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Siri v/s Google Assistant - Which is the Best? [Infographic]

Siri v/s Google Assistant

The iOS users still remember the excitement Siri stirred when it first hit the market in October 2011. This excitement never faded as Apple continued to update it from time to time with features that users lovingly embraced. However, with the grand appearance Google Assistant made, it became evident that Siri has got some serious competition.

Google Assistant and Siri are more alike than different, which makes picking one out of them a strenuous task. They both handle most of the duties you require an assistant to do, such as calling someone from your phone-book to setting reminders and managing your applications. They act as voice assistants too, and are quick to start up and respond when you request something. However, at one point, their similarities end.

Upon closer inspection, Google Assistant not only proved to have a better memory than Siri, but also have the ability to come up with more accurate answers for random questions you throw at it. You’ll find it easy to love too, with its friendly nature and ability to crack jokes.

The following infographic by Zlated will uncover the entire story behind the battle between Siri and Google Assistant before the winner was announced.

Siri v/s Google Assistant

Secrets behind Content Crafters Increasing Your Google Rankings

Secrets behind Content Crafters Increasing Your Google Rankings

Google’s intent is to show results which can be essentially the most crucial and best possible best based on what any individual has typed into the search bar. This isn’t an available job. To rank well, every person wants to achieve higher search rankings. SEO is the method of arranging your website listed in the quest outcome. Be sure to mention the key phrase you are attempting to rank for in Google. If you don’t goal any targeted keyword phrases to check out and list for, you aren’t prone to rank for whatever gigantic. A back link is a hyperlink to another website or webpage. These hyperlinks are Google’s analytics way of understanding that something is being mentioned and is possibly relevant. The extra “votes” or hyperlinks that a website will get, the higher it’s likely to rank.

The high-quality content material is the one driver of your search engine rankings, and there’s no alternative for first-class content material. Exceptional content created notably to your meant person increases website online site visitors, which improves your web page’s authority and relevance. Regularly up-to- date content is viewed as one of the best indications of a website’s relevancy, so be definite to keep it fresh. Focus on growing primary links inside the text. Only one piece of content can rank first for each search query—that’s a fact. Search Engines work hard to make sure that the first result is truly the best content for that keyword.

When a search engine supplies a page of outcome to you, it might measure the success of the rankings using gazing how you have engaged with that outcome. If you happen to click the first link, then instantly hit the back button to check out the 2nd hyperlink, this suggests that you were not convinced with the primary outcomes. Search engines like google and yahoo seek the "lengthy click on" – where users click on a result without instantly returning to the web page to try once more. Taken in aggregate over thousands and millions of queries each day, the engines construct up a just right pool of knowledge to judge the kind of their outcome.

Your content should be geared towards specific audiences to expand the probabilities of it appearing for associated searches. In the event you promote digital advertising services, for example, your audience could comprise entrepreneurs, manufacturers, small corporations in almost any industry. Slender your viewers to a goal and create content material for that area of interest by way of:
  • Answering issues that your target audience may search on-line
  • Aligning your merchandise and services to their particular wants
  • Grabbing their concentration making use of specific topics, keywords, and recommendations
When you create content, be definite to incorporate references from excessive-authority sources in case reviews or white papers. Involving primary enterprise specialists will aid the search algorithm translate the intent of your content and disclose why searchers would find the content material now not handiest credible but useful to what they wish to be aware of. In short, be certain that your content displays that you just:
  • Researched your subject well
  • presented tips to aid your statements
  • Boosted credibility as a knowledgeable supply for an exact subject
About the Author: Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training. The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Hadoop, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

Do The Users Really Desire Android Silver - A Pure Android

Do The Users Really Desire Android Silver - A Pure Android
The news of the Android Silver and retiring of the Google Nexus series has already created a great buzz in the industry in the year 2014. However, the Android Silver was then considered as a rumored program and the analysts then depicted that Google will unveil it in the year 2015.

The prime objective behind the program Android Silver is that Google wants to attain a complete control over the Android ecosystem and market the pure Android experience. For combating the “fragmented Android” image with “unified Android” via this approach, Google is investing a hefty amount. As, Google will possess the complete control over all the integrated softwares and hardwares that will be running on the products of the Android Silver.

However while looking into the past, it can be observed that Google has already made numerous strives for an unfragmented Android. With the Android Silver program, it will be its another attempt. Now the question is will Google be able to achieve success this time.

Do the users really want pure Android?

For this, let's consider the last three efforts made by Google that unfortunately have failed.
Do The Users Really Desire Android Silver - A Pure Android
  • During the initial phase when the Android was new to the market, the two manufacturers HTC and Motorola Mobility (pre-acquisition) have designed their own versions of Android. These versions not only boast different visual appeal but have also altered the Android standards set by Google. This fractured ecosystem of the Google Android has created a great confusion among the developers, service providers and buyers.
To gather market value and increase sales, Google then launched its own Nexus series with Nexus One. The prime goal behind the Nexus series was to offer a design as a reference to Android makers. However, it was not able to succeed with this attempt.
  • When second time Google tried to deliver the Android vision in the market by restricting the platform update for its version 4.0 (popularly known as Ice Cream Sandwich) to only pure Android mobiles. This time also the market response was not as good as for the Samsungs' improved UI design (which doesn't deliver exactly the genuine Android experience).
  • Indubitably the fragmented Android ecosystem was creating application compatibility issues and that is what annoying the developers the most. This issue however still exists, but has been minimized to a great extent. In the third attempt for promoting the pure Android in the market, Google has acquired its competitor Motorola Mobility (which is now acquired by Lenovo) with a thought in mind to deviate other Android makers. With the Motorola partnership, it has generated several pure Android Nexus devices. But, these merely attained any market attention. This effort again failed, since the users were more tempted to invest in impure Android devices (offered by makers like Samsung, LG, and more).
In fact, the Google Play Edition (manufactured by LG) was another example that shows how Google has made strives to market pure Android, but unfortunately it failed again. And now with the Android Silver, it is anticipated that it will come with the revamped strategies behind the Google Play Edition to serve the cause.

The success of the Android Silver is quite hard to depict, however, one thing is for sure that it will offer certain benefits to its users. For instance, the Android fans who desire to fetch the current updates at the earliest will get them their first launch, if they are using the Google-controlled Android Silver.

Other way around

Google can better promote the pure Android by simply restricting the licensing of the Android to manufacturers who can ensure the real Android. As, users admire the Google platform more than the interface variations offered by the manufacturers like Samsung. Thus, there are great chances that if ever the partnership of popular Android and Samsung will split in the future, the majority of Android fans would like to stick with the platform not its device maker. However, this is not possible for the Android 5.0 and previous versions, but it can be considered for the forthcoming versions.

Do The Users Really Desire Android Silver - A Pure Android

The pure Android will not only solve the apps compatibility issues, but will also help enhance the Android performance. The real platform would be better able to breakthrough its noted vulnerabilities including inconsistency in the UI, fragmented mobile platform, late updates and so forth.

If only the Google controlled Android Silver will be available in the market, users will be able to retrieve the updates at the earliest and enjoy a smooth UX with consistent UI design. Moreover, the Android app developers' job will be also augmented as they will be better able scrutinize the target device features.

Author Bio: Victoria Brinsley is a veteran app programmer for Appsted Ltd., that aids you to outsource Android apps development services. Feel free to ask her any related queries about development technology and processes.

Google’s Picks for Best Apps, Games, Albums and Movies of 2014

Now, the time is to say good bye to 2014 - an exciting year for tech and Google has unveiled its “best of” list for 2014, which includes Android apps and games.

Google picks the list based on total number of downloads in each category. Apart from apps, the company also named the best-selling albums and films for the year. Everything mentioned below is available through the Google Play Store and recommended for downloading right now.

Best Android Apps of 2014

Google selected the most downloaded apps from each of the following categories: Education, Health & Fitness, Music, Photography, Social, Entertainment, Sports, and Travel. Health & Fitness was also named the fastest growing.
  • Education: Duolingo (Free) - Learn languages like Spanish, French, etc
  • Entertainment: Netflix (Free) - Stream films and TV shows, including old and new stuff
  • Health & Fitness: MyFitnessPal (Free) - Keep a diet journal and count calories
  • Music: Pandora (Free) - Stream tunes from curated internet radio stations
  • Photography: Flipagram (Free) - Create music video-like stories from your photos
  • Social: Facebook (Free) - Connect and network with friends and family
  • Sports: NFL Mobile (Free) - Get football news, in-game highlights, live game scores, etc
  • Travel: TripAdvisor (Free) - Plan a trip based on other travelers' reviews, photos, etc
Best Android Games of 2014

Google selected the most downloaded games in 2014, overall. It also announced Play Games users unlocked 3.5 billion achievements throughout the year.
  • Candy Crush Saga (Free) - Play a puzzle video game starring candy
  • Don’t Tap The White Tile (Free) - Do exactly what the game title says
  • Farm Heroes Saga (Free) - From the makers of Candy Crush; switch and match crops
  • Subway Surfers (Free) - Help Jake and friends escape by dashing and dodging trains
  • Clash of Clans (Free) - Build your village and keep raiders out
Best Film, TV Show, and Album of 2014

Google listed everything from the best comeback film to the most searched actor on Google Play, but we'll focus on what you really want to know: the best film, TV show, and album of the year.
  • Film: Frozen ($14.99 to buy) - Musical fantasy-comedy film by Disney
  • TV show: The Walking Dead ($1.99 per episode) - Zombie apocalypse show by AMC
  • Album: Frozen ($9.49 to buy) - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Disney's Frozen
A blog post highlighting the exact list above is available on the official Android blog. And also check the Google's last year(2013) best apps and games here.

Android Is Almost Impenetrable To Malware

Android Is Almost Impenetrable To Malware
Photo credits: Tama Leaver
Is the Google Android operating system impenetrable to malware? Some say yes - and have the facts to back up this statement. Google is no slouch and there's signs that they have been very concerned with the security of their OS since the very beginning of the design and development process. This has really paid off with one of the most secure operating systems for smartphones.

Android Security Broken Down

First, let's break down all the different levels of security that Google's Android OS offers to protect people. Here's a look at some of the specific reasons that the Android operating system is so secure.

  • Sandbox and Permissions - The first thing that's great is the permissions built into the operating system's base code. 
  • Runtime Security Checks - When the app runs there will be other checks for security. This is something that constantly happens. 
  • Verify Apps Warning - This is a warning that is essential and occurs very early in the security process. 
  • Verify Apps Consent - A consumer needs to specifically give the app consent for what it's going to do. 
  • Install Confirmation - Again, the consumer needs to confirm that they want to install the app. 
  • Unknown Sources Warning - If data is coming from unknown sources, warnings may be given by the operating system. 
  • Google Play - Last but not least, the app will be looked at by the Google Play staff. 
Why the Google Android OS is So Secure?

Beyond the specifics mentioned above, there are other things that you need to consider when talking about why Google Android OS is so secure. Here's a few of them.

  • Reputation - One of the biggest reasons that Google spent so much time making sure the Android OS is secure is their reputation. This is something that's hard to get back once you lose it. 
  • Repeat Customers - Along with a good reputation, Google understands that they need repeat customers for their phones. And because of this, it's important that consumers feel safe about the phones they've used in the past when they think about the next one to get. 
  • Revenue - At the end of the day, it's all about revenue. If Google didn't make security a priority from the very beginning, they would harm their chances of being able to create a large and steady revenue stream. 
Looking at all of the above, it's easy to see why so many people believe that Google's Android operating system is the most secure around - virtually impervious to malware and other nasties that exist in the cloud known as the Internet. What do you think? Leave a comment and share your opinion about Android whether you like it or not.

Author Bio: Campbell Fox found a Directory Script online the other day and was very happy. When it comes to search engine optimization in NYC, they are a star.

Seven SEO Trends in 2013

Seven SEO Trends in 2013
Photo by epSos .de / Flickr
Search Engine Optimization has changed so much over the years. Since the very early days in the last decade of the 20th century up to today, Google, Yahoo, Bing - even Northern Lights and Dogpile - have all gone through numerous changes. Their goals have all been similar - decrease the amount of webspam while improving the quality of their search index.

Seven SEO Trends in 2013

Here's a breakdown of the seven biggest trends in search engine optimization in 2013, a year wrought with many changes.

Quality - One of the biggest SEO trends in 2013 so far has been the focus on quality over quantity. While this has been trending for years now - since the birth of SEO really - it's become even more important recently.

Spam Detection - Whether it's Panda looking at content or Penguin looking at links, recent Google updates in 2013 have left SEO in flux for many webmasters. This trend is likely to continue.

Author Rank - While Google isn't officially using this yet, their Google Authorship and Author Rank schemes got more attention in 2013. Look for this to become very important in 2014 and beyond as Google tries to tie information about who wrote a content to the content's intrinsic value in their eyes.

Social Media Signals - This is another area that is still not fully connected to search engine rankings, but that is changing all the time. Google and Bing are both starting to use more social media signals to rank websites.

Transparency - While some would say that Google is still too secretive, they've continued moving forward in 2013 when it comes to being as transparent with webmasters at possible while still protecting their secrets.

Tougher - Ask anyone in the SEO industry and they're likely to tell you that search engine optimization continued to get more difficult in 2013. This trend is likely to continue for years to come. And while people in the SEO industry may moan and complain, it's likely to improve the quality of the search engines.

Dropping Out - As has been happening for a few years now, even more SEO professionals have given up entirely and gone on to do other things. This trend is also likely to continue in 2014 and beyond as search engine optimization becomes increasingly difficult.

Looking at the short list above, it's easy to see that the SEO industry continues to go through dramatic changes. And in 2013 they continued to come faster and faster, accelerating the evolution of the Internet - or at least how we access the information. If you have any predictions for SEO in 2014, leave a comment and share your thoughts with the rest of the world. Thanks!

Author Bio: Jame Cameron has asked many friends and family where to buy sheds over the years. She has an intense interest in fixing up her yard and keeping it looking great. She wishes there were more SEO infographics that were useful.

Best SEO Resources from Google

Best SEO Resources from Google
Photo: moderndentalmarketing
There is a constant debate on whether Google loves SEO or completely works as an anti SEO brigade. While people keep the dialogue on, Google does provide you with great resources to complete your SEO toolkit.

Here is a list of around ten Search Engine Optimization tools extended by Google that are free of cost. These tools are provided by Google and you can use them to make your website rank high in the charts of visibility. These tools are the best for keyword searches and on SEO pages.

Here is a list of the top 10 SEO tools provided by Google:

1. Google Webmaster

It is a tool that keeps a check on your website regularly and guides your website to hit success. This tool behaves like a mechanic that keeps a regular check on your car and identifies problems as soon as they occur to attend it at the earliest. It even notifies you if the speed of your website is not up to the mark.

2. Google Analytics

This tool gives you a detailed analysis of your website, the incoming traffic, the speed and loads of other parameters. You should definitely get Google Analytics to make your website rise high up the ladder of success.

3. Google Zeitgeist

This tool enables you to enhance keyword researches. It shows you the most popular queries put forward by users across the world. The best way to rank the highest in terms of SEO is to have answers to all the queries put forward by the users in your particular domain.

4. Google website Optimizer

This tool gives you the leverage to test different versions of the pages of your website and you can also keep changing them. This optimizer is also called A/B spit testing or can be called multivariate testing. Nowadays Google Website optimizer is hugely used in various websites and SEO circles.

5. Google Trends

This tool enables you to compare and contrast traffic and items that are commonly searched. This is a perfect way to understand whether your topics posted are becoming popular.

6. Google Insights

This tool lets you understand and find out the keywords that are fetching the most traffic.

7. Google Traffic Estimator

This is a perfect tool for determining the amount of visitors that can be drawn to your website with the help of a particular keyword.

8. Google Keyword Tool

This tool estimates the amount of traffic that can be drawn to your websites with the help of keywords. This allows you to understand whether you are on the right path when it comes to the selection of keywords.

9. Google Keyword for Search

This when used in combination with Google Insights allows you to find out the exact keywords that would be best suitable to your website.

10. Google Ad Planner

You can use this tool to make your website popular with the help of ads put forward by Google.

You have to remember that the usage of these tools can make your job simpler but they might not be accurate in every case. It gives the best possible result. By now we can say that Google supports key word research. It also supports on page SEO. Through Google Webmaster we can get some help on building links.

Author Bio: Sara Xiang has been working as a publishing editor and consultant to a few publishing houses for over a decade now. Her expertise along with her desire to learn something new everyday has contributed exceptionally in her projects of Ebooks by Sainsburys. Her online reputation is majorly realistic and crisp.

How Google Glass Is Helping Parents With Deaf Children?

How Google Glass Is Helping Parents With Deaf Children?
Photo by Flickr user Christian Cable
Parents are starting to awaken to the possibilities offered by the latest tech tool from Google, known as Glass. Glass is wearable headgear that acts as a software platform, Internet portal and camera. Using Google's hands-free photo- and video-taking abilities, parents are able to shoot on-the-spot videos and pictures of their children and this in turn, is helping them deal with their children's disabilities in more efficient ways.

For example, using Google Glass has helped the mother of an autistic boy deal with her son's autism. Glass helps her document her son's outbursts, which she can then show to doctors to help them classify what's going on with the boy. The speed with which she can direct Glass to shoot a video is indispensable when her son reacts to something without a moment's notice.

An Emerging Platform

On the application front, app developers are better understanding how Glass fits in with daily life and how apps can help a Glass wearer throughout the day. Already, there are a multitude of Glass apps for users to experiment with, including apps that interact with your home automation devices to those that let you work on your financial portfolio.

Google has directed app developers to create apps that have a high "play" factor on the Glass platform. Because of its different nature and function, Glass applications should be be ready when the user wants them and serve a need that can help the user wearing Glass. As a result, developers working with Glass on high-speed Internet connections are experimenting with ASL cognitive learning tools and sports, business and lifestyle apps. It's very much how the Android eco-system looked like a decade ago when the first mobile apps were starting to be developed.

Effective ASL Learning

The example of a recent ASL learning app is a good indication of what's to come on the Glass app horizon. A startup called SMARTSign has created a new app that promises better communication between deaf children and their parents. This SMARTSign language learning tool is designed to increase recognition of signs and vocabulary within the ASL learning universe.

The app feeds American Sign Language vocabulary items to the user on a frequent basis and asks the user how and when they want to interact with the vocabulary items. This interaction with the app can help deaf children and their parents communicate better and learn new signs and concepts as well. The main app is available on the Android mobile platform and Google Glass platform.

How It Works

SMARTSign's app lets users search for desired types of ASL vocabulary from a collection of about 1,000 ASL signs. By studying ASL via the use of quizzes and self-recording these tests, ASL signing progress can be checked through a report function. Plus, family members can boost the interaction with a child by calling for videos of certain ASL signs. See the clip below for more insights.


How to do SEO for a Dance Websites?

How to do SEO for a Dance Websites?
Photo: wallpatrol
Owning a niche website may seem like an easier job for ranking on search engines. While this may hold true in very specific cses, but if the competition is on a global level, that might just not be the case. If you are looking at ranking a website that is on the subject of dance, you’re aiming at a mixed strategy for the same.

Judge your Prospective Visitors

If you are an academy or a local business and are only aiming at local visitors, the best way to rank yourself is registering yourself on the google map. Since they’ve got a carousel on the mobile also now, it holds a lot of importance. Also make sure the contact information is always upto date. If you are just a blog or a source of information then you must look at investing in content that is rich in graphics and videos that are meaningful. Since dance is an art form, every visitor would be interested in seeing high resolution pictures and videos that educate them on the subject they are looking for.

Don’t get Lost in the Crowd

There are a lot of dance websites live over the internet. You can’t afford to get lost in the crowd. You have to go that extra mile. There are so many websites who do not reach out to their target audiences as they do not get the correct platform, guidance and are poorly optimized. Don’t fall in the same category. When we are considering a dance website the point to be noted is that the owner of a dance website does not have to fight against all the websites of the world. The owner has to compete against only a few handful dance websites which is too negligible in front of the humongous number of live websites. If you manage to gather the knowledge about SEO’s and implement the same in your website more than what your competitors can manage then you can be sure that you will ace the battle.

Why should you focus on SEO?

There are about 2 billion people surfing the internet every day. Now that is a huge number. About 93% of the total number of people surfing the internet, start with the search engine. And when it comes to a search engine, how can you afford to miss out on search engine optimization. About 42 percent of the people click on the first link shown after the search by the search engine. The number of clicks decreases drastically after the second website. The bottom line is that your website has to rank well and be visible.

Go up the Ladder

Most users want answers to their questions. The questions may be of the kind: Where can I take dance classes in the United States? Or Where can I get the best dance DVD?. A good way of improving your websites’ ranking would be to answer these common questions by selecting some potential keywords. Most users surf the internet to get the answers to their questions and when they get so in your website, you get more traffic.

Author Bio: Adam prattler has an abundant experience in teaching dance as a form of art. Some of the famous academies that he has worked with include uprisedance. He also do content marketing for various dance portals quoting his experiences of his passion and has a very descriptive tone.

Best SEO Resources from Google

Who Better Than Google To Help Webmasters?

Best SEO Resources from Google

Google's mission has been do no evil since their early days. This phrase is evident in all the work they do to make sure webmasters know the "rules" and what Google expects in order to be listed in their index of the Internet. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know they offer quite a few useful SEO resources. The list below will show you how far they go to help people rank better in the SERPs.

SEO Resources from Google

Here's a breakdown of the best resources for SEO professionals that Google offers.

  1. Webmaster Tools - One of the best resources for search engine optimization is Webmaster Tools by Google. This online tool tracks incoming links, errors and much more. It's a one-stop shop for limited communication between you and the search engine. Spending a little time here will give you a good idea of the health of your website and what's going on.
  2. Google Analytics - Another useful - almost invaluable - tool from Google for SEO is Analytics. By adding a small snippet of code to your website, you can track traffic coming to your website. There's a good chance you're going to be amazed at all they offer for free with this online tool.
  3. YouTube Channel - Google also has a YouTube channel where they publish a variety of different videos (of varying lengths and covering various topics). These videos are usually packed with information that is helpful for webmasters.
  4. Matt Cutts - Speaking of the YouTube channel, we can't really go talking about Google's best resource without mentioning "Google Guy" from Webmaster World and other forums back in the day. Now revealed to be Matt Cutts, he's still helping webmasters all over the world.
  5. Help Center - The Google Help Center is another wonderful resource for anyone interested in SEO who wants to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. No matter what question you have, there's a good chance the answer is here. While it might take you a while to find the answer (ironically), it will most likely be worth the effort.
  6. Webmaster Forum - Google also offers an official forum online for anyone interested in search engine optimization and everything else that goes into running a website on the modern Internet. Being able to interact with others can keep you up to date on all the latest SEO techniques that are considered safe.
Many people complain that Google is out to get them and doesn't want them to succeed for one reason or another. If you look beyond the conspiracy theories, you're going to see that Google actually does quite a bit to keep lines of communication open between them and everyone who's interested in ranking high in the search engine listings.

Author Bio: Adam Prattler has been writing guest posts for a long time. When not writing up articles for different websites, he likes to keep up to date on all the latest web hosting technology, including cloud servers.

Photo by Thomas van de Weerd /

What is Google Authorship and Why Should You Use it

The Google Authorship Markup may have been available since June 2011, but it is only recently that webmasters and prolific writers have become aware of its numerous benefits. Considering the way that the SEO landscape has evolved, it seems only natural for Google’s adolescent social media platform to implement such an ingenious feature. Penguin 2.0 may not have caused earthquakes in the internet world, but this is also because more and more webmasters have become aware of the importance of ethical search engine optimization strategies.

What is Google Authorship and Why Should You Use it

While it may be true that certain pages plummeted in the rankings, the overall conclusion after the release of Google’s latest penguin update was that social signals will soon become the backbone for future SEO practices. Networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google will become a determining factor in every online campaign, but it seems that Google+ should be treated more carefully because it benefits from the authorship markup. Out of all the Authorship Rank conversations, the one related to markup is without a doubt the most complicated one.

Four Reasons to Adopt the Authorship Markup

If you are a content writer for a SEO firm you are probably already familiar with the daily 500-word-article requests, but somehow you can’t feel satisfied even if you are doing something you like. Google knows that there are a lot of talented writers out there who haven’t been given proper credit, and this response to this virtual “abuse”, was the creation of the Author Rank algorithm parameter. But except the brilliant fact that you will be able to kiss obscurity goodbye, what are the reasons to become interested in the Author Rank algorithm and the Google Authorship markup? Here are a few reasons:

1. You will be able to avoid duplicate content and copycats. We all know how content seems to be copied one way or the other. This usually happens because certain “writers” are too lazy to write their own articles, and they rely on the fact that the internet is oh-so-vast. Sadly, Google will quickly pick up on duplicated/copied/spun content, and punish you, regardless of your status. The only way to truly protect your work is by adding the authorship markup to it. This will tell Google that you are the first person who posted it online, and probably also the creator.

2. You will gain online authority. As mentioned earlier, the authorship markup will help you increase your online presence and credibility. Nevertheless, this means that you should stick to two, maximum three niches that are related, or else you risk being perceived in a negative way. According to Google, authors which are prolific on a certain niche (who also receive positive social signals), will be rewarded with a sweet spot on SERPs.

3. Your Content is More Likely to be Clicked. Statistically speaking, articles that re accompanied by a small mug-shot on search engines are more likely to receive clicks. This is probably because on a psychological level, readers feel more confident to click an article that also has the photo of the author.

4. Outclass your competitors. We are not yet sure how the Google Authorship Markup will impact the SEO world in the future, but it is actually predicted that it will become very important in the near future. Considering that social signals have already become an essential part of every SEO campaign, it this should not come as a surprise. This is why it is important to invest in Google+ and Google Authorship, because it will help you surpass your competition and gain an important head start.

Author Bio: Anna Robeson is a tech-geek who is constantly on the lookout for the latest news related to SEO and social media. When she isn’t writing she is consulting with, a company that is focused on quality content creation, curation and marketing.

Google Updates Gmail for both Mobile and Desktop, Gets New Inbox and Automatic Sorting Feature, How to Enable This For You?

Google Updates Gmail for both Mobile and Desktop

Google updated the Gmail for both Desktop and Mobile App, introduced a new way to manage your inbox. This new inbox shows number of tabs at the top of Gmail’s inbox.

This tabs is used for automatically categorizes your messages into them - for your social updates from sites like Google+, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, promotions from the likes of Google Offers and Groupon, and a kind of catch-all "Updates" tab for your bills, receipts and similar messages.

Google Updates Gmail for both Mobile and Desktop

You can easily customize the Emails in your new inbox - select the tabs you want from all five to none, drag-and-drop to move messages between tabs, set certain senders to always appear in a particular tab and star messages so that they also appear in the Primary tab.

Google Updates Gmail for both Mobile and Desktop

This update, which will started rolling out for all Gmail users, will be available on both the desktop and through Google’s mobile apps for iOS and Android, which should get an update early next week.

If you can’t wait, also keep an eye on the gear menu. Just follow the steps below, you will be able to turn this new feature on manually.

Steps to Enable New Gmail inbox
  • Sign in to your Gmail account
  • Click on the gear icon on top right corner
  • Then select "Configure inbox" from drop down
  • The pop up window shows you to select the tabs you want, just select and
  • Then click Save button, Shows "Welcome Message"
  • Click Okay, got it!
  • That's it, now you enjoy your inbox with new Feature.
If you don't like the new inbox, you can disable it at anytime by clicking te "Gear Icon".

Download Hangouts, A New Messenger from Google for Android, iOS and Your PC for Free

Download Hangouts for Android, iOS and Your PC for Free

Google has announced a new messenger app called Hangouts at the Google I/O event in San Francisco, that merges its various messaging platforms including Google Talk, Google+ Hangouts, Messenger and Google Talk for Google+. Hangouts replaces Google Talk - brings one-on-one and group conversations to life with photos, emoji, and video calls for free. Connect with friends across Computers, Android and Apple devices.

Notable Features of Hangouts
  • Group conversations are better than ever - Send photos or emoji, see when people are engaged in the Hangout and message friends anytime, even if they're not connected right now.
  • Video calls make Hangouts more fun - Turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 friends.
  • All your friends can use Hangouts - Hangouts works on computers, phones, and tablets, so you can connect with everyone.

Download Hangouts for Android, iOS and Your PC for Free

Some More Hangouts awesomeness
  • View and continue your Hangouts across devices.
  • Get notifications just once. After you see an alert, it’ll be removed on other devices.
  • Snooze your notifications if you’d prefer to respond later.
  • See what you talked about in the past, including shared photos and your video call history.
  • Keep a record of any Hangout for just a short period of time by turning history off.
  • View collections of photos shared from each of your Hangouts.
  • Choose from over 850 emoji to express what’s on your mind.
Here the video shows you how Hangouts works

Download Links
  • Click here to download Hangouts for Android Devices
  • Click here to download Hangouts for iPhone and iPad
  • Click here to download Hangouts for PC
Note for Android Users: If you aren't yet able to install Hangouts on your phone or tablet, or the Play Store "Open" button takes you to the old Talk app, hang tight, the company rolling out Hangouts to everyone over the course of several days. Rest assured Hangouts will be available soon for all Android 2.3+ devices, tablets included!

Google I/O Announcements: Music Streaming, Google+, Gaming, Maps, Search, Chat, Developer Tools, Schools, and A New Phone

Google I/O Announcements

Google used its annual conference for software developers to unveil several new products, services and features. They include enhancements for online games, maps, search, music and photos and are meant to help the company cement its role in people's technological lives.

Here's a look at some of the announcements made at Wednesday's keynote at Google I/O.

Music streaming

All Access will blend songs you have already uploaded to your online libraries with millions of other tracks for a $10 monthly fee. This puts Google in competition with paid subscription plans such as Spotify and Rhapsody and free music services such as Pandora.

All Access became available in the U.S. on Wednesday and comes with a 30-day free trial. If you start the trial by June 30, the monthly fee drops to $8. That's $2 cheaper than leading competing plans. It is expected to roll out soon in 12 other countries where Google currently sells music - 10 European countries such as the U.K., France and Germany, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

The new service will allow you to search for songs, albums or artists directly, or peruse 22 different genres. Google curators will also offer recommendations based on your listening behavior and your existing library of songs. You can listen to any available song right away, or switch to a "radio" format that creates a playlist of songs that you might like. Radio playlists can be adjusted on the fly by deleting or re-ordering upcoming songs. Google describes all of this as "radio without rules."

By combining an unlimited-access subscription plan with music sold through Google's online Play store, All Access covers any gaps. Some artists, including Taylor Swift, keep recent releases away from streaming services for several months in order to boost download sales. All three major recording labels - Vivendi's Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group Corp. - are participating in All Access.


Google is adding 41 features to its Google Plus social network as it tries to turn it into a more formidable threat to Facebook. The new features started appearing Wednesday and draw upon the computing power, algorithms and other innovations that have made Google the leader in search.

A new photo-management tool will pick out the best shots from a wide assortment of photos. Just upload a bunch, and Google's machines will reject ones that are blurry or don't have people smiling. Another factor is Google's knowledge of who's important to you - so family members or close friends are more likely to make the cut.

If the photos don't look quite right, Google is promising to enhance them, taking over a job that typically requires people to buy and master special photo-editing software. Computer-controlled editing tools will automatically remove red eyes, soften skin tones, sharpen colors and adjust contrast. Google offers something similar through an "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on its Picasa editing software.

Another feature promises to stitch together a sequence of photos taken of the same group of people or a panoramic scene. This stitching system can be used to create a single photo that pulls the best shots of everyone featured in a series of pictures. It will also produce an animated clip featuring the motions of people captured in a succession of photos taken against the same background.

Google is also expanding the storage limit for full-resolution photos. Instead of five gigabytes for free per account, you'll get 15 gigabytes.

Other enhancements to Google Plus include a newly designed stream of content, which moves away from the list of posts found on Facebook. It will also automatically add hash tags to identify the main topic being discussed in a post or featured in a photo, and it will use those tags to bring you related posts. Facebook doesn't use hash tags, though Twitter and Instagram do.

Online games

Google is adding leaderboards and the ability to match players in online games to its Android operating system for smartphones and tablet computers. The new features match those available in Apple's Game Center for the iPhone and iPad. Google is also making it possible to save game progress online, so players can pick up games where they left off, even on other devices.

Getting into gaming gives Google an opportunity to participate in one of the most popular activities on mobile devices.

Google says the leaderboards will also be available through a browser on regular computers. Apple's Game Center works on Mac computers, too.

Maps, Search and Chat

Google introduced new features for its mapping apps on Android devices and iPhones. When you search for restaurants in a city or neighborhood, you'll get the names of the restaurants along with their ratings at the bottom of the screen. You can swipe through the results horizontally. The mapping app will also include Google Offers - deals akin to those from Groupon Inc. and LivingSocial.

Google is making images from its Google Earth service available on the Web browser. Before, you had to install separate software to use Google Earth. One feature demonstrated Wednesday is the ability to see a view of earth from space and rotate it around.

Google Maps on the Web also has a new look, taking up the entire screen. Names of destinations that used to be on the left of the map are being embedded on the map itself.

For mobile devices, Google is optimizing its mapping app for tablet computers such as the iPad. That will allow the app to take advantage of the larger screen. It's expected this summer.

Google will integrate what it knows about users with its search function, so it can reply to questions like "What's my gate number?" or "my restaurant reservation." Google already makes this available through its Google Now service on Android devices, iPhones and iPads. Now, it's available to anyone using its Chrome browser on traditional computers.

Meanwhile, Google is streamlining its communications tools, offering a new app to combine its chat and Hangout services. It keeps a record of past conversations, though there's a way to turn that off. It will be available for Android and Apple devices, as well as regular Web browsers on computers. The new application is called Hangouts.

New phone

A variant of Samsung Electronics Co.'s Galaxy S4 phone will run a pure version of Android. That's the version that Google makes and distributes, not the one modified by Samsung to include a host of features that have been dismissed as confusing gimmicks in reviews by The Associated Press and others.

The new phone will be unlocked, meaning it will work with any carrier, including those abroad. But it also means the price won't be subsidized by the carrier. Google will sell it for $649 starting June 26, rather than the usual $200 or so with a two-year contract. Google says that the new phone will be able to get Android updates as they come. U.S. carriers sometimes block those updates from getting to locked phones.

Developer Tools

Google unveiled a number of tools that software developers could incorporate into their apps.

One will allow apps to track what users are doing, such as walking. It may appear creepy to users, but Android executive Hugo Barra says the tools will allow developers to create "a whole new category of awesome apps."

Another tool will help software developers make sure their apps work well on different screen sizes. That's important because some people use phones and others use mid-size or larger tablets. Developers will want to make sure their apps are pleasant across the board.

Other tools promise to help developers get more users and make more money through their apps, such as by better understanding how effective their ads are in getting people to download their apps.

Some of the new tools will help Android users directly. With new technology for syncing notifications on different devices, a notification you dismiss on a phone won't reappear when you check your tablet. Google also says its Google Play store will make recommendations for apps, books, movies and music based on the device you are using. After all, what works well on a tablet might not on a phone.


Google Play for Education, launching this fall, is designed to help get Android tablets into schools. One feature will allow educators to distribute an app to hundreds of tablets with a single click. Schools will able to pay for apps by charging against an account set up ahead of time. Normally, a credit card is required, something difficult for schools to use for purchases.

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Google Images Easter Egg: Search 'Atari Breakout' into Google Image Search to Play Image Breakout Game

Play Atari Breakout in Google Image Search

Easter Eggs, one of the most searched keywords in Google search, now a new Easter egg turns Google Images into a playable classic arcade game with a Google twist for the celebration of famous Atari Breakout games 37th anniversary.

How to Play Atari Breakout on Google Image Search
  • Head to Google Images and type "Atari breakout," or
  • Just click on this link to play direcltly
Play Atari Breakout in Google Image Search

Rules to Play
  • You'll be given five balls at the beginning. You'll lose a ball every time one touches the bottom of the screen.
  • There are five rows (sometimes only four) to destroy (blue, green, yellow, orange, and red) at the top of the screen. 
  • Use your mouse or the left and right arrow keys to control the blue bar at the bottom of the screen to angle your shots at the images you want to smash with your gray ball.
Finally, you can share your scores on Google+ profile to your friends as same as Google Doodle games.

How to use Google Glass and How does it works? [Video & Infographic]

The Search Engine Giant- -Google has released a new video that demonstrate us, How to use Google Glass? How does it works? Why can you see with it a sharp image-layer? How does the image overlay the image of reality?

How to use Google Glass and How does it works?

Google Glass is a technical masterpiece. It combines numerous functions and features in a very small unit. In addition to phone and camera (photo, video), it offers Internet connection, including GPS. Just click here to view complete specifications of Google Glass

Here is the Video

The following infographic was developed by that illustrates the optical principle - very simple and easy to understand.

How to use Google Glass and How does it works?

Have you understood all the features on Google Glass, If you are still in doubt, feel free to contact us in the comment section below.

YouTube for iOS Updated, Now Enjoy Live Streaming in Your iPhone and iPad Anywhere

Google's YouTube, the world's top video sharing website updated its iOS app to version 1.3 for both iPhone and iPad with new features, including access to live streams, a new My Subscriptions feed, and video queuing for TV playback. Just Sign in to access your subscriptions, playlists, uploads and more.

Download Updated Version of YouTube for iOS

The biggest addition by far is the live streaming support. It means you can now tune into events as they happen on YouTube via your iPhone or iPad wherever. With iOS support, Google will be able to significantly expand its live streaming audience on YouTube. That being said, you should probably ensure you’re on Wi-Fi when you use the it.

The new iOS app also adds a “My Subscriptions” feed on the Guide, giving you quick access to new uploads from subscriptions. For those who watch YouTube on their TV, you can now queue up videos directly from the YouTube app (the “Send to TV” arrived back in February).

  • Enjoy YouTube’s vast video catalog
  • Find videos and channels more easily with voice search and query autocomplete
  • Subscribe to channels and instantly access your subscriptions with the channel guide UI 
  • Read comments, browse related videos, enable subtitles and more - all while watching
  • Easy video sharing to Google+, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter
Download Updated Version of YouTube for iOS

What's New
  • Quick access to new uploads from subscriptions via "My Subscriptions" feed on the Guide 
  • Access to Live streams 
  • Queue up videos to play on TV
  • One Channel branding for video creator channels
  • Stability and performance improvements
Click here to download the new app now directly from Apple’s App Store.

Google Officially Unveils the Specifications of Google Glass and Ready to Ship Out

Google has officially announced the complete specifications of Google Glass and also that the company is ready to ship the first batch of Glass to those who qualified for the pre-order process.

Google wants to start shipping Glass as soon as possible, but is waiting for the full production run to get completed so it can fulfil all the pre-orders. Glass will be shipped out to the 2,000 'Glass Explorers' who signed up for early bird editions of the device Google’s I/O developer conference in San Francisco last year.

Google Officially Unveils the Specifications of Google Glass and Ready to Ship Out

“We are producing enough for everyone, but only a portion of them (Glass) are ready. Therefore we will be notifying you in waves,” Google said in an email statement.

According to Google, developers should make sure their apps are created with Glass in mind and testing on Glass appears to be a strict pre-requisite before submission. Google was also specific about not letting the Glass experience get in the way of everyday activities.

Google has urged developers to not include ads in the apps that are submitted for Glass, nor submit a paid apps. Similarly, asked developers to make sure their apps don’t annoy users with frequent and loud notifications. Given that Glass will probably be worn all day, this last guideline will please users. Developers have also been urged not to surprise users with unexpected functionality.

Here the Complete Specification of Google Glass

Body (Fit) Adjustable nosepads and durable frame fits any face, Extra nosepads in two sizes.
Display 640 x 380 HD Display equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away.
Camera 5 MP camera upto 720p video recording
Audio Bone Conduction Transducer
Storage 12 GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage. 16 GB Flash total.
Connectivity WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, micro USB
Battery One full day of typical use. Some features, like Hangouts and video recording, are more battery intensive.
Charger Included Micro USB cable and charger
Compatibility Any Bluetooth-capable phone, The MyGlass companion app requires Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. MyGlass enables GPS and SMS messaging.

Google Chrome Beta v27 for Android and iOS Brings Full Screen Mode and More

Google has updated the Chrome Beta browser app for both the Android and iOS and brings new features including full screen support for phones that enables users to watch the webpages in full screen, simpler browsing that shows search terms in the omnibox, instead of the long search URL and the in-page Google search box.

Google Chrome Beta v27

Features included in Chrome Beta v27 for iOS
          - Scroll the toolbar off the screen to enjoy the full page of content.
          - Quickly re-access the omnibox by scrolling back down.
  • Printing
          - Print web pages with Google Cloud Print or AirPrint.
          - Save any page as a PDF to Google Drive

Google Chrome Beta v27

Features included in Chrome Beta v27 for Android
  • Fullscreen on Mobiles: Scroll down the page and the toolbar will disappear, When Scroll up - the toolbar appears automatically.
  • Simpler Searching: Searching from the omnibox will keep your search query visible in the omnibox, making it easier to edit, and show more on your search result page.
  • Client-side Certificate support: You can now access sites that require you to use a certificate and Chrome will allow you to select an installed certificate
  • Tab history on Tablets: Long press the browser back button to view your tab history
  • Stability, security improvements and bug fixes
Download Links
  • Click here to download Google Chrome Beta for Android
  • Click here to download Google Chrome Beta for iOS

Google Rolled Out Translate App with Offline-Translate Mode for Android Devices

Google Translate, the application for Android devices that allows users to translate text and speech between more than 60 languages. Google now released new version of Translate app v2.6 for Android devices with new Offline Feature. This new Offline Feature allows you to translate text and speech between 50 world languages without internet connection.
Google Rolled Out Translate App with Offline-Translate Mode for Android Devices
Features Now included in Translate Application
  • Translate text and speech between more than 60 languages
  • Listen to your translations spoken aloud
  • Input using your voice, handwriting, and camera
  • Save your favorite translations for quick, offline access
  • View dictionary results for single words or phrases
  • Translate without a network connection with our offline language packages
  • Translate vertical text in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean with your Camera.
Google Rolled Out Translate App with Offline-Translate Mode for Android Devices

To enable Offline-Translate mode, all you need to do is - select any of launguage of your choice in list of Offline Languages in Settings. This new offline feature available for Android 2.3 and above version devices with Camera input and offline translation.

Click here to download Google Translate Application for Android Devices
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