1.0MP webcam, 8-in-1 Memory Card Reader and much more.


So, finally we have edged to the conclusion of this mind blowing and captivating machine and one thing that stands true in this context is that the Dell laptops are always a promising chum. Talking about the price tag of the new member in the Inspiron family then the laptop braves a pretty moderate price tag and that is quite really justified in terms of the performance that it promises to deliver.

Author Bio: Vinnit Alex is an eminent author who provides concrete information about latest laptops features review, prices as Dell Inspiron 14 3421 price, of Dell laptops, HP laptops for helping selection laptop to online shopping users.

The Best Monitoring and Parental Control Software

Computer Monitoring Software and Parental Control Software often come as one package, or are provided by the same companies. Although there are a lot of companies on the internet that either offer one or the other. If you're interested in both, then this articles is for you. We've taken a look at some of the top companies for the best monitoring and parental control software. Enjoy...

The Best Monitoring and Parental Control Software

Gecko Monitor & Gecko Filter

Gecko Monitor & Gecko Filter are sold separately, but you can buy both together at a discounted rate. Gecko Monitor is a great monitoring application with reliable reporting. And Gecko Filter is a great parental control application with a few extra features. Both are easy to use and are at the top of their game – the price tag is reasonable too.

Net Nanny

If you're looking for just parental control software, then Net Nanny is the most popular on the market. It has no real monitoring features (although it does monitor internet use), but the blocking and filtering is the strongest you'll find and the price is hard to beat. It's also very easy to use.


Webwatcher is another top dog. With both strong monitoring and parental capabilities, this program is one to look at if you're after both. The reports can be viewed online at any time in real time, and there's an extensive selection of categories to choose from the block. The price here is a little steep but if it's what your after it may be worth it.

PC Pandora

PC Pandora has strong monitoring capabilities with some brilliant features, with a few parental control features chucked in. You can blacklist based on around 50 categories, or you can block everything and choose the websites you wish to whitelist. All in all PC Pandora is great package with a decent price tag.

There are plenty of other applications to choose from online, and there will almost definitely be one to suit your particular needs. These are probably the best and most popular but are certainly by no means the only ones to for. A quick search on google will help you find what you need. For example, if you need webcam monitoring Win-Spy is worth looking at. If you'd like a catalogue of kids websites with everything else blocked, Gecko Filter is what you'll need.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC

Presenting here a list of essential web development tool for MAC. The list has been categorized encompassing tools based on developmental priorities like - text editors, code editors, FTP, test environments, image editing, database management, collaboration, command line, browsers etc.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC

1. TEXT EDITOR – Textmate ($52)

Considered to be one of the most popular tool amongst text editors, TextMate is a great PHP text editor that offers an array of features like file tabbing for having multiple files open in a project. Mostly available is small “packets”, TextMate not only allows you to have multiple configurable languages, but also works with Xcode, besides integrating with FTP clients.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC

2. CODE EDITOR – cssedit ($43)

As most of you are aware, code editors lets you do things with more of a visual approach, besides allowing for greater functionality. The CSS editor here – cssedit, is a popular tool with great user interface for web development for MAC. What makes the experience of using this tool and editing CSS even more enjoyable is the look and feel of a Mac application. It comes with affable built-in features, which enable it to extract style-sheets and learn from other websites. More of an aligned visual editor, it also allows you to edit CSS inside of Ajax.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC


This is an excellent web development tool to have for MAC if you are building a site from scratch. Coda allows you to manage all the files and FTP functionality from within one program. In fact, it is nonetheless a one-stop solution for web developer, as it allows you to manage files, FTP to a server, preview the code, use a CSS editor and even use Terminal – and all from within Coda.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC


Test environments hold a significant place on the MAC (mainly if you are programming with a dynamic language). This tool gets its name from Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP (MAMP), which are all available in the same environment. MAMP is easily downloadable and can be installed within seconds, so as to derive a fully-functional web testing environment for your PHP applications. MAMP, besides coming loaded with PHP extensions like Zend; allows you to run a Rails environment and lets you specify different caching types like APC, eAccelerator or Xcache.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC

5. FTP – Cyberduck (free)

Licensed under GPL, this amazingly user friendly FTP client can be conveniently used in many different settings, like FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and Amazon S3 straight out of the box. Not only does it integrate seamlessly with essential Mac functionality like iDisk, Bonjour, AppleScript, Growl, Quick Look Spotlight, etc.; it also lets you instantly see the guts of the file with a tap of the spacebar.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC


Every web developer understands the importance of collaboration in web development, which spans from asking questions in forums to working in a code base that is shared among other developers. There is also a prevalent trend of using IRC for facilitating communications between programmers and developers in open source projects like WordPress.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC

Colloquy, the open source web development tool is a very convenient, robust, stylish and powerful IRC client for the Mac that allows for plugins and styles, besides an iPhone interface.

7. COMMAND LINE – iTerm2 (free)

The command line tool besides being extremely useful offers great functionality and power. In fact, iTerm2 which is a continuity of the iTerm project is a wonderful replacement for the OS X native Terminal app. This is a great web development tool for Mac, which is not only easy to set up or modify, but is also a workspace that is relevantly easy to manage using simple keyboard shortcuts. This app runs seamlessly on Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC


Database management is considered to be a necessary evil, and it can be a great asset to have a software that can add an interface that doesn’t require you to know SQL so as to help with functions like creating a database, adding users, or creating tables and rows. One of the most reliable database management scripts that serves as a great web development tool for Mac is phpMyAdmin.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC

The best part about using phpMyAdmin tool is that it allows you to manage your databases locally using this stable script.

9. IMAGE EDITING – Pixelmator ($59)

Even though photo editing and design creation may not be a web developer’s primary responsibility, the idea of having a solid photo editor can be flattering. Pixelmator is a striking image editing program for MAC that besides being amazingly intuitive, comes along with all the layer editing and retouching tools that not only makes the interface elegant, but enticing for users.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC

10. BROWSING – Firebug (free)

Firebug is an essential tool for AJAX development that helps you save me more time than any other design tools. It is also referred many a times as the Swiss army extension that offers solution to every kind on web pages, Javascript, CSS, etc.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC

Bonus Tool - XCode (free)

One of the most popular web development tools for Mac, Xcode involves an enormous 900mb download that besides adding tons upon tons of system mojo, integrates all the tools you require. The integrated interface of Xcode then facilitate smooth transitions - from composing source code, to debugging, and even to designing your next stunning user interface, all within the same window.

10 Essential Web Development Tool for MAC

Which is your most preferred web development tool for MAC?

Author Bio: Ellis is a digital marketing strategist at VITEB – a leading PHP Development Company that provides custom PHP Development services as well as hire PHP developers services. He writes article on web design & development related topics.

What is Google Authorship and Why Should You Use it

The Google Authorship Markup may have been available since June 2011, but it is only recently that webmasters and prolific writers have become aware of its numerous benefits. Considering the way that the SEO landscape has evolved, it seems only natural for Google’s adolescent social media platform to implement such an ingenious feature. Penguin 2.0 may not have caused earthquakes in the internet world, but this is also because more and more webmasters have become aware of the importance of ethical search engine optimization strategies.

What is Google Authorship and Why Should You Use it

While it may be true that certain pages plummeted in the rankings, the overall conclusion after the release of Google’s latest penguin update was that social signals will soon become the backbone for future SEO practices. Networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google will become a determining factor in every online campaign, but it seems that Google+ should be treated more carefully because it benefits from the authorship markup. Out of all the Authorship Rank conversations, the one related to markup is without a doubt the most complicated one.

Four Reasons to Adopt the Authorship Markup

If you are a content writer for a SEO firm you are probably already familiar with the daily 500-word-article requests, but somehow you can’t feel satisfied even if you are doing something you like. Google knows that there are a lot of talented writers out there who haven’t been given proper credit, and this response to this virtual “abuse”, was the creation of the Author Rank algorithm parameter. But except the brilliant fact that you will be able to kiss obscurity goodbye, what are the reasons to become interested in the Author Rank algorithm and the Google Authorship markup? Here are a few reasons:

1. You will be able to avoid duplicate content and copycats. We all know how content seems to be copied one way or the other. This usually happens because certain “writers” are too lazy to write their own articles, and they rely on the fact that the internet is oh-so-vast. Sadly, Google will quickly pick up on duplicated/copied/spun content, and punish you, regardless of your status. The only way to truly protect your work is by adding the authorship markup to it. This will tell Google that you are the first person who posted it online, and probably also the creator.

2. You will gain online authority. As mentioned earlier, the authorship markup will help you increase your online presence and credibility. Nevertheless, this means that you should stick to two, maximum three niches that are related, or else you risk being perceived in a negative way. According to Google, authors which are prolific on a certain niche (who also receive positive social signals), will be rewarded with a sweet spot on SERPs.

3. Your Content is More Likely to be Clicked. Statistically speaking, articles that re accompanied by a small mug-shot on search engines are more likely to receive clicks. This is probably because on a psychological level, readers feel more confident to click an article that also has the photo of the author.

4. Outclass your competitors. We are not yet sure how the Google Authorship Markup will impact the SEO world in the future, but it is actually predicted that it will become very important in the near future. Considering that social signals have already become an essential part of every SEO campaign, it this should not come as a surprise. This is why it is important to invest in Google+ and Google Authorship, because it will help you surpass your competition and gain an important head start.

Author Bio: Anna Robeson is a tech-geek who is constantly on the lookout for the latest news related to SEO and social media. When she isn’t writing she is consulting with, a company that is focused on quality content creation, curation and marketing.

Great Business Phone Do’s and Don’ts: A Buyers Guide

Great Business Phone Do’s and Don’ts: A Buyers Guide

It’s a fact that those who shop for phones for business purposes will have to care about different things than those who are interested more in personal use. Things like apps, battery life screen size, features, and everything else will take on a new meaning when you’re shopping for your first business phone. Here’s some advice to help get you started.

Battery Life

The very last thing you need when you’re on an important business call is for your phone to die. This tends to be the Achilles heel for a lot of smartphones. All of that power tends to come at a price, after all. You definitely want to stay away from some of the phones like some of the earlier Droid phones that tend to eat up battery life like crazy and then die in a few hours. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G that are known for having a good solid battery life can help a lot. Another good thing to look for is phones that have removable batteries. This way, you can charge up a few batteries at a time and then switch out dead batteries for fresh one as you go throughout the day. You can get pretty much as much time as you want on the phone this way, and you’ll be sure not to miss any important business calls!


When it comes to smartphones, especially those that are geared for business, it’s all about the apps. It’s important to choose phones that can handle the apps you need. For example, if you do a lot of driving around and find that Google Maps is the best way to go from point A to point B, you’ll want to go with a phone that has that app. Believe it or not, it’s not universal anymore. Apple has decided to move away from Google Maps on their iPhone line, for example. Not all apps will be available on all phones. Some apps are only available for Apple products, an example being the voice app Siri. Some people swear by Siri for finding out stuff they need to know for their business quickly, for example.

Hardware Functionality

Some phones just have physical qualities that others lack. If you need your phone to be very rugged in order to handle the rigors of your business, for example, going with phones like the HTC One that has the light but rugged aluminum case might be a very good idea. If you need to do video conferencing on the go through your phone and for your business, having a big enough screen is also pretty important. The One tends to be good for screen size and quick, clear performance in terms of live video as well.


Obviously cost is a huge concern when you’re choosing a phone for business. While there are some free phone service options out there, they very well may not be for everyone and there tend to be some restrictions on them in terms of who qualifies. It’s important to make sure that the service you’re signing up for in a new phone meets what you need in terms of minutes and cost. You hardly want to end up being one of those people who doesn’t read the service agreement properly and racks up thousands of dollars in phone bill debt by accident.

Author Bio: Ashley Williamson is a freelance writer and an occasional guest-blogger interested in tech, business and health related topics. When she is not working she likes to travel and read as much as she can. If you have any question please do not hesitate to leave a comment.
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